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Collection Title: Walcott (E.D.) Letter

Collection Number: M45

Dates: September 3, 1828

Volume: 1 Letter

Provenance: Acquired from Bruce Gimelson, Autographs.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

E.D. Walcott moved to Mississippi in 1817, according to a reference in this letter. He and his wife Charlotte, with two children, lived in Warren County, Mississippi, in 1820, and his letter in 1828 is sent from Walnut Hills, an area northeast of the present town of Vicksburg. This family is enumerated in Warren County in both the 1830 and 1840 censuses of Mississippi but does not appear in the 1850 census in the state of Mississippi. No other biographical information has been located.

Scope and Content:

A letter from E.D. Walcott of Walnut Hills, Mississippi, to Hugh White of Allentown, Pennsylvania, concerning a variety of family and political news. Walcott congratulated White, whom he addressed as his brother, on his recent marriage and informed White that his new son's name was Dexter. Walcott then proceeded to talk about Andrew Jackson's popularity in the area and to state his opposition to Jackson which had caused a confrontation and possible duel between him and a neighbor.

Apparently Walcott arrived in the state eleven years earlier with the hopes of making his fortune. According to Walcott, certain difficulties had held him back economically, such as the recent death of a slave. Walcott planned to move onto his 500 acres and was hoping to complete a house and a gin and then increase his work force so that his cotton output would double.

The letter closes with Walcott encouraging White to visit him and the family. Walcott's closing signature is "...your affectionate Brother." The letter was postmarked Vicksburg, Mississippi, and dated September 10.

Accession Number: AM06-1

Dates: 1825 – 1849; 2005

Volume: 20 pages

Provenance: Donated by Ms. Jackye A. Plummer

Form of Material:

Photocopies of materials relating to Esek Dexter (E. D.) Walcott, primarily items from the Warren County, Mississippi, Courthouse:

1. Genealogical information provided by Ms. Jackye A. Plummer (2005)

2. Schedule of Personal Property of the estate of Sarah A. Walcott, second wife of E. D. Walcott (1847)

3. Two affidavits regarding the estate of Sarah A. Walcott (1847)

4. Two petitions to the Probate Court of Warren County on behalf of Jeanette Cornelia Virginia Walcott regarding the estate of E. D. and Sarah Walcott (1847)

5. Document naming E. D. Walcott as attorney for Robert J. Turnbull of South Carolina (1825)

6. Indenture between E. D. Walcott, Richard Hawkins, and Wm. Pescod (1831)

7. Indenture between Sophia Bacon, Louisa Scott, and Dexter Walcott (1845)

8. Marriage record of E. D. Walcott and Sarah Ann Thomas

9. Record of the sale of a 21-year-old Negro male named Adam (1849)

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