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Collection Title: Thompson (Ray M.) Papers

Collection Number: M 8

Dates: ca. 1837 - 1972

Volume: 4.75 cubic feet

Provenance: Acquired by the University of Southern Mississippi in October 1973, from Mrs. Sue Thompson.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Raymond Matthew "Ray" Thompson was born on May 29, 1898, in Lee Township, Ohio. He was a veteran of World War I and owner of an advertising agency that served Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1940, Thompson and his wife, Ellen Ursula "Sue" Thompson, sold the advertising agency and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. In his new home, Ray edited a travel magazine for the Mississippi Shipping Company, compiled and published a guide book entitled New Orleans From A to Z , and wrote The Land of Lafitte the Pirate . In the mean time, Sue opened an art supply store in the French Quarter called House of the Artists.

In 1950, Thompson was commissioned by Ford Magazine to write a story on the man made beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In the course of his research for the story, both he and Sue became fascinated by the Mississippi Coast, and ultimately moved both home and business to West Beach Boulevard in Biloxi.

Thompson was deeply interested in history, particularly the Civil War period, and by 1952 he was contributing articles to Down South Magazine on a regular basis. In 1956 he got the idea for a newspaper column that would focus on historical and current events peculiar to the Gulf Coast, and began researching the project. The result was a column entitled "Know Your Coast", which was published in the Biloxi/Gulfport Daily Herald , beginning on March 1, 1956. In 1960 the scope of the column was expanded to include historical or unusual people, places, and events throughout Mississippi, and its name was changed to "Know Your State." For the new column, Thompson gathered little-known snippets of Mississippi history, folklore, and culture from which he created a colorful mosaic of life in the "Magnolia State", past and present. After the name change, the column was published continually until 1969 in the Biloxi/Gulfport Daily Herald , the Jackson Daily News , and the Jackson Clarion-Ledger .

Thompson continued to write until about 1972, producing numerous newspaper and magazine articles in addition to the "Know Your Coast/Know Your State" series, all with an historical theme. Some articles were joint efforts with his wife, Sue. In 1957 Thompson wrote a booklet entitled The Confederate Shrine of Beauvoir, The Last Home of Jefferson Davis , and in the mid 1960s, he prepared a manuscript for a book to be titled Know Your Coast: The Mississippi Gulf Coast From the Pascagoula to the Pearl . Unfortunately, the book was never published. Other professional activities include editorship of the Jefferson Parish (Louisiana) Yearly Review in 1962.

Ray Thompson died on December 25, 1977 at Driftwood Nursing Home in Gulfport. Both he and Sue are interred at Southern Memorial Park in Biloxi, Mississippi. They are survived by a daughter, Rae Corinne Thompson.

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Copies of books by Ray M. Thompson and publications in which his columns appeared are available in the Cook and McCain Libraries:

New Orleans, from A to Z; Questions You Will Ask about This City of Charm and its Famous French Quarter (New Orleans: House of the Artist, 1951), call number F379.N5 T46x (Cook).

The Confederate Shrine of Beauvoir: The Last Home of Jefferson Davis (Biloxi, Miss.: C.C. Hamill, 1957), call number E467.1.D26 T45 (McCain).

The Daily Herald [microform], call number AN2.B55 H47 (Cook).

Jackson Daily News [microform], call number AN2.J33 E94 (Cook).

Clarion-Ledger [microform], call number AN2.J34 C75 (Cook).

Scope and Content:

The Ray M. Thompson Papers are comprised primarily of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, photographs, and the manuscript for a proposed book, most of which were generated between 1943 and 1972. The vast majority of articles were written by Mr. Thompson, but some were written by, or in collaboration with Thompson's wife, Sue.

Materials in the collection trace the history of Mississippi from the first settlement at Fort Maurepas (now Ocean Springs), established in 1699 by Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville, through approximately 1972. In addition, there are articles relating to the history of Louisiana.

The collection has been divided into six series:

Items in Series I, II, III, and V are arranged chronologically. Series IV is arranged by chapter and Series VI is arranged numerically.

Two additional finding aids - an index of "Know Your Coast" and "Know Your State" columns and a photograph log - have been prepared and added to this guide in the form of appendices. The index includes dates, titles, and subjects of columns, and the photograph log provides a brief description of each image in the collection.

This collection contains a plethora of interesting and unique information concerning the history of Mississippi, and should be of interest to anyone researching the state. In addition, Mr. Thompson's somewhat unique writing style may be of interest to students of journalism.

Photograph Log: Available Here

Box and Folder List:


Series I contains photocopies of a newspaper column written by Ray M. Thompson, entitled "Know Your Coast." The column chronicled unusual and/or historic events, sites, people, and customs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Among the myriad topics of discussion are the origins of numerous Gulf Coast towns; Civil War history; historic homes; the barrier islands; industries, organizations, and tourist attractions. The column was published in the Biloxi/ Gulfport Daily Herald from March 1, 1956 to October 15, 1960.
Box 1  
Folder 1 Notes and Correspondence Concerning "Know Your Coast" Column (1957 - 1970; Undated)
Folder 2 Biography of Albert Baldwin Wood for "Know Your Coast" (1956)
Folder 3 History of Bay St. Louis for "Know Your Coast" (1958)
Folder 4 "Know Your Coast" (February 29 - May 30, 1956)
Folder 5 "Know Your Coast" (May 31 - August 29, 1956)
Folder 6 "Know Your Coast" (August 30 - November 24, 1956)
Folder 7 "Know Your Coast" (November 26, 1956 January 31, 1957)
Folder 8 "Know Your Coast" (February 1 - April 11, 1957)
Folder 9 "Know Your Coast" (April 12 - June 10, 1957)
Folder 10 "Know Your Coast" (June 11 - August 23, 1957)
Box 2  
Folder 1 "Know Your Coast" (August 24 - October 15, 1957)
Folder 2 "Know Your Coast" (October 16 - December 31, 1957)
Folder 3 "Know Your Coast" (January 1 - February 20, 1958)
Folder 4 "Know Your Coast" (February 21 - April 18, 1958)
Folder 5 "Know Your Coast" (April 19 - June 28, 1958)
Folder 6 "Know Your Coast" (July 1 - September 6, 1958)
Folder 7 "Know Your Coast" (September 8 - October 23, 1958)
Folder 8 "Know Your Coast" (October 24 - December 31, 1958)
Folder 9 "Know Your Coast" (January 1 - March 31, 1959)
Folder 10 "Know Your Coast" (April 2 - July 30, 1959)
Box 3  
Folder 1 "Know Your Coast" (August 7 - December 31, 1959)
Folder 2 "Know Your Coast" (January 2 - April 30,1960)
Folder 3 "Know Your Coast" (May 4 - July 30, 1960)
Folder 4 "Know Your Coast" (August 3 - October 15, 1960)


On October 17, 1960, the title of Ray Thompson's newspaper column "Know Your Coast" was changed to "Know Your State." With its scope expanded to include the entire state of Mississippi, the column was now able to discuss such topics as Natchez, Vicksburg, Oxford, plantation homes, Mississippi colleges and universities, a female land pirate named Amanda Bamoris, and a host of others. "Know Your State" was published in the Biloxi/Gulfport Daily Herald, the Jackson Daily News, and the Jackson Clarion-Ledger from October 17, 1960 to approximately August 16, 1969.

Box 3 (cont'd)  
Folder 5 Information on Vicksburg Waterway Station for "Know Your State" (1962)
Folder 6 "Know Your State" (October 17 - December 31, 1960)
Folder 7 "Know Your State" (January 2 - March 17, 1961)
Folder 8 "Know Your State" (March 18 - May 31, 1961)
Folder 9 "Know Your State" (June 1 - August 7, 1961)
Folder 10 "Know Your State" (August 8 - October 11, 1961)
Folder 11 "Know Your State" (October 12 - December 30, 1961)
Box 4  
Folder 1 "Know Your State" (January 2 - March 31, 1962)
Folder 2 "Know Your State" (April 3 - June 22, 1962)
Folder 3 "Know Your State" (June 23 - August 24, 1962)
Folder 4 "Know Your State" (August 25 - October 24, 1962)
Folder 5 "Know Your State" (October 25 - December 29, 1962)
Folder 6 "Know Your State" (January 1 - March 30, 1963)
Folder 7 "Know Your State" (April 1 - December 28, 1963)
Folder 8 "Know Your State" (January 13 - December 30, 1964)
Folder 9 "Know Your State" (January 2 - October 30, 1965)
Folder 10 "Know Your State" (November 1, 1965 - December 29, 1966)
Folder 11 "Know Your State" (January 10, 1967 - August 16, 1969)


Series III is comprised of articles written by Ray and Sue Thompson between 1943 and 1972. Those dated prior to 1950 were written while the Thompsons lived in New Orleans. Articles in this series appeared in such publications as The Times-Picayune, Clarion-Ledger, Biloxi/Gulfport Daily Herald, Houston Post, Mobile Press Register, Mississippi News and Views, Down South, Inn Dixie, Mississippi Magic, True Adventures, and Southern States News and Views. Topics cover both Mississippi and Louisiana history.

Box 5  
Folder 1 Newspaper Articles by Ray Thompson (1944; Feb. 24, 1957 - Feb. 25, 1959)
Folder 2 Newspaper Articles by Ray Thompson (January 22, 1961 - May 5, 1963)
Folder 3 Newspaper Articles by Ray & Sue Thompson: "Pages From The Past" (June 2 - October 19, 1971)
Folder 4 Newspaper Articles by Ray & Sue Thompson (January 31, - December 26, 1971)
Folder 5 Newspaper Articles by Ray & Sue Thompson (January 2 - July 16, 1972)
Folder 6 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1943)
Folder 7 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1947)
Folder 8 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1948 & 1951)
Folder 9 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1952 & 1953)
Folder 10 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1956)
Folder 11 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1957)
Folder 12 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (January - July, 1958)
Folder 13 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (August - December, 1958)
Folder 14 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1959)
Folder 15 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1960)
Folder 16 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (January - June, 1961)
Folder 17 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (September - December, 1961)
Folder 18 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1962)
Folder 19 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1965)
Folder 20 Magazine Articles by Ray Thompson (1971)


In about 1966, Ray Thompson compiled his "Know Your Coast" columns in manuscript form with intentions of publishing a book. Unfortunately, the book was never published. This series contains both handwritten and typed copies of the fifteen chapter manuscript.

Box 6  
Folder 1 Correspondence with Eugene Wilkes, Editor, Biloxi/Gulfport Daily Herald (Dec. 28, 1966)
Folder 2 Handwritten Manuscript: Index
Folder 3 Handwritten Manuscript: Introduction, Foreword, and Table of Contents
Folder 4 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter One
Folder 5 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Two
Folder 6 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Three
Folder 7 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Four
Folder 8 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Five
Folder 9 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Six
Folder 10 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Seven
Folder 11 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Eight
Folder 12 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Nine
Folder 13 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Ten
Folder 14 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Eleven
Folder 15 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Twelve
Box 7  
Folder 1 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Thirteen
Folder 2 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Fourteen
Folder 3 Handwritten Manuscript: Chapter Fifteen
Folder 4 Typewritten Manuscript: Index
Folder 5 Typewritten Manuscript: Introduction, Foreword, and Table of Contents
Folder 6 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter One, "Where the Deep South Began"
Folder 7 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Two, "Among the Gulf Coast's Early Cast of Characters"
Folder 8 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Three, "The Mississippi Coast's Necklace of Islands"
Folder 9 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Four, "The Biloxi Story"
Folder 10 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Five, "Biloxi Biographies"
Folder 11 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Six, "Mississippi City"
Folder 12 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Seven, "Handsboro"
Folder 13 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Eight, "Gulfport - The Mississippi Coast's Youngest City"
Folder 14 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Nine, "Long Beach"
Box 8  
Folder 1 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Ten, "The Past of Pass Christian"
Folder 2 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Eleven, "Bay St. Louis - The Western Gateway to the Mississippi Gulf Coast"
Folder 3 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Twelve, "Waveland"
Folder 4 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Thirteen, "At the Eastern Approach to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Are Pascagoula, Moss Point, and Gautier"
Folder 5 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Fourteen, "The Communities, Past and Present, Immediately Back of the Mississippi Coast Line"
Folder 6 Typewritten Manuscript: Chapter Fifteen, "Mississippi Coast Historic Personalities and Events"


The bulk of materials in Series V is a collection of articles that record the devastation of and subsequent recovery from Hurricane Camille, which struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast in August 1969. Included are Mr. Thompson's handwritten notes on President Richard Nixon's visit to the Gulf Coast to survey the damage. Also in the series are newspaper articles concerning the U.S. Space Program; a postcard dated January 19, 1891; a 1912 pamphlet entitled "Good Roads Everywhere", by the National Highway Association; and seven pieces of Mississippi paper currency dated between 1837 and 1839.

Box 8  
Folder 7 Hurricane "Camille": Newspaper Articles (1969)
Folder 8 Hurricane "Camille": Newspaper Articles (1970, 1971, undated)
Folder 9 Hurricane "Camille": Notes on President Nixon's Visit to the Gulf Coast (1969)
Folder 10 Hurricane "Camille": The Seabee Center Courier (August 29, 1969)
Folder 11 U. S. Space Program: Newspaper Articles (1969; undated)
Folder 12 Mississippi Paper Currency (1837 - 1839)
Folder 13 Postcard From C. M. Liddle of Handsboro, MS, To Mrs. P. Lyle of New Orleans (January 19, 1891)
Folder 14 Pamphlet: "Good Roads Everywhere" by The National Highways Association (ca. 1912)


Series VI is comprised of 438 photographs portraying sites and scenes pertinent to the history of Mississippi. Many of the photographs were used with "Know Your Coast" and "Know Your State" columns, and a few were used in the July 29, 1958 issue of the Biloxi/Gulfport Daily Herald, celebrating the bicentennial of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Subjects of the photographs run the gamut from individuals to landscapes, and from industries to celebrations. Included are many historic images from the early 1900s.

Photograph Log: Available Here.


APPENDIX I: INDEX OF COLUMNS "Know Your Coast" 1956-1960

Box 1, Folder 4
       Feb 29 "Know Your Coast" Series Starting in Daily Herald 
              (announces beginning of column)
       Mar 1 Let's Brag About It! (The Gulf Coast)
       Mar 2 Coast "Sea Gulls"
       Mar 3 Bay St. Louis (Bay and Town Name)
       Mar 5 Ole Miss and Coast 
              (1840 - Mississippi City considered as site of the University of Mississippi)
       Mar 6 Flounder's Eyes Move
       Mar 7 Emancipation 
              (Emancipation Proclamation issued from Ship Island by a Union general named Phelps)
       Mar 8 Casket Girls (French wives of early Gulf Coast settlers)
       Mar 9 Guillotine (In Jackson Square, New Orleans)
       Mar 10 Coast Cotton Gin 
              (Pascagoula - Baron Franz von Krebs invented one prior to Eli Whitney's)
       Mar 12 Praline Capital (Bay St. Louis)
       Mar 13 Petticoat Rebellion (1700s - "Casket Girls" decry poor diet)
       Mar 14 Bay of Biloxi (Site of first permanent white settlement on the Gulf Coast)
       Mar 15 Two Forts on Highway 90 (Fort Pike and FortMacomb)
       Mar 16 Coast Oysters (Pride in local product)
       Mar 17 Spanish Moss (Definition of)
       Mar 19 Civil War Photos (Taken by Matthew Brady)
       Mar 20 Isle Disappears (Isle of Caprice, off the coast of Biloxi)
       Mar 21 Davis Reward Poster ($100,000 reward offered for Jefferson Davis)
       Mar 22 Oldest House (410 E. Bayview Ave., Biloxi)
       Mar 23 Oldest Yacht Club (Pass Christian)
       Mar 24 Jeff Davis Pews (Church of the Redeemer, Biloxi)
       Mar 26 Fort Massachusetts (Ship Island)
       Mar 27 Handsboro Coast Center 
              (Market & manufacturing center before the Civil War)
       Mar 28 Coast Tung Trees (Description & definition)
       Mar 29 Gulf Coast Shrimp
       Apr 2 Deep South Started (1699 - settlement at Ocean Springs)
       Apr 3 World's Longest Man-Made Beach (Biloxi to Bay St. Louis)
       Apr 4 Farragut 
              (Gautier - boyhood home of David G. Farragut, the Navy's first admiral)
       Apr 5 Mississippi City (Sullivan-Ryan fight)
       Apr 6 Singing River (Legend of the Pascagoula Indians)
       Apr 7 Ring In The Oak (Biloxi Church of the Redeemer)
       Apr 9 Bayous (Popular Gulf Coast bayous) 
       Apr 10 The Gulf Coast and Russia 
              (1700 - Compares establishment of Gulf Coast and St. Petersburg, Russia)
       Apr 11 Salt (Making salt from sea water during the Civil War)
       Apr 12 Oysters (Description of an oyster's life)
       Apr 13 Fishing (200 varieties of fresh and salt water fish in Gulf Coast area)
       Apr 14 Convention City (Biloxi)
       Apr 16 Were So Named (How Gulf Coast bodies of water were named)
       Apr 17 Square Dancing (Gulf Hills Dude Ranch)
       Apr 18 Old Spanish Fort (Pascagoula)
       Apr 19 Indian Spring at Ocean Springs 
              (Ancient springs for which Ocean Springs was named)
       Apr 20 Bay St. Louis Shrine (Wayside Shrine Sacred Heart)
       Apr 21 Old Spanish Trail (Highway 90 on the Gulf Coast)
       Apr 23 St. Augustine's Seminary (Bay St. Louis)
       Apr 24 How Our Islands Were Named (Islands in the Gulf of Mexico)
       Apr 25 Want To Go Fox Hunting (R.H. Crawley of Gulfport, fox hunter)
       Apr 26 Father Ryan's Home (Biloxi - Father Ryan was a priest in the Confederate Army)
       Apr 27 Mutiny on Cat Island 
              (1757 uprising against French dictator, Duroux)
       Apr 28 Pelicans (Also "Why the Pelican is Gone" by Robert McHugh)
       Apr 30 The Battle Flag (Confederate)
       May 1 It's Lemon Season (Lemon fish)
       May 2 Shoo-Fly (Tree platform on East Beach at Biloxi)
       May 3 Bienville (French explorer)
       May 4 The Battle of New Orleans
       May 5 Pine Hills (Major seminary of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate)
       May 6 Cannon at Fort Massachusetts (Ship Island)
       May 8 Cause For Celebration (New businesses on Coast)
       May 9 Biloxi's Red Brick House (Garner Tullis Home, built ca. 1845)
       May 10 Pass Christian (City on Mississippi Gulf Coast)
       May 11 Oldest Health Department (Harrison County Health Department)
       May 12 Shoo-Fly Reply (Tree platforms)
       May 14 Moss Point (Industrial City)
       May 15 Pirate House (Bay St. Louis-Waveland)
       May 16 Coast Century Plant Blooms (Agave Americana)
       May 17 Pascagoula (Brief history of)
       May 18 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 
              (Biloxi Cemetery - Tomb of John Parks Caldwell, one of the fraternity's original founders)
       May 19 Why Keesler Field Was So Named (Lt. Samuel R. Keesler, Jr.)
       May 21 Even the Sand is Friendly (Gulf Coast - world's longest man made beach)
       May 22 Gulfport (Founding of)
       May 23 Fort Louis (Biloxi Site - the third Fort Louis established by the French)
       May 24 Gautier (First Creosoting Plant)
       May 25 Lighthouse (Biloxi)
       May 26 Gulf Park College (Long Beach)
       May 28 Seashore Methodist Assembly (Biloxi)
       May 29 Buena Vista (Settlement Of)
       May 30 DeSoto National Forest (400,000 acres of national forest lands)
Box 1, Folder 5
       May 31 Sea-Wall (Built in 1920s to protect Beach Drive)
       Jun 1 The Depot That Has Gone To Church (L&N Depot, Mississippi City)
       Jun 2 Jefferson Davis (Biographical sketch)
       Jun 4 There Are Three Mississippi Gulf Coasts
       Jun 5 Veterans Administration at Biloxi (VA Hospital and Home)
       Jun 6 The Hero of Cat Island (Jean Couevas)
       Jun 7 Veterans Administration at Gulfport (VA neuropsychiatric hospital)
       Jun 9 Dorothy Dix Home (Pass Christian)
       Jun 11 Recent Beauvoir Acquisitions (Confederate Paymaster's safe)
       Jun 12 Moss Point's Famous Railroad (Mississippi Export Railroad)
       Jun 13 Eight Flags of Mississippi Gulf Coast
       Jun 14 The Camellia Coast (Camellia Japonica)
       Jun 15 The Story of a Stump (Turpentine)
       Jun 16 Crabbing (Catching crabs)
       Jun 18 What is a Creole?
       Jun 19 Henderson Point (Bay St. Louis)
       Jun 20 The Longfellow Legend (Pascagoula)
       Jun 21 Gautier Homestead (Mrs. Hermes Gautier)
       Jun 23 Howard Street in Biloxi (Brief sketch of Charles T. Howard)
       Jun 25 DeSoto's Pigs (Named for the explorer, DeSoto)
       Jun 26 Pass Christian: Host to Presidents
       Jun 27 Ruskin Oak (Ancient tree at Ocean Springs)
       Jun 28 Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo (Gulfport)
       Jun 29 Why Coffee Is Different in the Deep South (Chicory added)
       Jun 30 Dead Man's Oak (Point aux Chenes)
       Jul 2 Gumbo (Creole cuisine)
       Jul 3 Creole Cooking
       Jul 4 Fourth of July at the Pass (Pass Christian)
       Jul 5 Popp's Ferry (Fishing spot)
       Jul 6 Great Southern Hotel (Gulfport)
       Jul 7 Magnolia Hotel (Biloxi)
       Jul 9 The Old Wire Road (Between Saucier and Wiggins, 1846)
       Jul 10 Ship Island Scientists (Gulf Coast Research Lab)
       Jul 11 Mississippi City's Memory Lane (Sullivan-Barnes Hotel)
       Jul 12 Correction, Please! 
              (Addendum to a previous column about Beauvoir)
       Jul 13 The White Gods of the Biloxis 
              (Biloxi Indians' acceptance of first white men on Coast)
       Jul 14 Darwood-on-the-Jourdan 
              (Picturesque home and garden at Bay St. Louis)
       Jul 16 Trinity Episcopal Church (Pass Christian)
       Jul 17 Ticket Scalping (L&N Excursion Trains)
       Jul 18 Mississippi Sound (Gulf of Mexico)
       Jul 19 Shearwater Pottery (Ocean Springs)
       Jul 20 Holly Bluff Gardens (Bay St. Louis)
       Jul 21 Speckled Sea Trout (Fishing)
       Jul 23 Our Beach Sanitizer (Machine to clean sand)
       Jul 25 Gulf Coast Alcatraz (Ship Island)
       Jul 26 Fifty Miles of Fun for Everyone (The beach)
       Jul 27 Biloxi Yacht Club
       Jul 28 Our Good Gulf Coast Water (Artesian wells)
       Jul 30 Coast's Biggest Magnolia Tree (White House Hotel)
       Aug 1 Turpentine Tycoon (Homer T. Yaryan)
       Aug 2 Tribute to a Trolley (Gulfport, 1904)
       Aug 3 The Great Seal of the Confederacy (Brief history of)
       Aug 4 The West Moves South (Lazy Y Stables, Bay St. Louis)
       Aug 6 How They Were Formed, How They Were Named 
              (Hancock, Harrison, & Jackson Counties)
       Aug 7 The Net Worth of the Gulf Coast (Shrimp, etc.)
       Aug 8 Bell's Ferry (Old swimming hole North of Pass Christian)
       Aug 9 The Community House Cannon 
              (Biloxi - Relics from one of d'Iberville's ships)
       Aug 10 The Kern School at the Pass 
              (Small private school at Pass Christian, MS)
       Aug 11 The Hermit of Deer Island (Guilhot)
       Aug 13 The Baldwin Wood Light House (Biloxi)
       Aug 14 Twenty-two Steps Into History 
              (Ocean Springs - site of Fort Maurepas)
       Aug 15 The Biloxi Lugger (Boat)
       Aug 16 Biloxi Bacon (Mullet)
       Aug 17 Gold, God and Glory (DeSoto)
       Aug 18 Romantic "Oldfields" (Home near Gautier)
       Aug 20 Beautiful Back Bay (Biloxi)
       Aug 21 Imposing Historical Statistics 
              (Seafood canning plant, 1870's -1901)
       Aug 22 Is It Biloxi's Oldest House? (French House)
       Aug 23 Two Famous Biloxi Oaks (Counsellor Oak & Wallace Oak)
       Aug 24 The Wild and Wooly Coast (Woolmarket, MS)
       Aug 25 Long Beach (Coastal city)
       Aug 27 Church of the Nativity in Biloxi
       Aug 28 The Adventures of St. Denis 
              (Tale of the founder of Natchitoches, LA)
       Aug 29 Kiln: The Charcoal Town 
              (Near Bay St. Louis on the Jordan River)
Box 1, Folder 6
       Aug 30 Values (Gulf Coast real estate prices, ca. 1900 - 1916)
       Sep 1 Beachcombing (Assorted coast lore)
       Sep 3 The First Bank of Gulfport
       Sep 4 Pass Christian's Oldest House ("Ballymere")
       Sep 5 Ship Island Lighthouse
       Sep 6 The House That is Cut in Half 
              (J.P. Dart home, Bay St. Louis-Waveland)
       Sep 7 In Such a Kettle the Sugar Industry Began (Holly Bluff Gardens exhibit)
       Sep 8 Gulf Coast Biggest Pine Tree (Atkinson Pine Back Bay, Biloxi)
       Sep 10 Gulf Coast Hive of the Seabees 
              (World War II construction unit, Gulfport)
       Sep 11 Floundering (Fishing for flounder)
       Sep 12 When Crozat Owned the Coast 
              (Wealthy 18th century French merchant, Antoine Crozat)
       Sep 13 Things to See in Ocean Springs
       Sep 14 The Biloxi House With The English Fence 
              (Lynden Bowring home, "Lynoaks")
       Sep 15 St. Joseph Academy at Bay St. Louis
       Sep 17 The Coast's Fourth Lighthouse 
              (Turner Carr Lighthouse at Clermont Harbor)
       Sep 18 Tourists Spend With Us a Hundred Grand a Day
       Sep 19 Iron Lace Balconies and Fences (Gautier Family home, Biloxi)
       Sep 20 When Mrs. Davis Went Calling (Carriage at Beauvoir)
       Sep 21 What Has Happened to the Live Oak Society?
              (Wallace Oak, Biloxi)
       Sep 22 The Biloxi Family Famous For Its Firsts (George Ohr Family)
       Sep 24 U.S. Champion Southern Magnolia (Pascagoula)
       Sep 25 The Launching of a Boat 
              (USS Vega launched at Ingalls Ship Yard, Pascagoula)
       Sep 26 The Almost Forgotten Woodward Studio (Artists' studio, Biloxi)
       Sep 27 Handsboro (Sawmill community)
       Sep 28 Take A Bow Pass Christian (Famous "Firsts")
       Oct 1 Jackson County's First Capital
       Oct 2 Beachcombing (Assorted coast-related topics)
       Oct 3 The Forgotten L&N Depot at Beauvoir
       Oct 4 Fall Fishing
       Oct 5 Where is Lover's Lane? (Ocean Springs)
       Oct 6 Story of St. Michael's (Catholic Church, Point Cadet)
       Oct 8 Skin Diving on the Coast
       Oct 9 Xavier Hall (Pass Christian)
       Oct 10 Once the Most Important Home in the South 
              (Brierfield, early home of Jefferson Davis)
       Oct 11 Avenue of Oaks at the VA Center (Biloxi)
       Oct 12 At This Scenic Spot Moss Point Started 
              (Forks of Escatawpa and Pascagoula Rivers)
       Oct 13 Beachcombing (Assorted topics)
       Oct 15 Thirteen Oaks From One Root (Bay St. Louis)
       Oct 16 Chess Comes to the Coast 
              (Mississippi Gulf Coast Chess Association, Gulfport)
       Oct 17 Symbol of a Dying Dynasty (Cypress Trees, Biloxi) 
       Oct 18 Corridors to Beauty (Benachi Ave., Biloxi)
       Oct 19 Hectic History of Pass Christian Yacht Club
       Oct 20 Our Invaluable Intracoastal Waterway 
              (Waterway system from Mexican border to Boston, MA)
       Oct 22 Biloxi City Hall
       Oct 23 Biloxi Triple Feature 
              (Ring in the Oak, Church of the Redeemer, & the Bellman Oak)
       Oct 24 Diamond Jubilee Year of a Coast Pioneer (Biloxi Canning Co.)
       Oct 25 Those Heroes of Ours (Confederate monument at Beauvoir)
       Oct 26 The Coast's First Modern Bridge (d'Iberville Bridge)
       Oct 27 Just About a Hundred Years Ago (Handsboro and Mississippi City)
       Oct 29 The Story of Camp Wilkes (Boy and Girl Scout camp on Back Bay)
       Oct 30 Ol Rocking Chair's Got Me
       Oct 31 The Past of "The Pass" (Mexican Gulf Hotel, Pass Christian)
       Nov 1 Land of the Blue Goose 
              (Feathered friends who spend the winter on the Gulf Coast)
       Nov 2 The Haunted House at Mississippi City (Old Leathers Place)
       Nov 3 Burklin of Biloxi (E.G. Burklin and the Biloxi Electric Light Co.)
       Nov 5 What Timbermen Used Before Trucks and Tractors ("Carry-log")
       Nov 6 Reviving the Fame of Capt. Grant 
              (Engineer who designed and built Grant's Pass)
       Nov 7 Remember the Scuppernong Grapes
       Nov 8 When the Riviera Was the Montross (Biloxi hotel)
       Nov 9 Speaking of Mississippi City 
       Nov 10 Legend of the Cherokee Rose 
       Nov 12 Coast's First Water Works (Biloxi)
       Nov 13 Biloxi's Historic Plantation Cottage (Ralph Wood Home)
       Nov 14 Have You Seen the Sunken Garden? (VA Center Biloxi)
       Nov 15 Waveland (Brief history of Waveland, MS)
       Nov 16 It Took Pascagoula 150 Years to Get Started
       Nov 17 The Brief But Exciting Existence of Scranton 
              (Former name of Pascagoula)
       Nov 19 Pine Into Paper (International Paper Mill - Moss Point)
       Nov 20 When Prize Fighting Was Against the Law 
              (Sullivan - Kilrain fight in Purvis, MS, 1889)
       Nov 21 Information Please (Solicits reader input)
       Nov 22 Oldest Hotel Built on the Coast (Ocean Springs Hotel)
       Nov 23 Ivory Tower of a Titan (Beauvoir, last home of Jefferson Davis) 
       Nov 24 Oldest Still Active Hunting and Fishing Club in U.S. 
              (Tally Ho Hunting & Fishing Club at Chef Menteur) 
Box 1, Folder 7
       Nov 26 St. Marks of Mississippi City (Episcopal Church)
       Nov 27 Bed Sheet Surrender (Pass Christian Yacht Club)
       Nov 28 Pedigree of Pearlington (First Mississippi town on the Pearl River)
       Nov 29 Beachcombing (Miscellaneous topics)
       Nov 30 Henderson Point Holds a Record - Or Does It?
       Dec 1 General Beauregard Was A Coast Booster
       Dec 2 What is a "Live Oak"?
       Dec 4 Winter Tale Tall But True (Frozen citrus grove in Ocean Springs, 1940)
       Dec 5 Our Gulf Coast Water Wealth
       Dec 6 A Forgotten Frenchman of Early Coast History (Pierre Charles Le Sueur)
       Dec 7 The Magic Boxes of the Seabees (World War II Navy pontoons)
       Dec 8 Ocean Springs Astronomers Prepare for Operation Moonwatch
       Dec 10 The Dixie White House (Pass Christian)
       Dec 11 The Little House That Isn't There 
              (Porter Ave., Biloxi, oldest house in the Mississippi Valley)
       Dec 12 That Lacy, Lovely Symbol of the South (Spanish Moss)
       Dec 13 The Hand Homes of Handsboro
       Dec 14 Beauvoir Exhibits Mobile Relics 
              (Confederate war relics collected by Mobile, Alabama Junior Historians)
       Dec 15 Gulf Coast Soldier of Fortune (Henri de Tonti)
       Dec 17 Biloxi's Historic Naval Reserve Park
       Dec 20 The Biloxi House That Changed Its Address (Famous Biloxi families)
       Dec 21 They Lived Like Barons From Beach to Bay (Biloxi's early settlers)
       Dec 22 The Coast's First Tourist Club (Pizatti Pavilion, Biloxi)
       Dec 24 The Biloxi Magnolia That Refuses to Die 
       Dec 26 The Spring That Decided the Spot Where the City of Biloxi Started
       Dec 27 Death at Dawn (Dueling - Cuddy Monument at Pass Christian)
       Dec 28 Gulf Coast's First Winter Hotel (Pass Christian)
       Dec 29 Holiday Greeting (First Christmas Card, 1843)
       Dec 31 Gulf Coast's First Bridge (Wooden Bridge, Biloxi)
       Jan 1 Ruskin Oak Has a Rival (Treasure Oak, Ocean Springs)
       Jan 2 The Merry Mansion (Mississippi City)
       Jan 3 Land of Lafitte (Pascagoula Oak)
       Jan 4 The Famous Farraguts (Pascagoula, Old Spanish Fort)
       Jan 5 Story in Stone 
              (Pass Christian - grave of Frances Park Butler, 
              great-granddaughter of Martha Washington)
       Jan 7 Boom in Boating (Boating as a hobby)
       Jan 8 Red Bluff Relic Rediscovered (Powder Mill)
       Jan 9 Once for 74 Days the Gulf Coast was an Independent Nation (1810)
       Jan 10 Third Anniversary of Posey N. Howell Memorial Tree Plantation 
              (Highway 55, near Biloxi)
       Jan 11 Notes From the Log of Logtown
       Jan 12 The French Hotel of Ocean Springs
       Jan 14 Pass Christian's Wild Flower Garden
       Jan 15 Grandma Aken of Deer Island
       Jan 16 Historic Spring of Ocean Springs
       Jan 17 Handsboro Flashback (Liddle's Store)
       Jan 18 Part of the Past of Palmer House (Biloxi)
       Jan 19 Last of the Blacksmiths (M.C. Hodges, Long Beach)
       Jan 21 Deer Island Data
       Jan 22 Love Story of the Oak and the Pine (Waveland)
       Jan 23 The Origin of the Dollar Mark
       Jan 24 The Bluff That Won Half a Continent 
              (Bienville fools British ship's captain, 1699)
       Jan 25 Presque Isle (Biloxi)
       Jan 26 Thirty Years Too Soon (Capt. J.T. Jones)
       Jan 28 Story of the Whisky Barrel and the West Wind (Pearl River)
       Jan 29 Famous Folks Sanatorium (Biloxi)
       Jan 30 Bridge of Sighs (Handsboro)
       Jan 31 Indian Trails
Box 1 Folder 8
       Feb 1 An Epitaph to Epitaphs (Live Oak Cemetery, Pass Christian) 
       Feb 2 Man Who First Raised the Confederate Flag in Victory 
              (Gen. Samuel Wragg Ferguson, Biloxi)
       Feb 4 When Traffic Was A Dribble
       Feb 5 The Famous But Forgotten Fumigated Mail (Yellow Fever, 1800s)
       Feb 6 The Old Mississippi City Court House
       Feb 7 Where the Daughters of St. Cabrini Spend Their Sunset Years 
              (Ocean Springs)
       Feb 8 Those Bygone Days of the Boarding Houses 
              (Bay View Hotel, Biloxi)
       Feb 9 What Our Visitors Want to Know (Biloxi Library)
       Feb 11 What Did Happen to the Pascagoula Indians?
       Feb 12 Salute to the Clower Oak (Biloxi)
       Feb 13 How Beauvoir Got Its Name
       Feb 14 Ever See A Confederate Half Dollar?
       Feb 15 Little More Pirate 
       Feb 16 Anybody Remember "Forest Park" of Mississippi City?
       Feb 18 Two Tales of Ship Island
       Feb 19 Gulfport: The City Built on Sawdust
       Feb 20 A Little Known Page in the Life of Jefferson Davis
       Feb 21 Ever Hear of "The Great Mail" 
              (Mail route between Washington D.C. & New Orleans)
       Feb 22 Biloxi Indian Version of the Garden of Eden
       Feb 23 That Gourmet's Delight: Stuffed Flounder (Paradise Point)
       Feb 25 Gulfport Church Honored By President Wilson and Family
       Feb 26 The Coast's Famous Island That Isn't There (Isle of Caprice)
       Feb 28 In the Days of Sailing Schooners
       Mar 1 I'll See You on the 5:15 (L & N Commuter Train)
       Mar 2 Harrison County Humane Society
       Mar 4 Is It Gulfport's Oldest Still Operating Plant (Fertilizer Plant)
       Mar 5 Brief Biography of the Biloxi Indians
       Mar 6 Biloxi Creek that Confused the Historians 
       Mar 7 The Father of Gulfport (Wm. Harris Hardy)
       Mar 8 Bloodstained Gold (The Copeland Gang)
       Mar 9 Another Page Torn from Gautier' s Past (L & N Depot)
       Mar 11 Gulfport's Most Famous Winter Guest (Capt. Joseph T. Jones)
       Mar 12 The Sandaled Padres and Indomitable Priests 
              (Early Gulf Coast Missionaries, 1700s)
       Mar 13 When President Wilson Was Here (Pass Christian)
       Mar 14 A Bit About Bream (A species of fish)
       Mar 15 Waveland's Gulfside Assembly (Negro Methodist Assembly)
       Mar 16 Camellia Tree That Needs a Friend (Long Beach Garden Center)
       Mar 18 Thrilling Career of Pearl Rivers (Poet)
       Mar 19 Paradise Point (Mississippi City)
       Mar 20 Ante Bellum Pass Christian
       Mar 21 Ocean Springs In the Spring 
       Mar 22 Something to Think About While Fishing
       Mar 23 Pharmacists to the "Pass" (Pass Christian)
       Mar 25 That Terrible Traffic (Pass Christian)
       Mar 27 The Bloodless Battle of Biloxi (Mayor Bluffed Union Navy)
       Mar 28 Picturesque Past of Pass Christian Isles
       Mar 29 Ante Bellum Pascagoula
       Apr 1 Cannon Ball That Loved Children (Pascagoula)
       Apr 2 Profile of a Pioneer 
              (J.D. Covacevich, Biloxi boat builder who designed the "Lugger")
       Apr 3 Celebrated Jefferson Davis Bail Bond
       Apr 4 Historic Lopez Mansion (Biloxi)
       Apr 5 Why, When and Whom of the White House (Biloxi)
       Apr 6 Armor and Arrows (Desoto's expedition)
       Apr 8 When the Trolley Ran to Pass Christian
       Apr 9 First Net Manufacturer in the South (Bob Ederer, Biloxi)
       Apr 10 Gulfport Hotel that Preceded the Great Southern (Colonial Hotel)
       Apr 11 History of the Howell House (Gulfport - Biloxi)
Box 1, Folder 9
       Apr 12 Biloxi in 1720
       Apr 13 April Opens the Deep Sea Fishing Season
       Apr 15 Boat that Retired to Sell Real Estate (Pass Christian)
       Apr 16 Way, Way Back When a Taxi Was a Hack (Handsboro)
       Apr 17 Historic Old Krebs Cemetery (Pascagoula)
       Apr 18 Gulfport Old Timer Clearly Remembers 
              (Memories of the early 1900s)
       Apr 19 Portrait of a Patriot (Mrs. John L. Heiss of Gulfport)
       Apr 20 The Time the Mississippi Gulf Coast Went to War With Louisiana
       Apr 22 Love Life of that Bachelor Bienville
       Apr 23 Pascagoula's Chevalier of the Legion of Honor 
              (Augustus Frederic de St. Ferol)
       Apr 24 Tomorrow is Confederate Memorial Day
       Apr 25 Short But Happy Life of an Oyster
       Apr 26 Early Days of the L & N (Louisville & Nashville Railroad)
       Apr 27 Siamese Twin House of Biloxi
       Apr 29 Old Spanish House (Biloxi)
       Apr 30 Remember the Biloxi Air Station of the U.S. Coast Guard?
       May 1 Why Jackson County Was So Named
       May 2 There Once Was a Third Biloxi
       May 3 Beginnings of the Biloxi Public Schools
       May 4 History Prowls Around Debuys Road (Near Mississippi City)
       May 6 Long Beach a Long Time Ago
       May 7 Romance of Our Roads (Red Creek Road, Pass Christian)
       May 8 Temperamental Mother Nature (Coast weather)
       May 9 Snug Harbor (Ocean Springs)
       May 10 Hog Dogs (Herding wild hogs)
       May 11 Ship Island's Only Woman Prisoner
       May 13 King Cole of the Coast (James Cole Denham, "Last of the Pirates")
       May 14 A Coast Classic (Manon Lescaut)
       May 15 The Spanish Came Early and Stayed Late
       May 16 Mister Jackson County (A.P. Moran of Oceans Springs)
       May 17 The Coast City Within a City (Soria City - Gulfport)
       May 18 The Year Progress Put the Finger on Handsboro
       May 20 Railroad Fever (Gulf and Ship Island Railroad)
       May 21 Lamp of Learning Once Burned Bright in Handsboro 
              (Handsboro schools)
       May 22 Gone is the Glory of Biloxi City Park
       May 23 Short Story of Ship Island
       May 24 The Last Man Still Alive Who Knew Jefferson Davis 
              (Lee Meriweather)
       May 25 When the Mississippi Flowed North
       May 27 Biggest Fire Gulfport Ever Had (1906 rosin fire)
       May 28 Mississippi's Oldest Masonic Hall (Handsboro)
       May 29 Beachcombing (Various short subjects)
       May 30 Ten Tons of Tuna A Day
       May 31 Cooning Oysters (Oyster-gathering)
       Jun 1 Before the Beach Was the Seawall
       Jun 3 Coast Church that was Voluntarily Destroyed by its Members 
              (St. Patrick's, Handsboro)
       Jun 4 Little Known Stories About Jefferson Davis
       Jun 5 Who Was He? (E.J. Bowers, Gulfport)
       Jun 6 Dees Store at Vancleave
       Jun 7 St. James Church in Mississippi City
       Jun 8 On the Trial of the Lonesome Pine (Gulfport Park)
       Jun 10 Day of Heroism in Gulfport (Central School Fire)
Box 1, Folder 10
       Jun 11 Camp Gravaline (Near Ocean Springs)
       Jun 12 America's First Lonely Hearts Letter 
              (Sieur de Chassin solicits bride via mail, ca. 1722)
       Jun 13 Why are Ships Called "She"?
       Jun 14 Finagling at Fort Louis (Biloxi)
       Jun 15 There Never Was An Original Map of Gulfport on File
       Jun 17 The Confused Canadians (First commercial cargo) 
       Jun 18 When the L & N Ran Trains Every Hour Along the Coast
       Jun 19 Gulfport's Historic Timber Boom (Timber storage ponds)
       Jun 20 The Story of Vancleave
       Jun 21 Two Young Ladies in Red, White and Blue 
              (Pres. Woodrow Wilson's visit to the Gulf Coast)
       Jun 22 Back Home Again (Jefferson Davis' desk at Beauvoir)
       Jun 24 Coast Paradise Forgotten by its Owner (Belle Fontaine)
       Jun 25 The Exciting 90 Minutes When F.D.R. Visited Coast 
              (Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1937)
       Jun 26 A Local Legend (Bienville Anchor, Ocean Springs)
       Jun 27 Storm Talk (Flag code)
       Jun 28 On the Coast is Mugtown, Smallest City in the State
       Jun 29 The Elusive Christian L'Adnier 
              (Man for whom Pass Christian was named)
       Jul 1 Famous Timbuctoo Springs, Forgotten But Still Flowing (Handsboro)
       Jul 2 Chicken Coup (1719 battle between French and Spanish)
       Jul 3 Help Wanted (Confederate States Marine Corps)
       Jul 4 The Last of the Labor Camps (Cruso Camp, Biloxi)
       Jul 5 Ever Visit The New Prospect Camp Ground? (Vancleave)
       Jul 6 What Happens To the Oyster Shells?
       Jul 8 Who was Colonel Thomas H. Oswald? 
              (Grave in Technical Training Air Force Cemetery)
       Jul 9 When There Were More Quail and Squirrels than People
       Jul 10 Good Deed the Delta Will Never Forget (1927 Mississippi River flood)
       Jul 11 Oldest House in Biloxi Open to Visitors Again ("The Old Brick House")
       Jul 13 Romance of the Battle Flag (Confederate flag)
       Jul 15 Postscript (Pres. Wilson's visit to the Coast)
       Jul 16 King's Daughters of Biloxi are now Mostly Grandmothers
       Jul 17 The Paper Shell Pecan Originated in Ocean Springs
       Jul 18 The Troubles of a Turtle
       Jul 19 Emerald Coast
       Jul 20 Holy Ground (Marble Spring, Ocean Springs)
       Jul 22 Your Pleasure is His Business (Tour boat captain, Pete Skrmetta)
       Jul 23 Bitter Feud Between Davis and Beauregard (Civil War)
       Jul 24 Been Building Boys for Forty Years (Gulf Coast Academy)
       Jul 25 The Hinsdales (Rev. & Mrs. R.G. Hinsdale)
       Jul 26 Brave Father LeDuc (Bay St. Louis)
       Jul 27 Original Aunt Jemima (Harriette Widner, Point Aux Chenes)
       Jul 29 East Beach of Ocean Springs Takes A Bow 
              (The Louis Sullivan Home)
       Jul 30 Yes, Cecil B. Demille Once Played in Bay St. Louis Opera House
       Jul 31 Gulfport Anchorage Basin of Fifty Years Ago
       Aug 1 When a Famous Actress and Famous Author Accidentally Visited 
              (Sarah Bernhardt and Maurice Thompson, Bay St. Louis)
       Aug 2 The Historic Pearl River 
       Aug 3 When the Reed Hotel Was the Crescent Hotel (Bay St. Louis)
       Aug 5 Sport Sailors are Solving Knotty Problems
       Aug 6 A Bit About the Bay St. Louis Post Office
       Aug 7 The Ill Fated Gum-Carbo Company of Gulfport (Synthetic rubber)
       Aug 8 The General Cashed in and Quit a Winner 
              (Confederate General, Charles E. Smedes)
       Aug 9 Oyster Bayou at Beauvoir
       Aug 10 Old Spanish Fort Expands Frederic Collection
       Aug 12 The Little Friends of Winnie Davis (Daughter of Jefferson Davis)
       Aug 13 Salute to a Soldier (Lt. Gen. Doyle O. Hickey)
       Aug 14 Beachcombing (Selected topics)
       Aug 15 St. John's Episcopal of Oceans Springs
       Aug 16 The "Old Place" Becomes a New Coast Attraction 
              (Gautier homestead)
       Aug 17 Does an Orphan Get a Vacation? 
              (St. Frances Cabrini Camp, Long Beach)
       Aug 19 Chicago's Magnificent Contribution to the Coast 
              (Edgewater Gulf Hotel)
       Aug 20 Before the Edgewater There was the Belmar (Hotels)
       Aug 21 The Pride of Pass Christian (War Memorial Park)
       Aug 22 The Oldest Store on the Coast (Cuevas store)
       Aug 23 The Return of the Native (Dr. Earl Noland Saucier)
Box 2, Folder 1
       Aug 24 The Coast City With Two Names at the Same Time (Bay St. Louis)
       Aug 26 How They Got Their Names
       Aug 27 More Lumber Lore
       Aug 28 When the Cellini of Jazz Lived on the Coast (Jelly Roll Morton)
       Aug 29 Railroad Reminiscences (L & N Railroad)
       Aug 30 The Pot of Pirate Gold (Bay St. Louis)
       Aug 31 Beauvoir Anecdotes
       Sep 2 Waveland and Wool
       Sep 3 They Hatch 'em! You Catch 'em! (Lyman Fish Hatchery)
       Sep 4 Long Beach Once Boasted a Resort Hotel (Brown Hotel)
       Sep 5 Walter Lampton's Private Zoo and Park (West Beach, Biloxi)
       Sep 6 Ever Hear of Heartease Park? (Biloxi)
       Sep 7 Biloxi's New Oyster Stew (DeJean Packing Plant)
       Sep 9 Christian Brothers Catholic College for Boys at Pass Christian)
       Sep 10 Mississippi's Great Governor from Gautier (John J. McRae)
       Sep 11 Camp Fires of Ship Island 
       Sep 12 Bay St. Louis Boasts Coast's Oldest Pharmacy 
              (L.A. de Montluzin & Son)
       Sep 13 Brierfield: Gone with the River (Early homeof Jefferson Davis)
       Sep 14 The Day the Coast Gave Pres. Roosevelt an Official 21-Gun Salute 
       Sep 16 When Admiral Farragut Captured Pascagoula (1864)
       Sep 17 Handicraft Creations By Handicapped Craftsmen (Bay St. Louis)
       Sep 18 Vancleave's Old Settlers Reunion
       Sep 19 Notes in Honor of the Tenth Air Force Anniversary
       Sep 20 The Year Pascagoula Almost Perished
       Sep 21 Pioneer Pascagoula Inventors
       Sep 23 That Unsettled Pass Christian Subject Again (Origin of its name)
       Sep 24 Three Men Named Lewis (Pascagoula)
       Sep 25 When the Coast Waged Its War of Nerves of Butler's Troops 
              (Union Gen. Benjamin F."Spoons" Butler)
       Sep 26 Confederate Money
       Sep 27 Another Tale of Jean Cuevas
       Sep 28 Monument to Jefferson Davis as a Man of Peace 
              (Cabin John Bridge, Maryland)
       Sep 30 When Ship Island was "Devil's Island" (Confederate prisoners)
       Oct 1 Forty Years of Frustration (Bienville)
       Oct 2 The Summer Deer Island Was the Coast's Top A Attraction
       Oct 3 Gulfport: Circa 1906
       Oct 4 Biloxi's Historic Blue Monday (Mississippi's "Blue Law")
       Oct 5 25 cents Extra For Bath (Beach Hotel at Biloxi)
       Oct 7 Gulfport's First Hospital and its Only Nurse
       Oct 8 Lost: A Girls' Seminary (Pascagoula)
       Oct 9 One of the South's Most Tragic Duels (Henry Vick)
       Oct 10 School Days at Lyman Long Ago
       Oct 11 The Famous Two Years $500,000 
              was Spent Advertising the Coast (1926-27)
       Oct 12 Handsboros's Historic Gulf Coast College
       Oct 14 The Historic Dupont Home of Pascagoula
       Oct 15 Confederate Submarine First in Naval History to Sink 
              an Enemy Ship (The "Hunley")
Box 2, Folder 2
       Oct 16 The Cocktail King (Shrimp)
       Oct 17 The Man Who Made Water Flow Uphill (Engineer, Baldwin Wood)
       Oct 18 Third Decade of a Dream (Gulf Hills Dude Ranch)
       Oct 21 The Coast's First Beauty Contest
       Oct 22 The 105-Year Old Coalville Methodist Church
       Oct 23 The Hobby That Lay Dormant Thirty-Five Years 
              (Engineer and architect, Herbert Shaw)
       Oct 24 Souvenir of the Sawmill Days (Henry Leinhard, Handsboro)
       Oct 25 Pecan Pioneers (Mississippi pecan growers)
       Oct 26 All That's Left of Lorraine (Former village on the Biloxi River)
       Oct 28 A Condensed Early History of Ocean Springs
       Oct 29 Apropos the Gulf Coast (Golf)
       Oct 31 Not in the History Books (Battle of Buena Vista)
       Nov 1 The Story of the Finding of the Iberville Plaque (Ocean Springs)
       Nov 2 Reminiscence of a Reader (Mrs. G.H. McMorrough)
       Nov 4 What Was Probably the First Coast Tourist Court (Bay St. Louis)
       Nov 5 Polo at the Pass (Pass Christian)
       Nov 6 The Handsboro Presbyterian Church
       Nov 7 History of the Handsboro Baptist Church
       Nov 8 Ever hear of the Ocean Springs Gazette
       Nov 9 Logging Lore
       Nov 11 Primitive Pirougue is new possession of Old Spanish Fort 
              (Boat made from hollowed out log) 
       Nov 12 Bits of Biloxi Boating Background
       Nov 13 The Historic Oath of Allegiance 
              (Oath signed by former Confederate soldiers)
       Nov 14 First Baptist Church on Mississippi Gulf Coast
       Nov 15 Portrait Painter of Distinguished Americans 
              (William Steene, Gulf Hills)
       Nov 16 The Story of "The Shack" (Ocean Springs)
       Nov 18 The Coast's Intriguing Old Houses
       Nov 19 A Good Deal About Delisle 
              (Town on Wolfe River, near Pascagoula)
       Nov 20 The Yankees Slept Here (Pass Christian)
       Nov 21 What Was Fun Forty Years Ago (Biloxi bacon fry)
       Nov 22 Elmwood Manor of Bay St. Louis
       Nov 23 Anecdotes of the Mississippi Dragoons 
              (Military unit that fought with Andrew Jackson against the Creek Indians)
       Nov 25 Another Hunk of Handsboro History
       Nov 26 There Was Once an Old Soldiers Home at Pascagoula
       Nov 27 All That We Can Learn About Lynne Castle 
              (Hotel at Pass Christian)
       Nov 28 Unfortunate Fort Henry (Pass Christian)
       Nov 29 Back Bay Mission Begins New Project (Biloxi)
       Nov 30 The First Methodist Church Between the Bays (Handsboro)
       Dec 2 The Presbyterian Church that Once Existed at Pass Christian
       Dec 3 How the Biloxi Hospital Got Its Start
       Dec 4 How Did Mississippi Originate?
       Dec 5 The Original Presbyterian Church of Biloxi
       Dec 6 The Saga of Dan McCall (Ship Island Lighthouse Keeper)
       Dec 7 The Ocean Springs Pioneer Merchant in Whose
       Honor Vancleave Was Named (R.A. Vancleave)
       Dec 9 Those Good Old Golden Rule Days (Biloxi High School)
       Dec 10 Fort Twiggs and the Story of the Swords 
              (Confederate name for Fort Massachusetts on Ship Island)
       Dec 11 The Gulf Coast's Fair Farrier (Female blacksmith, Jeanne Forbes)
       Dec 12 A Footnote to History 
              (Confederates who moved to Mexico after the Civil War)
       Dec 13 The Band Stand that Changed Its Occupation (Ocean Springs)
       Dec 14 Pinpointing a Picturesque Period of Gulfport 
              (A sea captain and the Salvation Army)
       Dec 16 The Historic Handsboro Democrat
       Dec 17 A Peek at the Long Forgotten Sea Shore Gazette (Handsboro)
       Dec 18 That Week on the Coast When Five Methodist Churches 
              Were Dedicated
       Dec 19 Pass Christian's First Church (St. Paul's Catholic Church)
       Dec 20 When The Nation First Discovered 
              the Healthfulness of the Gulf Coast
       Dec 21 Girls School at the Pass in the Past (Pass Christian)
       Dec 23 The Birthday Mississippi Never Celebrated 
              (Centennial Exposition, 1917)
       Dec 24 Beachcombing (Various topics)
       Dec 26 "Abbie" Brunies First Band (Dixieland Jazz)
       Dec 27 Gulfport's First Church (First Baptist)
       Dec 28 In the Heyday of Ingram-Day (Lumber Company,  Lyman, MS)
       Dec 30 That Man Mayers (Owner & editor, Handsboro Democrat)
       Dec 31 Battle of Corinth at Beauvoir 
              (Large, colored lithograph of battle presented to museum)
Box 2, Folder 3
       Jan 1 Brunies Brothers -- Grandfathers of Dixieland Jazz on the Gulf Coast
       Jan 2 What Timbermen Used Before Trucks and Tractors 
              (Eight-wheel log wagon)
       Jan 4 The South in American History
       Jan 5 When Sunday Movies Were Illegal in Gulfport
       Jan 6 The Early Days of the Dantzlers 
              (International Paper Company, Moss Point)
       Jan 7 Something to be Proud of (Forestry)
       Jan 8 The Amazing Message Sam Dale Delivered 
              (Battle of New Orleans)
       Jan 9 The Historic Log Jam on the Pascagoula
       Jan 10 The Legend of LaPoucha (Orphaned Indian boy, Biloxi)
       Jan 11 Original Golf Course of Ocean Springs
       Jan 13 A Tale of the Thirsty Twenties (Prohibition)
       Jan 14 Tragic Love Story of Winnie Davis (Daughter of Jefferson Davis)
       Jan 15 If You're Over 50 You'll Remember This (Coast Trolley)
       Jan 16 The Unhappy Life of the Gulf Coast's First  Governor 
              (Antoine LeMoyne de Sauvole de la Villantray)
       Jan 17 There is a Fourth Biloxi
       Jan 18 Sending a Boy to Do A Man's Job 
              (Dantzler Lumber Company, Moss Point)
       Jan 20 The Making of a Soldier (Jefferson Davis)
       Jan 21 The Cost of Living a Century Ago 
              (Quave General Store, Back Bay, Biloxi)
       Jan 22 In the Old Days of Oyster Season
       Jan 23 The Gulf Coast's First Golf Course (Great Southern Golf Club)
       Jan 24 Tourist Excitement Thirty Years Ago (Illinois Central Railroad)
       Jan 25 The Anonymous Santa Claus of Suter Place (Biloxi)
       Jan 27 Mississippi Gulf Coast's Youngest City Boasts 
              Oldest Garden Club (Gulfport)
       Jan 28 The Mystery of Mississippi City's Sixteenth Street Finally Solved
       Jan 29 In Three Years We Fight Again -- in Retrospect 
              (Civil War Centennial)
       Jan 30 The Harmonica Player of Paradise Point
       Jan 31 Did You Know?
       Feb 1 Ever Hear of Slave Insurance?
       Feb 2 Bob Lyle, Fisherman and Free Thinker 
              (Fishing camp, Back Bay, Biloxi)
       Feb 4 Racing Day In the Biloxi Yacht Club
       Feb 5 The Man From Missouri Who Became Biloxi's Mayor 
              (Thomas J. Rosell)
       Feb 6 More About the Coast's Pecan Past
       Feb 7 The Fifty Year Hectic History of Gulf Naval Stores
       Feb 8 Historic Biloxi Newspapers
       Feb 10 The End of the Era of Isolation 
              (Opening of d'Iberville Bridge across Back Bay, Biloxi)
       Feb 11 Radish Reminiscences (Long Beach)
       Feb 12 Henry Lienhard of Handsboro
       Feb 13 The Historic High School of Wiggins
       Feb 14 What Happened to the Satsumas?
       Feb 15 Just Fifty Years Ago Gulfport Shipped its First  Cotton
       Feb 17 The Disguised School House of Early Gulf Hills
       Feb 18 One Man of Every Two is Tattooed (Biloxi Tattoo Shop)
       Feb 19 The Bookcase That Jefferson Davis Used for Money (Beauvoir)
       Feb 20 Those Magnificent Stained Glass Windows 
              in the Biloxi Church of the Redeemer
Box 2, Folder 4
       Feb 21 Half a Century in the Same Office 
              (Gulfport Probation Officer, O.J. Dedeaux)
       Feb 22 Out of the West Originally Came the Choctaws and Chickasaws
       Feb 24 When the Wachenfeld Pier was Biloxi's Feature Attraction
       Feb 25 A Clue to the Lost Seminary (Girls' Seminary, Pascagoula)
       Feb 26 The Fighting Founder of the Pascagoula Star 
              (Col. Melancthon Smith)
       Feb 27 The Candy of the Creoles (Praline)
       Feb 28 Biloxi's Famous Banking Corner (Howard and Lameuse Streets)
       Mar 1 Happy Hollow (Handsboro)
       Mar 3 As Phony as a Three Dollar Bill (Mississippi Confederate $3.00 bill)
       Mar 4 America's Garden of Eden (Pass Christian)
       Mar 5 The Long Forgotten Handsboro Advertiser
       Mar 6 Red Sails in the Sunset (Pass Christian)
       Mar 7 Mrs. McCall Was Not All Wet -- We were!  
              (Lighthouse Keeper, Dan McCall)
       Mar 8 Super Service Sixty Years Ago (Merchants of Pass Christian)
       Mar 10 Pass Christian's First Golf Course
       Mar 11 Biloxi's Historic Charity Hospital
       Mar 12 When Taps Sounded Twice All Over the South 
              (Two funeral processions for Jefferson Davis)
       Mar 13 How They Named Their Boats
       Mar 14 Decoys of Death 
              (Dummy destroyers in Gulf of Mexico during World War II)
       Mar 15 Who Was Adelbert Ames? 
              (Gov. of Mississippi during Reconstruction)
       Mar 17 Well, We've Found Out About Epico (Gulfport)
       Mar 18 The Car That Took the Country Out of the Coast 
              (Interurban Trolley between Biloxi & Gulfport)
       Mar 19 Ever Hear of a Run Up Wedding? (Old wedding custom)
       Mar 20 The Missing Link of Mardi Gras 
              (Parade and Mystic Krewe may have originated in Mobile)
       Mar 21 A Handy Man to Have Around 
              (Sheriff Thomas H. Handy, New Orleans)
       Mar 22 The Wonderful Water Pitcher Collection of Mrs. O.E. Ward 
       Mar 24 Mississippi's Red Skinned Statesman (Pushmataha)
       Mar 25 Gulfport 60 Years Ago
       Mar 26 The Little Town That Licked the Teredo (Gautier)
       Mar 27 The Success Story of Oceans Springs 
              (Theodore Bechtel, pecan pioneer)
       Mar 28 Marriage of the Last of the Biloxis to the Last of the Pascagoulas 
       Mar 29 The Faith that Saved Much of the Davis Furniture for Beauvoir
       Mar 31 Pascagoula's Cottage by the Sea
       Apr 1 Among Pass Christian's Historic Homes Is 
              (The William Henry Harrison Home)
       Apr 2 The Tenderhearted Tornado (Piney Woods School, Jackson)
       Apr 3 The Postcard That Publicized the Pass 50 Years Ago (Pass Christian)
       Apr 4 Those Original Germans of the Gulf Coast
       Apr 5 Two Anecdotes of Wiggins
       Apr 7 Postwar Postoffice (Biloxi)
       Apr 8 Coffee Break (Echo Coffee Co., Biloxi)
       Apr 9 Two Dueling Mississippians Who Pioneered the G and S.I. 
              (Gen. Wirt Adams and Col. William C. Faulkner)
       Apr 10 The Mother and Daughter Who Each 
              Became President of the Gulf and Ship Island RR 
              (Melodia E. Jones & Grace Jones Stewart)
       Apr 11 Gulfport 4-H Market Over 30 Years in Same Spot
       Apr 12 Help Wanted (Solicits reader input)
       Apr 14 The Knife That Mississippi Passed a Law Against (Bowie knife)
       Apr 15 The Fighting Yam (Sweet potatoes)
       Apr 16 The Incident of the Lost Houseboat (Pass Christian)
       Apr 18 When Baseball In Biloxi Was a "Major" Attraction 
              (Spring training headquarters for the Wash. Senators & the Philadelphia Phillies)
Box 2, Folder 5
       Apr 19 Twice Teddy Roosevelt Visited Mississippi
       Apr 21 The Coast's Two Oldest Automobiles
       Apr 22 How the Hayes Cottage Furniture at Beauvoir Got There
       Apr 23 Pee Wee at 29 Is a Patriarch (Ring-tailed monkey, Biloxi)
       Apr 24 History Has a Humorous Habit of Repeating Itself
       Apr 25 First Colonial Type Hotel on the Coast (Biloxi)
       Apr 26 When Audubon Roamed the Coastland (John James Audubon)
       Apr 28 The Roster of an Epoch (Peoples Bank, Biloxi)
       Apr 30 The Day That Decided Our National Destiny 
              (Louisiana Purchase, 1803)
       May 1 The Story of "Swoop Manor" (Antebellum home, Bay St. Louis)
       May 2 McLeod's Landing: A Miniature Empire (Near Bay St. Louis)
       May 3 Why the Fleur de Lis Society of Biloxi Was Founded     
       May 5 The Forgotten Formation of the First Fishermen's Union
       May 6 The Cabin That Was Moved to Dramatize History (Gautier)
       May 7 Did You Know Beauvoir Once Had Its Own Railroad Depot
       May 8 The Inspiring Evolution of Little Mirador (Bay St. Louis home)
       May 9 Pascagoula's 75 Year Old Krebs Boatyard
       May 10 The Disappearing Jewish Cemetery (Biloxi)
       May 12 Can You Identify the Players of This 1907 Gulfport Baseball Team?
       May 13 Gulfport's First Football Team 
       May 14 The Bay St. Louis Shrine of our Lady of the Woods 
              (St. Joseph Academy)
       May 15 Time On His Hands (M.J. Pittman, clock collector)
       May 16 Jackson County Court House (Pascagoula)
       May 17 Rock N Roll on Cat Island (8-day party in 1844)
       May 19 Forty Years In Sixty Minutes 
              (Gulfport Woman's Club honors Mrs. Fannie Olivia McIlwain)
       May 20 The Day Wiggins Was Almost Wiped Out (1910 fire)
       May 21 The First Protestant Church on the Coast 
              (Trinity Episcopal, Pass Christian)
       May 22 The Treasure House (European antiques)
       May 23 When Biloxi's Tourists Provided Their Own Entertainment 
              (Biloxi Tourist Club)
       May 24 The Adventures of An Auto Mechanic 50 Years Ago 
              (Lee Ohr, Biloxi)
       May 26 The Mississippi Doctor Who Built A "Noah's Ark" 
              (Dr. Cameron Montgomery, Sr. Greenville)
       May 27 The South's Greatest Battlefield General Was Shot 
              by his Own Men ("Stonewall Jackson)
       May 28 Conversation About Korea with Rev. J.C. Crane, D.D. 
              (Gulfport missionary)
       May 29 Bay St. Louis in 1849
       May 30 The Duel That Jefferson Davis Refused To Fight
       May 31 The Magnificent Marigny (New Orleans)
       Jun 1 Long Beach Over Fifty Years Ago
       Jun 2 The Man After Whom Henderson Point Was Named (Pass Christian)
       Jun 3 150 Years Ago Today Jefferson Davis Was Born
       Jun 4 The Saga of Philip Nolan (Early Mississippi trail blazer)
       Jun 5 Adding the Caboose to a Couple of Columns 
              (Updates previous stories)
       Jun 6 The Sport of Governors (Pass Christian Fishing Tournament)
       Jun 7 The Line Up For Today Is (Biloxi Amateur Baseball, 1903)
       Jun 9 Curious Coast Names
       Jun 10 Anniversary of a Mississippi Military Masterpiece 
              (Battle of Brice's Cross Roads)
       Jun 11 When Biloxi Enjoyed the Sport of Kings (Horse racing)
       Jun 12 Did you Ever Hear Of... (Miscellaneous topics)
       Jun 13 The First Biloxian to Die in Spanish American War
       Jun 14 Harrison County's First Bond Issue 
              (1841, for purchase of minute book)
       Jun 16 Mississippi's Petrified Forest (Near Flora)
       Jun 17 The Original Springs of Ocean Springs
       Jun 18 Calico Dick (Hancock County outlaw, James McArthur)
       Jun 20 The Gulf Coast's Confederate Yankee 
              (J.F.H. Claiborne, author of "Mississippi as a Province, Territory, & State", 1880)
       Jun 21 The Man Who Once Owned Pass Christian (Edward Livingston)
       Jun 23 The Old Theobald Building of Biloxi
       Jun 24 Origin of Confederate Memorial Day (April 26)
       Jun 25 The Man Who Designed the Stars & Bars 
              (Major Orren Randolph Smith of North Carolina)
       Jun 26 Who Remembers the Howard Circle? (Biloxi)
       Jun 27 When the Slaves Started Working For Wages (Hancock County)
       Jun 28 Was This What the Confederacy's First Lady 
              Actually Thought About War? (Varina Howell Davis)
       Jun 30 The Money Holes of Darwood 
              (Tales of buried treasure near Bay St. Louis)
Box 2, Folder 6
       Jul 1 This Was The Anniston (Anniston Hotel, Mississippi City)
       Jul 2 The Follow Through On the Brown Hotel Story (Long Beach)
       Jul 3 The Three Enterprises of Glad Farm (Long Beach)
       Jul 4 The Artesian Oak of Pass Christian 
       Jul 5 One of Biloxi's First Subdivisions 
       Jul 7 Woolmarket Was Well Named (Sheep-raising)
       Jul 8 The Most Confusing Site in Pass Christian 
              (Old South Motor Lodge site)
       Jul 9 Speaking of Subdivisions, Part One 
              (This column is missing. See manuscript for proposed 
              "Know Your Coast Book", Chapter 15)
       Jul 10 A Cool Subject For a Hot Day (Dr. Corrie and ice-making)
       Jul 11 Speaking of Subdivisions, Part Two 
              (Early division of land on the Mississippi Coast)
       Jul 12 A Special Column for the Skeptics (Isle of Caprice)
       Jul 14 That Day Davy Farragut Damned the Torpedoes (Civil War)
       Jul 15 The Natchez Trace
       Jul 16 Andrew Jackson Camped Here (Al Voight Estate, Bay St. Louis)
       Jul 17 Mississippi's First Consolidated School (WoolMarket, MS)
       Jul 18 The Carronade at Old Spanish Fort (Pascagoula)
       Jul 19 The Encyclopedic M.P. Bouslog (Gulfport mayor)
       Jul 21 Mississippi Was Once Owned by One Man (Dr. Daniel Coxe)
       Jul 22 The Saffold Oak (Woolmarket Road)
       Jul 23 When Shrimp Went to Market In a Petticoat 
              (Shrimp-canning methods)
       Jul 24 Woolmarket: The Community the Schooners Spawned 
              and the Railroads Killed
       Jul 25 The Pianist Who Composed His Own Requiem 
              (Louis Moreau Gottschaulk of New Orleans)
       Jul 26 They Called It "Old Rough and Ready" (Coalville Methodist Church)
       Jul 28 Biloxi's First Opera House
       Jul 29 "Miss Weezy" and Her World of Books 
              (Hancock County Librarian, Louise Crawford) 
       Jul 31 "The Briers" at Natchez Where Jefferson Davis Was Married
       Aug 1 The River With Thirteen Names (The Mississippi) 
       Aug 2 At the Stiglets Picnic Ground in 1899 (Woolmarket)
       Aug 4 The Coalville Church and Its Congregation in 1899
       Aug 5 The Mississippian Who Maneuvered the Purchase of Alaska 
              (U.S. Senator, Robert Walker)
       Aug 6 The Gulf Coast's First Theatrical Production 
              (The Indian Father, 1753)
       Aug 7 Bay St. Louis Landmark (Echo Building)
       Aug 9 Crabmeat Cocktail, Please
       Aug 11 Ordeals of Old New Orleans
       Aug 14 The Remarkable Phelypeaux Family 
              (Count Ponchartrain and Count de Maurepas)
       Aug 15 The Original Buena Vista (Biloxi hotel)
       Aug 16 Dancing the Shrimp (Sun-dried shrimp)
       Aug 18 Portuguese Field (Portuguese explorers of Gulf Coast)
       Aug 19 You All Know How Come the Southern Drawl?
       Aug 20 The Day Vicksburg Ran Out the Gamblers
       Aug 22 When the U.S. Navy Invaded Mississippi (Civil War)
       Aug 23 The Lady Who Wrote Mississippi's State Song (Josie Gautier)
       Aug 25 Mount Locust on the Natchez Trace (Rest stop)
       Aug 27 Yes, We Have No Bananas (Banana import business)
       Aug 28 The Year Long Beach Proved a Point (Rice fields, 1912)
       Aug 29 Sightseeing "The Pass" Around 1895 B.C. (Before Cars)
       Aug 30 The Two Crescent Hotels (Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian)
       Sep 1 Jean Lafitte's Coast Rival (Pierre Rameau)
       Sep 2 The Gulf Coast Guest Who Never Arrived 
              (Sargent Smith Prentiss, 1850)
       Sep 3 The Choctaw Chief Who Was Tried Twice For the Same Murder 
              (Cameron Wesley)
       Sep 5 The Kimbroughs of Ashton Hall (Greenwood, MS)
       Sep 6 "I Had a Friend" (William F. Bond, Mississippi educator)
Box 2, Folder 7
       Sep 8 The Confederate Monument at Jackson
       Sep 9 The Twelve Convicts Whom Mississippi Pardoned in Gratitude 
              (Human guinea pigs in study of pellagra)
       Sep 10 The First Presbyterian Church of Gulfport
       Sep 11 Bull Fighting Coast Style
       Sep 12 When the Frontier Bristled with Forts (Forts on the Gulf Coast)
       Sep 13 How Keesler Field Came To Biloxi (Air Force Base)
       Sep 15 Scranton Scrapbook (Bygone community near Pascagoula)
       Sep 16 Against Four To One Odds (Civil War)
       Sep 17 When "Old Rough and Ready" Campaigned Bay St. Louis 
              (Zachary Taylor)
       Sep 18 Mississippi's Emerald Mound 
              (Indian Temple Mound on the Natchez Trace Parkway)
       Sep 19 The Impromptu Duel Jefferson Davis Did Not Refuse to Fight
       Sep 20 The State's Public Relation Pioneer: 
              The "Know Mississippi Better" Train (1925)
       Sep 22 Duel In Gulfport 
              (Shooting match between two county superintendents of education, 1919)
       Sep 23 There Were Three Warships Named "Mississippi"
       Sep 24 The Day The Markham Opened (Gulfport hotel)
       Sep 25 Saga of a Sawmill (Learned & Sons, Natchez)
       Sep 29 Gulfport's Dr. Margaret 
              (First woman to receive a medical degree in Mississippi)
       Oct 1 Storm Detective 
              (Dr. Isaac Cline, pioneered advance storm warnings)
       Oct 2 Unto The Fifth Generation (Rhoda E. Newman of Handsboro)
       Oct 3 The Predecessor to the "Know Mississippi Better" Train
       Oct 6 The Famous Fountain at Lameuse and Howard (Biloxi)
       Oct 7 What the Illinois Central Wrote About the Coast in 1889
       Oct 8 America's First Revolution (1764 dispute over Louisiana)
       Oct 9 Unreconstructed Rebel (Charles P. Littlepage)
       Oct 10 Ten Paces at Pass Christian (Sargent S. Prentiss averts duel)
       Oct 11 A Matter of Minor Interest (Stephen Minor)
       Oct 13 The Boy Scout "Jefferson Davis Memorial Trail"
       Oct 14 The Birthplace of Big Time Boxing (Gulf Coast)
       Oct 15 The Last Days of a Lameuse Landmark 
              (The William Tell Hotel, Biloxi)
       Oct 16 The Story of the Mustard Seed
       Oct 17 An Anniversary We Have No Desire To Celebrate (1893 hurricane)
       Oct 20 Biloxi's Battling Namesake (The USS Biloxi)
       Oct 21 The Fashion In Indian Pipes About Twelve Centuries Ago
       Oct 22 The Loyal Friend of Jefferson Davis (J.U. Payne, Pass Christian)
       Oct 23 "Fustest With the Mostest" Forrest (Nathan Bedford Forrest)
Box 2, Folder 8
       Oct 24 The Celebration of Navy Day 
              October 27 Dramatically Reminds Us... (Gulfport Seabee Base)
       Oct 27 Under the Friendship Oak (Gulf Park College, Long Beach)
       Oct 28 Last of the Lazy Susans (Mendenhall Hotel)
       Oct 29 The Flying Fighting Grandson of Nathan Bedford Forrest
       Oct 30 Barbarous and Bizarre Punishments of the Past
       Oct 31 Mississippi Soldier of Fortune (Joseph Davis Howell)
       Nov 1 When the Liberty Bell Came to the Coast (1884)
       Nov 4 A Little Story About Sir Thomas Lipton (Yacht racing)
       Nov 5 The Gulf Coast's New Fishing Map
       Nov 6 How Biloxi's Seal Avenue Got Its Name
       Nov 7 Harrison County's First Home Demonstration Agent (May Watrous)
       Nov 8 The Passing of a Pioneer Gulfport Business (Stratakos Candy Store)
       Nov 12 Picards Emporium of Biloxi
       Nov 13 The Fire That Burned Four Years 
              (Yazoo City sawmill ignited by Union gunboat, 1863)
       Nov 15 Amphibious America (Motorboating)
       Nov 17 Apropos the Biloxi Post Office
       Nov 18 The Heyday of the Iron Horse (L&N Railroad)
       Nov 19 The Belfry Without A Bell (Main Street Methodist Church, Biloxi)
       Nov 20 The Prison Ordeal of Jefferson Davis
       Nov 21 When Zachary Taylor Was In Pascagoula
       Nov 24 Tiny St. Pierre Episcopal Chapel at Gautier
       Nov 25 The Poet Priest of the Confederacy (Father Abram J. Ryan)
       Nov 26 Gulfport's Faithful LaFrance Fire Engine on Lend Lease
       Nov 27 The Forgotten Genius 
              (Clark Mills, sculptor of Andrew Jackson statue in New Orleans)
       Nov 29 The Forgotten Frentz Boatyard of Pascagoula
       Dec 1 Biloxi Benefactors (The Howard Family)
       Dec 2 News That Amuse (From the 1893 Biloxi Herald)
       Dec 3 The Man Who Introduced the Creoles to the North 
              (George Washington Cable)
       Dec 4 Another Historic Page Torn From Biloxi's Past 
              (Demolition of St. Johns Catholic Church)
       Dec 6 The Water Boy at the Sullivan Fights 
              (Mississippi City, 1882 & Purvis, 1889)
       Dec 8 When the Coast Was Training Quarters for Fighters
       Dec 10 The River That Runs Through the Ocean (The Gulf Stream)
       Dec 11 When Maine Honored Mississippi's Jefferson Davis
       Dec 12 Was Cabeza De Vaca the Coast 's First White Man? 
              (Narvaez expedition, 1527)
       Dec 15 The Story of Holdfast Gaines (Battle of New Orleans)
       Dec 18 The Woman Hater (The Muskrat)
       Dec 19 During the Davis Days (Ashton Hall)
       Dec 22 Was It Gulfport's First Movie Theatre? (The New Dixie)
       Dec 23 Mississippi's Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs 
              (Emilie Stapp, author of "Isabella, the Wise Goose")
       Dec 24 The Christmas Parable of the Pine 
       Dec 26 A Forgotten Page In the Oil Industry (Kerosene)
       Dec 27 The Slavs of Slavonia; The Poles of Perkinston
       Dec 29 Lest We Forget This Favorite Five 
              (Johnny Bertucci's Imperial Jazz Band)
       Dec 31 A Famous But Forgotten Biloxi Shipyard (W.N. Johnson shipyard)
Box 2, Folder 9
       Jan 1 When Biloxi's Schools Were Gifts of Its Citizens
       Jan 2 Three Times the Chickasaws Decisively Whipped the French
       Jan 3 The Story of the "Star of the West" (Civil War gunboat)
       Jan 5 Concerning the Carters (Biloxi)
       Jan 7 Our Indian Heritage (Part I)
       Jan 8 Our Indian Heritage (Part II)
       Jan 9 The Man With the "War Cry" 
              (Sergeant Claude Van Court, Salvation Army)
       Jan 12 Gulfport's First Born Are Still Living 
              (Molly Tunney, 1889 & Vernon Gaston, 1892)
       Jan 14 Marooned on Mitchell Island On a Diet of Dog Meat 
              (1893 castaway story)
       Jan 16 The Quarter Century of Mississippi's Lumber Barons
       Jan 17 The Oldest Business In Bay St. Louis (Manieri's Cafe)
       Jan 20 When the Embattled Confederacy Decided to Fight With Pikes 
              (Long wooden shafts with steel heads)
       Jan 22 When a Penny Was Money 
              ("Palace of Sweets", a Biloxi candy store)
       Jan 23 Goose Point on Cat Island (Tarpon Club)
       Jan 26 The Handwriting on the Window (Lucien Gex Home, Bay St. Louis)
       Jan 29 Mississippi Grandmother (Anna Dunn, McNeill, MS)
       Jan 30 Today Two Readers Take Over the Column 
              (Mary Wynkoop and G.W. Douglas)
       Jan 31 Mississippi Melodrama 
              (Malcolm Cameron shoots G.S. Roudebush, Jr. for kissing his sister, Biloxi - 1893)
       Feb 2 Painting With Rags (Hooked rugs)
       Feb 4 Confederate Indians (Brig. Gen. Stand Watie and the Indian Brigade)
       Feb 6 The Union General the South Hated Most (Sherman)
       Feb 7 Entertainment In Early Gulfport (Nickelodeon Theater)
       Feb 10 The Boeuf Gras of Mardi Gras (Fat ox)
       Feb 12 You May Be a Batson Way Back 
              (The Thomas Batson Family of Virginia)
       Feb 16 One Woman Crusade Against Cockfighting 
              (Anna Callen, Mississippi City)
       Feb 17 The First and Final Tour of Harrison Brothers Minstrels (Gulfport)
       Feb 20 Winnie Davis Did Not Know Her Father Had Been in Prison 
              (Jefferson Davis)
       Feb 21 Apropos Washington's Birthday Grand niece of George Washington 
              buried at Pass Christian
       Feb 23 118 Pounds Dripping Wet 
              (Dudley Carver, feather-weight champion of Mississippi)
       Feb 25 Greenwoods's Impressive Confederate Monument 
       Feb 28 When Presbyterians Bought Their Pews
       Mar 2 From Gulfport's Picture Album 
              (First Salvation Army activity in Gulfport)
       Mar 4 The Mississippi Born 4-H Club (History of 4-H)
       Mar 5 Dixie - The Land; Dixie - The Song
       Mar 6 Former Firefighters of Gulfport (Volunteer fire department)
       Mar 10 The Speech Jefferson Davis Made In Has Nightie 
              (Columbus,MS 1863)
       Mar 12 The Financial Genius Who Died Penniless (John Law)
       Mar 13 Mississippi's Last Choctaw Chief (Greenwood Leflore)
       Mar 18 A Flashback to Lyman (School)
       Mar 19 The Five War Capitals of Mississippi (Civil War)
       Mar 20 Fifty Years Wiped Out In a Few Hours 
              (Dunbar Dukate Seafood Packing Plant destroyed by 1947 hurricane)
       Mar 24 The Confederates Had a Sense of Humor But Their Cattle Didn't 
              (Ship Island)
       Mar 25 When Natchez Was Bombarded Because of a Blunder
       Mar 26 Attention East Ward School Alumni (Gulfport)
       Mar 27 The Wreck of the Hercules 
              (4 masted ship sunk near Ship Island by 1906 hurricane)
       Mar 30 The First Confederate Monument in the South (Liberty, MS)
       Mar 31 Today's Sole Battlefield Survivor of the Siege of Vicksburg 
              (The Shirley House)
Box 2, Folder 10
       Apr 2 Biloxi's Growing Pains (1888)
       Apr 3 From the Broad Porch of the Montross (Biloxi hotel)
       Apr 4 Cotton's Brief Reign on the Coast 
       Apr 7 The Story of the Slavonians 
              (Austrian and Hungarian immigrants to Biloxi)
       Apr 8 The Returned Battle Flags of Mississippi (Civil War)
       Apr 9 The Storms of 1915 and 1916 (Biloxi)
       Apr 10 The Famous Championship Fight Mississippi Couldn't Stop 
              (Sullivan-Kilrain, 1889)
       Apr 11 An Ironic Epilogue of the Capture of Jefferson Davis 
       Apr 13 Back Bay in the Early Nineties (Biloxi, 1890s)
       Apr 15 When Train Robbers Were In Style 
              (Honey Island - Pearl River swamp)
       Apr 16 Archery on the Gulf Coast 
       Apr 20 The Coast's Oldest Relics of Our Past 
              (Cannons found in Biloxi Bay)
       Apr 21 Why Jefferson Davis Was Buried in Richmond
       Apr 23 So Strong, So Young (Gulfport)
       Apr 24 That Pioneer Taxi Fellow Who Still Drives For Yellow 
              (Raford McMillan, Biloxi)
       Apr 29 Confederate Humor When The Chips Were Down 
              (Menu, Hotel De Vicksburg)
       May 1 The Mississippian Who Couldn't Be Hanged (Will Purvis)
       May 2 The Battle of Raymond That Changed Grant's Plans (Civil War)
       May 9 When the Knights Came To The Coast (Knights of Columbus)
       May 11 The Top Tourist Attraction Pass Christian Cannot Publicize 
              (Middlegate Garden)
       May 12 Indian Names of Mississippi
       May 13 Jefferson Davis Refused Cash Gifts of Over $350,000
       May 14 Mental Beachcombing (Various topics)
       May 19 Theodore "The Man" Bilbo
       May 20 Ad-Ventures of 1890 (Illustrated Advertisements)
       May 21 The Last Yellow Fever Quarantine on the Coast (1905)
       May 23 The Amazing Doctor Who Befriended Jefferson Davis 
              (Dr. John T. Craven)
       May 27 Our Neighbor: Stone County
       May 28 The Forgotten Camel Corps of Jefferson Davis
       May 29 When Bayou Portage Was a Schooner Graveyard 
              (Cuevas Community, near Pass Christian)
       May 30 Camping in Mississippi
       Jun 1 The Lady Lighthouse Keeper (Marie Younghans, Biloxi Lighthouse)
       Jun 2 The Famous Pascagoula Hotel that Lasted Only Two Years 
       Jun 3 Mississippi's Famous Feudin' Sullivans 
              (Sullivan's Hollow, Smith County)
       Jun 10 When Pecans Were Used as Money; 
              The Ingenuity of the Confederate Women
       Jun 11 Who Was Margaret Davis? (Daughter of Jefferson Davis)
       Jun 18 Fish Grabbing (Bare-handed catfishing)
       Jun 19 When Biloxi Held the World's Record for the Biggest Black Sea Bass
       Jun 20 Introducing Aunt Liza Williams (Former slave and midwife)
       Jun 24 The Reign of the Red Shirts 
              (Former name of the Mississippi Ku Klux Klan)
       Jul 2 How the Yankees Caricatured the Confederacy
       Jul 3 The Lost Flag The South Is Trying to Recover 
              (Flag of the "Merrimac", sometimes called the "Virginia)
       Jul 9 Salvage at Sea (
              Rescue of Norwegian freighter, "Johanie Dybwad", 1926)
       Jul 15 If You Haven't Got It - Make It (Hennig Welding Shop, Biloxi)
       Jul 16 From Swimming Champion to Chiropodist Dr. Sally Lynch, Gulfport)
       Jul 29 Coast Lady Included Among Notable American Women
       Jul 30 Two of the First Medal of Honor Winners Were Mississippians 
              (John Black and Willis Brown)
Box 3, Folder 1
       Aug 7 When Gulfport Provided Entertainment A Mile Out (Gulfport Trolley)
       Aug 8 The Coast and the State Both Take A Bow 
              (The Old Spanish Trail/Highway 90)
       Aug 10 The Father of Highway 49 
              (Harrison County supervisor, Icham Reeves)
       Aug 11 The Mount Vernon of the Confederacy (Beauvoir)
       Aug 18 Biloxi's First Postman (William J. Thomas, 1905)
       Aug 19 Biddy Basketball in Biloxi Fifty Years Ago (Girls' team, 1909)
       Aug 20 Did You Ever Hear This Story About Robert E. Lee?
       Sep 1 Postman Postscript (More about Biloxi's first postman)
       Sep 2 Private John Allen 
              (Mississippi Congressman who was a spy for the Confederacy at age 15)
       Sep 17 Presenting Both Sides of the Question 
              (Civil War or War Between the States)
       Sep 18 First Automobile Inaugural Parade in Mississippi 
              (Gov. Earl Brewer, 1912)
       Sep 19 Where The Deep South Began (Bay of Biloxi Bluff, (Ocean Springs)
       Sep 30 Pioneers of the Biloxi West End Fire Company
       Oct 1 The Almost Forgotten "University Greys" of Ole Miss 
              (Military company formed by students at start of Civil War)
       Oct 3 Confederate Memorial Hall of New Orleans
       Oct 6 The First Free Public School in Mississippi 
              (Franklin Academy, Columbus)
       Oct 13 The Choctaw Treaty That Gave Mississippi Nine Counties 
              (Treaty of Doak's Stand)
       Oct 14 The Indian War That Was Settled by a Game of LaCrosse 
              (Beaver Pond War between Creeks and Choctaws, near Macon, MS)
       Oct 21 The Railroad that was Built With a Bugle 
              (New Orleans, Mobile, & Chattanooga)
       Oct 22 A Salute to our State Department of Archives and History
       Oct 24 The Deer That Thinks He's People 
              (Bobby Williams and his pal "Snappy", Wiggins, MS)
       Oct 26 The House That Ink Built (Gulfport Woman's Club)
       Oct 27 How Starkville Secured Mississippi State College
       Oct 29 The Race For a Continent 
              (French, Spanish, and British rivalries in North America)
       Oct 31 The Pyrotechnic Preliminaries to the Louisiana Purchase
       Nov 2 Bicycling for Women 
              (Part of this column is missing. The remaining portion discusses 
              topics from past issues of the Herald)
       Nov 6 The Confederacy Had Three Different Official Flags 
       Nov 7 Florian Seal's Long Forgotten Tax Collection Trips 
              (Harrison County sheriff & tax collector)
       Nov 10 Through Mississippi Passed the Nation's First Road Building Program 
              (Jackson Military Road)
       Nov 11 Where the American Flag Was First Flown in Mississippi 
              (Connelly's Tavern, Natchez)
       Nov 16 Don't Sell the Spanish Short
       Nov 18 The Story of Aunt Dicey (Jackson County's oldest slave)
       Nov 24 The Last Public Paper of Jefferson Davis
       Nov 26 The Unpunished Traitor After Whom a Mississippi County is Named 
              (Gen. James Wilkinson)
       Nov 27 Incidental to Old Reliable's Recent Centennial 
              (Louisville & Nashville Railroad)
       Nov 28 The South Only Did What New England 
              Planned to Do 47 Years Before (Secession)
       Dec 2 The Reign of King Cotton 
       Dec 3 Cowpunching Comes To Mississippi 
              (Cattle-raising in Hancock County)
       Dec 8 Another Mississippian Adds to the Luster of the Little Church 
              Around the Corner (Artist, William Steene, Ocean Springs)
       Dec 10 The Past, Present and Future of the Moore Community House (Biloxi)
       Dec 14 The Fire That Destroyed an Era (French Opera House, New Orleans)
       Dec 16 The Softball Team That Was Hard To Beat 
              (Girls' Team, the North Biloxi "Speedies")
       Dec 21 What Happened to Co-Opolis? (Settlement near Handsboro)
       Dec 22 Biloxi Born Confederate General William Whiting
       Dec 23 Biloxi Produced the Coast Pioneer Promotion Group 
              (Iroquois Commercial Club & Business Men's League)
       Dec 26 December on the Coast in 1898
       Dec 28 Why the Story Tellers Love Holly Springs
       Dec 29 Still a Champion After 30 Years 
              (Swimmer, Lottie Moore Schoemmel of Ocean Springs)
       Dec 31 Why Napoleon Decided to Sell Louisiana
Box 3, Folder 2
       Jan 2 Camp Ground Reminiscences 
              (New Prospect Methodist camp ground, near Vancleave)
       Jan 6 Back Flashing on Biloxi (Biloxi history)
       Jan 7 The Mighty Mite "Manassas" (Ironclad Confederate
       Jan 9 Mississippi's Participation in the Civil War Began on Ship Island
       Jan 14 The Colony of Virginia Had Pocahontas; 
              The Colony of Louisiana Had Madame DuBois
       Jan 15 The Naval Battle That Lasted Sixteen Days 
              (DeSoto versus the Natchez Indians)
       Jan 16 Gulf Coast Swimming Champions of the Twenties 
       Jan 18 Next Door Neighbor to Co-Opolis
       Jan 19 Two Tall Tales of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
       Jan 20 The Story of the Lopez Expedition Told by Its Last Survivor 
              (Launched from New Orleans in 1851 to assist Cuba against Spain)
       Jan 21 Builders of Biloxi (Joseph W. Swetman)
       Jan 23 The Revolution that Was Won by 22 Men on Horseback 
              (Gulf Coast freed from Spanish rule)
       Jan 25 War Along the Coast as a Yankee Officer Saw It (Civil War)
       Jan 26 Mississippi War Notes (Civil War)
       Jan 30 The Birthplace of the State of Mississippi 
              (Jefferson Military College, Wash., MS)
       Feb 1 The Last Chapter on Co-Opolis - We Hope
       Feb 2 The Weird War of 1812 (Gulf Coast's role in war)
       Feb 3 The Mississippi River in Miniature 
              (Model created to study flooding)
       Feb 4 From Rubber to Rockets (Thiokol Plant, Moss Point)
       Feb 5 A Day The Coast Will Never Forget 
              (Sullivan/Ryan fight, Mississippi City 1882)
       Feb 6 Baby, The Battling Dancing Teacher 
              ("Savate", French method of fighting with the feet)
       Feb 8 Interesting Indians Incidentals
       Feb 10 General Sherman Was Wrong About Meridian
       Feb 11 First Battle Ever Fought By White Men in Mississippi (DeSoto)
       Feb 13 The Coast's First Bridge Was a Toll Bridge (Biloxi Bay Bridge)
       Feb 15 The Popular Pets of Point Cadet 
              ("Sparkie" the dog and "Rickie" the monkey)
       Feb 16 Too Busy To Watch the Parade (Biloxi grocer, George Tremmel)
       Feb 18 Historic "Oldfields" Acquires New Owner 
              (Homestead near Gautier)
       Feb 23 Four Big Days in Biloxi (Confederate conventions of 1930)
       Feb 25 The Troubled Destiny of Varina Davis 
              (Mrs. Jefferson Davis)
       Mar 1 A Tribute to Grant (Gen. U.S. Grant)
       Mar 3 Where An Heroic Chapter of Mississippi History 
              Is Permanently Preserved (Vicksburg National Park)
       Mar 12 As Will Kimbrough Remembers the Davises 
              (Jefferson Davis & Family)
       Mar 15 Winnie Davis, Author (Daughter of Jefferson Davis)
       Mar 17 The Rebel Raid that Delayed the Fall of Vicksburg For a Year 
              (Gen. Van Dorn)
       Mar 26 Is There a Collector of Confederate Stamps on the Coast?
       Mar 28 When President Wilson's Winter Visit 
              Created the Dixie White House (Pass Christian, 1913-14)
       Mar 30 When the Northern Farmers Began Moving Into South Mississippi 
       Apr 1 Pistol Packing Postman (J.H. Husley, Biloxi)
       Apr 2 "Old Man Bakeler" of Biloxi (Eugene Bakeler, Biloxi News Company)
       Apr 14 Gulfport's Immortal Seven (Killed in WWI)
       Apr 15 A Peek at the Coast Fifty Years Ago
       Apr 18 The Delightful Little Mississippi Town of D'Lo
       Apr 23 We Tip our Tam-o-Shanter to the Founder of the Brodie Nursery (Biloxi)
       Apr 28 Just Coasting (From the 1910 Daily Herald files)
       Apr 29 The Greatest Real Estate Bargain in History (The Louisiana Purchase)
       Apr 30 A Day of Misery at Moss Point (Downtown fire, 1893)
Box 3, Folder 3
       May 4 One of Mississippi History's Mysteries 
              (Meriwether Lewis - murder or suicide)
       May 5 Why Andrew Jackson Was Named "Old Hickory"
       May 13 Biloxi Resident Was Youngest Confederate Soldier 
              (Horace Walker, age 13)
       May 14 The First Successful Auto Trip 
              From the Coast to New Orleans (1910)
       May 16 The Coast Fifty Years Ago
       May 17 When Mississippi City Almost Lost Its Identity
       May 18 The Texas Version of the Legend of the Singing River
       May 19 The Mississippians Who Inspired the Pony Express
       May 20 Bond, The Most Northern Town in Harrison County
       May 21 Railroad Relic (Antique strong box used by L & N Railroad)
       May 26 The Mississippi Town General Grant 
              Said Was Too Beautiful to Burn (Port Gibson)
       May 28 You Never Know How You Look 'Til You Get Your Picture Took
              (Ocean Springs High School students, ca. 1913)
       May 30 This is a Whale of a Tale (Whale spotted near Ship Island, 1899)
       Jun 3 The Year Gulfport Stopped Worrying 
              (Deep water Harbor begun, 1899)
       Jun 7 A Famous But Almost Forgotten Biloxian 
              (Brig. Gen. Joseph Davis, CSA)
       Jun 21 As the Coast Stacked Up In an 1896 Survey
       Jun 22 The Church That Took Twenty Years To Complete 
              (Nugent Methodist Church, Gulfport)
       Jun 23 More Meriwether Lewis
       Jun 24 The Gulf View Burned at Dawn (Historic Mississippi City Hotel)
       Jun 25 The Incident That Finally Re-United the North and South 
              (Mafia members lynched for murder of New Orleans police chief)
       Jun 27 1898 was a Dramatic Year Along the Coast
       Jul 2 When Biloxi was Presented with Three New Schools in One Day 
       Jul 4 Slave Insurrection Discovered in Time (Livingston, MS 1835)
       Jul 5 Biloxi's First Three Story Building 
              (T.P. Dulion Department Store, 1898)
       Jul 7 The Birthplace of the Deep South (Ocean Springs)
       Jul 8 When Jackson was Known as Chimneyville
       Jul 12 Too Short For a Column - Too Interesting to Overlook 
              (Historical tidbits)
       Jul 13 The Mississippi Land That Georgia Sold Twice 
              (1795 land scam)
       Jul 14 A War Within a War 
              (USS Wyoming versus Japanese Steamer, 1863)
       Jul 15 Have You Ever Heard of Emanuel Swedenborg? 
              (Founder of New Jerusalem Church, Gulfport)
       Jul 16 The Custom Made Confederate Battle Flag 
              (Mrs. Jefferson Davis and the Annin Flag Co., NY)
       Jul 25 Pioneer Mississippi (Reminiscences)
       Jul 26 Baseball, Bicycles and Boating (1890s-1900s)
       Jul 27 Vicksburg's Versatile "Big Mama" 
              (World's largest sternwheel towboat, the "Sprague"
       Jul 28 A Tale of Tupelo (Leake & Goodlet Lumber Co.)
       Jul 30 The Balloon Man of Biloxi (Israel W. Brady)
Box 3, Folder 4
       Aug 3 The Confederate Cross of Honor
       Aug 6 Magee - The Metropolis of Simpson County
       Aug 12 When Dukate's Theatre was the Pride of the Coast 
              (Biloxi, 1899)
       Aug 13 Industrial Mississippi
       Aug 15 The Last Year of the Last Century (Biloxi, 1899)
       Aug 20 The Completely Confused Virginia - Chickasaw Treaty of 1783
       Aug 23 The Mound Builders of the Yazoo Delta 
              (Mississippi's oldest human inhabitants)
       Aug 24 Bouquet for Booneville
       Aug 25 Coast Historical Jottings
       Aug 27 Salt and the Confederacy
       Aug 29 The Last Antebellum Mansion Built in Mississippi 
              ("Longwood", Natchez)
       Aug 30 One of Mississippi's Most Intriguing Historical Buildings 
              (Warren County Courthouse, Vicksburg)
       Aug 31 Mississippi's First Printer (Andrew Marschalk, Natchez)
       Sep 1 Gulfport - Only One Man Built Harbor in the World 
              (Capt. Joseph T. Jones)
       Sep 2 That Rebel Yell (Origin)
       Sep 3 The Brief Biography of a Busy Biloxian (George C. Quint)
       Sep 5 The Hundredth Anniversary of the Motel Idea
       Sep 8 End of a Dream of Empire (Aaron Burr)
       Sep 9 Knight of the Golden Calf 
              (Cadillac, Gov. of French Louisiana, 1713-16)
       Sep 15 The Last Bare Knuckle Championship Fight in the U.S. 
              (Sullivan-Kilrain, 1889)
       Sep 17 Coast Historical Jottings (Historical tidbits)
       Sep 24 Laurel's Famous 8-wheel Log Wagon
       Sep 26 Mississippi Minstrel (Jimmie Rodgers)
       Sep 27 Reviewing a Book Written 65 Years Ago 
              (Biography of Rev. James P. Johnston, missionary)
       Sep 28 The Killer Hurricane of 1893
       Sep 29 From Pine to Paper at Moss Point (Lumber industry)
       Oct 1 About Ashton Hall (Gulf Coast summer home of Judge Kimbrough)
       Oct 8 Did You Know? (Gulf Coast historical notes)
       Oct 10 The Only Man Authorized to Sign Captain Jones' Name 
              (Gulfport mayor, J.W. Thomas)
       Oct 11 The Most Important Date in American History (Columbus Day)
       Oct 13 America's Tiniest Tree Farmer 
              (18 month old Linda Molloy, Crosby, MS)
       Oct 15 Forerunner of the Biloxi Shrimp Festival (Oyster festival)
"Know Your State" Column Begins
Box 3, Folder 6
       Oct 17 Today We Officially Expand 
              (announcement of column's name change)
       Oct 18 "Rosemont" In Woodville Where 
              Jefferson Davis Became a Mississippian
       Oct 19 Nanih Waiya (The Bending Hill) 
              Sacred Mound of the Choctaws (Winston County)
       Oct 20 The Great Bull Bay (Another name for magnolia)
       Oct 21 Probably the Most Unique Graveyard in Mississippi 
              (Graveyard of the unknown Frenchman, near New Albany)
       Oct 22 How Bienville Tricked the Natchez and Built Fort Rosalie
       Oct 24 The Deep South's First Tourists (DeSoto expedition)
       Oct 25 The Coast's Only Confederate Monument (Gulfport Courthouse)
       Oct 27 An Often Overlooked Detail of the Mississippi State Flag
       Oct 28 More Coast Jefferson Davis Data 
       Oct 29 Mississippi's Fighting Flag Saving Confederate Naval Officer 
              (Dabney Minor Scales)
       Oct 31 Coast Paragraphs Out of the Past 
       Nov 1 The Sesqui-Centennial of the West Florida Rebellion
       Nov 2 Was Mrs. Grant at Holly Springs When General Van Dorn Raided It?
       Nov 4 The Capture of Jefferson Davis
       Nov 5 The Interesting Story Behind Some Mississippi Town Names
       Nov 7 The Mississippi Governor Who Launched 
              Jefferson Davis on His Political Career (Albert Gallatin Brown)
       Nov 9 Horseback in Mississippi 
              (Will Kimbrough's trip from Greenwood to the Gulf Coast in 1910)
       Nov 10 A Great Day For Gulfport (Site of three conventions in 1912)
       Nov 11 The Amazing Pierre LeMonye d'Iderville
       Nov 12 How Many Remember the Progressive Union of Gulfport?
       Nov 15 Fort Adams - Once the Southwestern Most 
              Corner of the United States (Wilkinson County, MS)
       Nov 17 A Sashay to Saucier
       Nov 18 When "Go South" Replaced "Go West"
       Nov 19 Mississippi's Pioneer Scientist (Sir William Dunbar)
       Nov 22 The Natchez Princess That Saved New Orleans (1729)
       Nov 23 The Year Gulfport Almost Burst Its Buttons (1911)
       Nov 24 The Story of Sardis (Panola County)
       Nov 25 Was It A Prank or Was It Piracy? 
              (Bootleg whiskey during Prohibition)
       Nov 26 The War We Are Waging on Illiteracy
       Nov 28 The Renowned First Mississippi Rifles 
              (Mexican War unit commanded by Jefferson Davis)
       Nov 29 The World's Largest Pecan Nursery Is In Mississippi 
              (Bass Nursery, Lumberton)
       Nov 30 A Famous Part Time Mississippian (Wade Hampton)
       Dec 1 Our Mississippi State Tuberculosis Sanatorium Prologue
       Dec 2 The Ill Wind That Blew the Coast Good (1915 Hurricane)
       Dec 3 Coast Historical News Notes
       Dec 9 MSCW - Another Mississippi First 
              (Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, MS)
       Dec 10 Interesting Coast Incidents and Events of the Year 1913
       Dec 13 The Unusual Friendship Between 
              General Grant's Wife and Mrs. Jefferson Davis
       Dec 14 When the Aviator Moisant Was In Gulfport in 1910 
              (John Bevins Moisant)
       Dec 15 How Laurel Got Its Name
       Dec 17 The Fate of Four Friends (Natchez murder mystery, 1932)
       Dec 19 More About Saucier and the Sauciers
       Dec 20 Notes on the Natchez, Part I (Natchez Indians)
       Dec 21 Notes on the Natchez, Part II (Natchez Indians)
       Dec 23 The Last of Mississippi's Agricultural High Schools 
              (Forrest County Agricultural High School, Brooklyn, MS)
       Dec 24 What Happened to the Azara? (Three-masted sailing schooner)
       Dec 28 The Last of the Big Sternwheel River Steamers (The "Mississippi") 
       Dec 29 The Christmas Holidays Defeat of General Sherman
       Dec 31 Jefferson Davis Renominated for 1965 Hall of Fame
Box 3, Folder 7
       Jan 2 The First Motion Picture Show In Scranton 
              (Former name of Pascagoula)
       Jan 3 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 
              (Pascagoula Postmaster, Arthur V. Smith)
       Jan 5 The Odyssey of "Mama Legg" 
              (Gladys B. Legg of Gulfport, organizer of "Military Maids")
       Jan 6 The Monument Builders (United Daughters of the Confederacy)
       Jan 7 The Gulf Coast Yankee Raid that Failed
       Jan 10 The Natchez Lawyer Who Became a Confederate General 
              (William Thompson Martin)
       Jan 11 The Man Pascagoula Knew as "The Pecan Culture King" 
              (A.G. Delmas)
       Jan 12 Remember These Coast Communities? 
       Jan 13 The Mississippian Who Led the South After the War 
              (Civil War - L.Q.C. Lamar)
       Jan 14 The Choctaws: Friends of the French
       Jan 18 Civil War Chivalry and Carnage In Canton
       Jan 21 The Two Devereux Halls of Natchez 
              (one is an antebellum mansion; the other, an orphanage)
       Jan 24 This History In a Hurry of Hinds and Its Hi-Steppers 
              (Hinds County Junior College precision dance team)
       Jan 25 Sequel To Recent Column on Former Coast Communities
       Jan 28 Through the Gulf Coast Runs the Jefferson Davis National Highway 
       Jan 31 The Undefeated Chickasaws 
       Feb 3 How the Confederacy Lost Ship Island
       Feb 7 The Man Brown Who Built Beauvoir (James Brown)
       Feb 8 The Confederacy's Cotton Blunder
       Feb 9 Unique News Items of the Coast in 1912
       Feb 10 The Yazoo County Story
       Feb 13 The Birthday of the Mississippi Gulf Coast 
              (East Bluff of Biloxi Bay, where d'Iberville landed in 1699)
       Feb 14 The First Mardi Gras In America (1699 - d'Iberville and Bienville)
       Feb 15 The Worries of a Confederate Soldier
       Feb 16 Fifty Years After (Reunion at Gettysburg)
       Feb 18 Jackson County's Civil War Cavalry Leader (Col. Abner C. Steede)
       Feb 21 Mississippi's Last Sensational Duel 
              (Dr. H.F. Broyles v. E.F. Hendrix - Greenwood Springs, 1913)
       Feb 22 Tupelo and Its Top Ten Library (Lee County Library)
       Feb 23 Anybody Remember Stillmore? 
              (Logging community near Wiggins, MS)
       Feb 25 The Miracles of the Seashore Methodist Assembly (Biloxi)
       Feb 28 A Column On the Confederate Postoffice Department
       Mar 1 Lost Recipe Book ("Choice Recipes" compiled by the Woman's 
              Auxiliary of the Mississippi and Gulf Coast Exposition Company, 1911)
       Mar 3 Two Former Favorite Gulf Coast Haunts 
              (Woolmarket Picnic Ground and Ramsay Springs Health Resort)
       Mar 4 The Confederate Cotton Bale Fort the Yankees Couldn't Capture 
       Mar 6 Where Was the Lighthouse in Mississippi City?
       Mar 7 Why the "Monitor" Never Reached the Gulf Coast (Union ship - Civil War)
       Mar 9 Jefferson Davis Was a Hobo 
              ("King of the Hoboes" - NOT the president of the Confederacy)
       Mar 11 It is Said Sherman First Shouted "War is Hell" at Jackson, Mississippi
       Mar 15 In the Days of the Cat Boat Races (Biloxi, ca. 1915-1916)
       Mar 16 The Scranton Hangman's Tree (Pascagoula) 
       Mar 17 The Early Struggle to Establish Stone County
Box 3, Folder 8
       Mar 18 Tung - Another Mississippi First (Tung oil industry)
       Mar 21 The Home of Constance Cary Who Made the South's 
              First Battle Flag (Port Gibson, MS)
       Mar 23 Coast Historical Highlights (Teddy Roosevelt, Gulfport, etc.)
       Mar 25 McRaven - The New Name For one of Vicksburg's 
              Oldest Historic Homes
       Mar 28 Historic News Notes of 1914
       Mar 29 Seed Technology to the World - Another Mississippi First 
              (Mississippi State University)
       Mar 30 Coast Historical Notes of Fifty Years Ago
       Mar 31 The Man Who Named Gulfport (Col. R.H. Henry)
       Apr 1 When the English Surged into Mississippi to Settle
       Apr 3 Southern States First To Secede but not First to Threaten Secession
       Apr 4 The Road to DeLisle (Small town in Harrison County)
       Apr 5 How Some Mississippi Towns Were Named
       Apr 6 Our Hat's Off to Hattiesburg - and its Mississippi Southern College
       Apr 7 Winter Vacation of President Wilson at the Pass (Pass Christian)
       Apr 12 The True Story of Gail Borden (Founder of Borden Milk Company)
       Apr 13 When the Detroit Tigers Trained at Gulfport (1913)
       Apr 14 Swiftest Administration of Justice in the History of Mississippi 
              (Gulfport Police Chief, Charles Dickey, shot and killed by burglar, 
              Percy Newkirk on Jan. 21, 1913)
       Apr 15 Roundabout Route Jefferson Davis Took to Montgomery (1861)
       Apr 18 From Cat Boats to Motor Boats
       Apr 21 The Flight From Natchez (early history)
       Apr 22 Joe Creel: Patriarch of the Old Time Fishermen (Biloxi)
       Apr 25 Legend of the Dogwood
       Apr 26 The Sage of Big Level (Bostick H. "Crab" Breland)
       Apr 27 The Founder of Lyman (Lyman Reeves)
       Apr 29 Mississippi's Fifteen Beckoning State Parks
       May 2 How and Why the City of Biloxi Was Founded
       May 3 Coast News Stories of 1913
       May 5 A Flashback on the Farraguts 
              (A.A. Farragut of Pascagoula, great-grand nephew of Admiral Farragut)
       May 9 The Mississippian Who Couldn't Be Hanged (Will Purvis)
       May 10 Single Votes That Affected American History
       May 11 The Early History of Our Beach Boulevard
       May 12 100th Anniversary of the Adams Rifles 
              (Civil War unit from Handsboro, MS)
       May 16 Headlines Stories of 1913 
       May 18 Historic Headlines Stories of 1915 
       May 19 Red Pawns of Conquest (d'Iberville, Bienville, and the Indians)
       May 20 The Mythical "Free State of Jones" 
              (Jones County, MS, and Newt Knight)
       May 23 Battles of Ackia (Near Tupelo, MS)
       May 27 Mississippi in the Confederacy (Part I)
       May 30 Mississippi in the Confederacy (Part II) 
       May 31 The Coast's Most Unusual Farm 
              (A.H. Freeman, Jackson County)
Box 3, Folder 9
       Jun 1 Another Mississippi First : Manufacture of Picture Frames 
              (Winona, MS)
       Jun 3 A Column on Columbus (Columbus, MS)
       Jun 5 Another Miss. First: Operating With Electrical Anesthesia 
              (University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson)
       Jun 6 The First VIP of Ocean Springs 
              (St. Denis, explorer with d'Iberville in 1699)
       Jun 7 Baldwyn's Two in One Centennial Celebration (The town's centennial, 
              plus the 97th anniversary of the Battle of Brice's Cross Roads)
       Jun 8 Biloxian Who Was Farragut's Pilot in the Battle of Mobile Bay 
              (Capt. A. Bellande)
       Jun 9 Coast Incidents Oldtimers Will Remember
       Jun 10 The Battle of Franklin (Civil War - Gen. Hood v. Gen. Schofield)
       Jun 16 The Tree Crusher: Made by Mississippians in Mississippi 
              (Machine for clearing land)
       Jun 21 Day the Yankees Captured Biloxi Much to Their Embarrassment
       Jun 22 The Story of Frank Howard (Early Biloxi benefactor)
       Jun 23 Headlines a Half Century Ago 
       Jun 24 The Coast's First Historian (
              Andre Penicaut, master carpenter who accompanied d'Iberville in 1699)
       Jul 1 More Incidents of Pres. Wilson's Coast Vacation (Pass Christian) 
       Jul 3 This Fourth of July Affair 
              (Vicksburg's surrender to Union forces, July 4, 1863)
       Jul 4 Mississippi's Oldest Bank 
              (photo First Columbus National Bank, Columbus, MS)
       Jul 5 Coast's Unusual Connections with the Chicago World's Fair (1893)
       Jul 7 A Yankee Named Jones (Capt. J.T. Jones, Biloxi/Gulfport)
       Jul 8 Picture From the Pigskin Past of Kiln 
              (1928 Kiln High School Football Team)
       Jul 10 World's Second Largest Tree Nursery Is in Mississippi 
       Jul 11 When Mexicans Were Imported to Pick Mississippi Cotton 
              (Will Kimbrough, Itta Bena, MS)
       Jul 13 The Skyrocketing Water Skiing Sport
       Jul 15 The Forgotten Killer (Yellow Fever)
       Jul 20 Gov. Humphreys of Miss. and his Resourceful Wife
       Jul 21 Almost A One Woman War (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
       Jul 22 Unique for Antiques (Carr Lighthouse, Clermont Harbor)
       Jul 25 1900 - The Year Biloxi Began to Be Civic Conscious
       Jul 26 China Grove Methodist Church One of Mississippi's Oldest 
       Jul 28 Sisters of Service (Ocean Springs Circle of Kings Daughters) 
       Jul 29 Heritage of Whitworth College (Brookhaven, MS)
       Aug 1 Choctaw Treachery that Saved French Louisiana
       Aug 2 Mississippi's First Steel Mill (Flowood, 1957)
       Aug 4 The Mississippi Land Pirate Who Literally Lost His Head 
              (Sam Mason, Pirate of the Natchez Trace)
       Aug 5 The Alabama Outlaw that Operated in Mississippi 
              (Rube Burrow, train robber and cattle rustler)
       Aug 7 Famous Women of the Confederacy 
              (Brief sketches of 16 women and an all girl cavalry company)
Box 3, Folder 10
       Aug 8 Moss Point Proudly Points to Another Miss First 
              (Pascagoula-Moss Point Bank, first to operate a branch in another city)
       Aug 9 Famous "Delta and Pine Land" Operation 
              at Scott Now Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary
       Aug 11 The Oldest and Still Living Lever Man in the Nation 
              (C.B. Quinn and cotton baling, Forrest, MS)
       Aug 12 Mississippi's Highways (history of)
       Aug 14 Biloxi Fire that Destroyed Ninety Buildings (1900)
       Aug 15 Growing Pains of Camp Shelby (Hattiesburg)
       Aug 17 Aberdeen - the Home Town of Gen. Reuben Davis
       Aug 18 Macon - the State Capitol the Last Year of the War (Civil War)
       Aug 19 Civil War Corinth
       Aug 22 Bits of Coast History (1914)
       Aug 23 Mississippi's Circle M Ranch Where Champions are Bred 
              (Senatobia, MS)
       Aug 24 Nostalgic News Notes of Biloxi and the Coast (1900)
       Aug 25 Is This Mississippi's Oldest Presbyterian Church 
              (Philadelphus Church, Wayne County)
       Aug 26 Any of These Boys Could Become President 
              (Magnolia Boys Town, Laurel, MS)
       Aug 30 Book Cover What Was Undoubtedly Gulfport's First Directory (1905)
       Aug 31 D'Iberville's 1939 Undefeated Ball Team (Baseball) 
       Sep 1 Ever Hear of the Thirteen Springs of Nemo-Akim 
              (Marietta, MS, Prentiss County)
       Sep 2 Historic St. Mary's Cathedral at Natchez 
       Sep 3 Now You Can Visit the Holy Land at Lucedale 
              (Palestinian Gardens)
       Sep 5 Oldest Presbyterian Church in the Southwest (Pine Ridge, MS)
       Sep 6 Here are Some Varied Interesting Historical Facts 
       Sep 7 The First Miss Biloxi (1922)
       Sep 9 Another Mississippi First - Order of the Eastern Star (Richland)
       Sep 11 Baseball by Moonlight and Other Coast Oddities
       Sep 12 The Historic Methodist Church of Washington, Mississippi)
       Sep 13 Harvey's Hundred - the Yankee Headache 
              (Confederate Scouts, Canton, MS)
       Sep 16 At the Turn of the Century (Coast and State)
       Sep 18 When the Coast Oyster Industry Faced Legislative Extinction
       Sep 20 Bloomer Girls, Marching Club and Minstrel Shows (1900)
       Sep 21 Sigma Nu at "Ole Miss" Adds Another Mississippi First 
              (First fraternity-owned indoor swimming pool)
       Sep 22 Columbus Church that Once Housed the State Senate
              (First Christian Church)
       Sep 23 Struggle for Survival of the Episcopal Chapel of the Cross 
              (Canton, MS)
       Sep 25 Interesting Tale of Jasper and Newton Counties
       Sep 27 Former Biloxi Minister and His "History of the Baptists in America" 
              (Rev. Jesse L. Boyd)
       Sep 29 Speaking of Hurricanes 
              (Logbook of Round Island Lighthouse Keeper, Thomas Hansen, 1906))
       Sep 30 First Battle Ship Named "Mississippi" 
              (Accompanied Commodore Perry to Japan, 1853)
       Oct 3 Mississippi Milestones (Statehood, secession, and carpetbaggers)
       Oct 5 Mississippi Saints (Latter Day Saints, Jackson, Mississippi)
       Oct 6 Controversial Battle of Booneville (Civil War, Chalmers v. Sheridan)
       Oct 7 Mrs. Leggett's Dirt 
              (She sent tiny bags of Mississippi dirt to her son during WWII)
       Oct 11 History in a Hurry 1904 (Highlights from 1904)
Box 3, Folder 11
       Oct 12 Mississippi's Most Beautifully Located Junior College 
              (Wood Jr. College, Mathiston, MS)
       Oct 13 Ten Generals of Holly Springs 
              (Brief sketches of 10 Civil War generals)
       Oct 14 Indian and Battle Lore of Iuka
       Oct 16 The Mississippian Whose Name Millsaps College Bears 
              (R.W. Millsaps) 
       Oct 17 Newton County Notes (early history, etc.) 
       Oct 18 First Call to Arms of the Biloxi King's Daughters 
       Oct 19 Among the Laurels of Laurel (Lauren Rogers Museum, etc.)
       Oct 20 Shall Fort Massachusetts Surrender (Ship Island)
       Oct 21 Canton Church that Has Been "Temporary" 108 Years 
              (Grace Episcopal)
       Oct 24 Long Beach Pecan Pioneer (August Werner)
       Oct 26 Monticello - For Twenty Four Hours it was the Capital of Mississippi
       Oct 27 Did You Know Mississippi Built the First Concrete Highway in the South (Tupelo)
       Oct 31 DeSoto's Greatest Disaster Occurred in Mississippi 
              (War with the Indians, 1541)
       Nov 1 Saga of Big Sam Dale (Hero, War of 1812, etc.)
       Nov 2 Historic Battle Between the Harveys and Copeland Clan (1848)
       Nov 3 Another Mississippi First - Starkville's Borden Plant 
              (Condensed milk)
       Nov 4 Incredible Lorenzo Dow 
              (Itinerant Methodist preacher of the early 1800s)
       Nov 6 Another Mississippi First: The Protected Property Rights of Married Women 
              (Chickasaw Indian Princess who married a white man)
       Nov 7 With Potatoes and Onions the Yankees Captured Vicksburg
       Nov 8 The Mississippian Who Tried to Collect the Price on his Own Head 
              (British subject, John Alston, a story of 18th century Natchez)
       Nov 9 Beauvoir and Court House - Headline Stories of 1903
       Nov 10 How They Got Their Names (Small towns in Mississippi)
       Nov 11 The Battle of Shiloh (1862)
       Nov 13 On Duty for 80 Years (Tide gauge, Bay of Biloxi)
       Nov 14 Mississippi's First Woman Mayor and Her All Women Council 
              (Dorothy P. Crawford, Madison)
       Nov 15 Stephen D. Lee - The Man Who Triggered the Civil War 
              (Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Beauregard, who gave the order to fire on Fort Sumter.
              He later became first president of Mississippi State University)
       Nov 16 Firebrand Orator from Gulfport (Sen. Pat Harrison)
       Nov 17 With a Ton of Mud Mississippi Ushered in its New Capital (Jackson)
       Nov 18 How the Farmers Helped Found Mississippi State University 
              (Capt. Putname Darden and the Grange)
       Nov 21 Mississippi's Oldest Newspaper (Woodville Republican) 
       Nov 22 Dramatic Days in Coast History (Miscellaneous historical notes)
       Nov 23 Paulding and its St. Michael's Church (Paulding, MS)
       Nov 24 Another Mississippi First: Coca Cola in Bottles (Vicksburg)
       Nov 25 Fever, Fire and Yankee Shells (Vicksburg, Christ Episcopal Church) 
       Nov 27 The Church that Became a Town (Union Church, Lincoln County)
       Nov 29 The Sword of Gen. Van Dorn 
              (Biography of Gen. Earl Van Dorn, Mississippi)
       Dec 5 Tongue Tangling Indian Names of 19 Mississippi Counties
       Dec 7 Mississippi - 1st State to have Planned System of Jr. Colleges
       Dec 9 True Tales of the South at War (Book by Clarence Poe)
       Dec 11 Biloxi's Banker Hero (W.H. Buck, naval hero of the War of 1812) 
              *Note: This column also contains a postscript to the Nov 21 column on 
              the Woodville Republican
       Dec 13 Bits of Forgotten Coast History (Haunted House, Trolley, etc.)
       Dec 16 Another Mississippi First -- Mississippi College at Clinton 
              (First co-ed college to grant degrees to women)
       Dec 19 My Cup Runneth Over (George Ohr's Pottery, Biloxi)
       Dec 21 Coast's Flying Fisherman (Glyn Porter, Gulfport)
       Dec 22 Birth and Birthplace of Mississippi's PTA 
              (Lake Chautauqua, near Crystal Springs, 1909)
       Dec 23 Mississippi's Oldest College for Women 
              (Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS)
       Dec 27 Holly Springs Church Where Gen. Grant Stabled His Horses 
              (First Methodist Church)
       Dec 28 The Baptist of Jones County (Big Creek Baptist Church)
       Dec 30 Brandon, Mississippi - Where Celebrities Are Created 
              (Three governors, a U.S. senator, and Mississippi's first Miss America)
Box 4, Folder 1
       Jan 2 Father of Mississippi's Constitution (James Z. George, 1890)
       Jan 3 Another Mississippi First: The Telegraph in Warfare (Civil war)
       Jan 4 Mississippi's Newest Civil War Museum (Brice's Cross Roads)
       Jan 5 Hardwood Pulpwood: Another Mississippi First
       Jan 6 The Story of the Glory of Grand Gulf (Ghost town, near Port Gibson)
       Jan 8 Another Version of the Harvey-Copeland Affair 
              (See also the Nov. 2, 1961 column)
       Jan 9 Brief Bits of Mississippi History
       Jan 10 Old Presbyterian Church in the Ghost Town of Rodney 
              (near Port Gibson)
       Jan 12 The Two Woodville Churches with the Same Birth Year 
              (St. Paul's Episcopal & Woodville Methodist)
       Jan 13 When the Delisle High Cagers Won the County Championship 
              (1922-23 basketball team, Harrison County)
       Jan 18 Story of Liberty - Seat of Amite County
       Jan 19 The Magic Bean (soybeans)
       Jan 20 Mississippi Gulf Coasts Outpost of Marine Science 
              (Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Ocean Springs. This column is missing. 
              See manuscript for proposed (Know Your Coast" book, chapter 1)
       Jan 22 First County Fair in South Mississippi (Gulfport, 1910)
       Jan 27 Bits of Gulf Coast History Back in 1910
       Jan 30 Biloxi's First Mardi Gras (1908)
       Feb 1 A History of Handsboro 
       Feb 3 Southern Railroads in the Civil War
       Feb 7 The Five Fighting McCains of Mississippi 
              (Adm. John S. McCain and Family)
       Feb 10 William Mason, the Father of a Famous Mississippi First 
              (Masonite - Laurel, MS)
       Feb 13 Coast Historical Highlights During the Summer of 1910
       Feb 21 Trinity Episcopal Church of Natchez 
       Feb 23 Jefferson Davis and His Cabinet
       Feb 24 Winona - "The Crossroads of North Mississippi"
       Feb 27 The Peregrinations of the Pine Hills Bell 
              (Pine Hills Seminary, Harrison County)
       Feb 28 The Coast As It Was Fifty Five Years Ago 
       Mar 2 Father Ryan - Memorialized in Three Coast Cities 
              (Poet priest of the confederacy)
       Mar 3 Home of the Originator of the Natchez Pilgrimage 
              ("Hope Farm", home of Mrs. J. Balfour Miller)
       Mar 6 Remember the Claiborne Street Children's Parade on Mardi Gras? (Biloxi)
       Mar 7 Peering Into the Past of Pine Hills (Pine Hills Seminary)
       Mar 8 Coast Historical Highlights of 1906
       Mar 10 Hancock County's Historic Claiborne Home 
              (J.F.H. Claiborne Plantation on Mulatto Bayou)
       Mar 13 Mississippi Coast's First Winter Hotel 
              (Mexican Gulf Hotel, Pass Christian)
       Mar 16 When Beauvoir Was the Old Soldiers Home
       Mar 26 Gulfport's First Shipment of Cotton (1908)
       Mar 27 The Incredible John Law (Colony of Louisiana)
       Mar 28 Before the Beach Drive Existed (Highway 90)
       Mar 29 Headlines From Mississippi History (Early 1900s)
       Mar 31 Forgotten Forest Park 
              (Mississippi City amusement park, early 1900s)
Box 4, Folder 2
       Apr 3 Too Stubborn To Live (Crabs)
       Apr 6 Mississippi Began Its Existence 164 Years Ago on (April 7) 
       Apr 7 Glass Factory that Once Existed at Moss Point (1880)
       Apr 10 The Big Fire at Bay St. Louis 
              (Started at Osionach Opera House, 1907)
       Apr 12 Greatest Achievement of Thomas Jefferson (Louisiana Purchase)
       Apr 14 That Girl From Gainesville 
              (Eliza Jane Poitevant, who wrote poetry under the pen name, Pearl Rivers)
       Apr 18 Gold in the Hills of Vicksburg 
              (Vicksburg Little Theatre performance, 1936)
       Apr 20 Down Musical Memory Lane (Biloxi Daily Herald Band 1910)
       Apr 21 Black Sheep of the Lemoynes (Saint Helene) 
       Apr 24 Mississippi County That Was Once Called a State (Tishomingo)
       Apr 26 Saluting A Moss Point Historian (Bob Cirlot)
       May 1 Aberdeen's St. John's Episcopal Church 
       May 3 Famous Slave of a Famous Master 
              (Jefferson Davis and James Pemberton)
       May 5 Coast's Youngest Episcopal Church in the Coast's Youngest City
              (St. Peters by the Sea, Gulfport)
       May 8 Little Known Origin of the term "Yankee"
       May 10 Historic "Waverly" (Antebellum home in Columbus)
       May 12 In the Civil War Cast of Characters There Were Two Men Named 
              Jefferson Davis (One was a Union general)
       May 14 Famous Law Suit that Financed the Present State Capitol 
              (State of Mississippi v. Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad, for back taxes, 1896-1901)
       May 15 100 Years Ago Today Was Created the U.S. Department of Agriculture
       May 16 Who's Zoo in Mississippi (Livingston Park, Jackson)
       May 18 Baseball Stars For a Day (Biloxi Rotary and Kiwanis Club Teams, 1926)
       May 22 Pinckneyville - Mississippi's Most Southwestern Town
       May 23 In the Proud Possession of "Ole Miss" Is the Oldest Book in America 
              (Ancient Biblical manuscript in the Coptic dialect)
       May 24 Cigars Were Once Made in Mississippi City. 
              (El Merito cigars by M.E. Meade, 1909)
       May 25 From Hot Coffee to Hollywood 
              (Stella Stevens, movie and television star)
       May 26 Haphazard Early History of Tung (Tung oil industry)
       May 28 Past, Present and Future of Perkinston Junior College
       May 29 When They Tried To Give Babies Away in Biloxi 
              (Manager of Air Dome Summer Theater attempts to raffle off a real baby, 1909)
       May 30 When the Great Southern Country Club was Formed 
              (Between Gulfport and Biloxi)
       May 31 Beauvoir's First Bridegroom (1909)
       Jun 1 Day of Destruction 
              (April 24, 1908 - four Storms batter Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama)
       Jun 4 The Aaron Burr Affair (1807, treason)
       Jun 6 Mississippi Boasts the Nation's Largest Bible Rebinding Firm 
              (Norris Bookbinding Co., Greenwood)
       Jun 7 Unlucky LaSalle (French explorer who discovered the mouth 
              of the Mississippi River in 1682)
       Jun 8 Most Daring Bank Robbery in Mississippi 
              (Tupelo, September 28, 1932 - The "Machine Gun" Kelly gang)
       Jun 9 Our Country's First Cold War (George Washington balances relations 
              with France, Spain, England, and the Indians)
       Jun 11 Picturesque Ruins of St. John's Episcopal at Glen Allan 
              (Port Gibson)
       Jun 12 Story of the First Presbyterian Church, Biloxi
       Jun 13 Once Woolmarket Aspired to be a Cotton Market
       Jun 15 Mississippi Historical Notes of 1909
       Jun 16 Eleven Dramatic Decades of the Biloxi Masons 
              (Magnolia Masonic Lodge, chartered 1909)
       Jun 19 Past of a Mississippi Town That Has No Future 
              (Gainesville, Hancock County)
       Jun 21 When the Battleship "Mississippi" Anchored off Horn Island 
              (June 1909)
       Jun 22 First Steamboat of the Mississippi (The "New Orleans", ca. 1812)
Box 4, Folder 3
       Jun 23 The Mississippi's Most Famous Steam Boat Race 
              (The Natchez and the Robert E. Lee, 1870)
       Jun 25 Remaining Ruins of Windsor 
              (Antebellum mansion near Port Gibson that burned in 1890)
       Jun 26 Headline Stories of 1906
       Jun 28 Brother Bates of Batesville 
              (Methodist minister, James W. Bates, for whom the town was named)
       Jun 30 Woodworking Prestige of Wiggins 
       Jul 2 Flag We Fly on the Fourth (History of)
       Jul 3 Mississippi Oddities (Interesting bits of history)
       Jul 4 Saga of the Longleaf Pine (Lumbering)
       Jul 5 Mississippi Historic News Notes of 1903
       Jul 6 Pioneer Mississippi (Early 1800s)
       Jul 7 Jackson Around the Turn of the Century 
       Jul 9 Where the Gentlemen of Natchez Settled their Differences 
              (Vidalia Sand Bar dueling ground)
       Jul 10 Picture Reporting the Civil War 
              (Artist Frank Vizetelly's war drawings featured in Illustrated London News)
       Jul 11 One of the Most Popular Mississippians that Ever Lived 
              (John A. Quitman - Natchez)
       Jul 14 The Man and the Sidewheeler that Ushered in the Age of the Packets 
              (Capt. Henry Shreve)
       Jul 17 Mississippi's Banking Background (History of)
       Jul 20 Mississippi's Most Colorful Steamboat Captain 
              (Tom Leathers, Captain of the "Natchez")
       Jul 21 When Mississippi Land Was Cheaper than Labor (ca. 1790s)
       Jul 23 Ruminations of a Retired Resident of "The Pass" 
              (George Cronovich, former chief of Police, Pass Christian)
       Jul 25 The Worst Steamboat Disaster on the Mississippi 
              (Explosion of the Sultana, April 1865)
       Jul 27 Tiny Arcola and the Heart Line of the Delta (Deer Creek)
       Jul 28 The Evolution of Williams Landing (Greenwood, Leflore County)
       Jul 30 Old and New Augusta of Perry County (Copeland Gang, etc.)
       Jul 31 Biloxian Who Survived Three Cuban Revolutions 
              (Ralph B. Wood of the Cuban American Sugar Company)
       Aug 1 Coast Front Page Stories of 1902
       Aug 3 Buried Treasure on Deer Island (Lafitte treasure unearthed, 1902)
       Aug 4 Columbia, Mississippi Where BAWI Was Born
       Aug 7 Prize Winning Mississippi 
              (State won numerous awards at 1904 Louisiana Purchase Centennial in St. Louis)
       Aug 9 When Everything of Yazoo City Was Destroyed Except its Spirit 
              (May 25, 1904 Fire)
       Aug 11 A Brief Who's Who of Mississippi Women
       Aug 14 Mississippi's Six National Forests
       Aug 17 The Peripatetic Mississippi Minister Charles Hamilton (Aberdeen)
       Aug 18 The Confused Career of State's Jacob Thompson 
              (Six-term congressman and one of the founders of Ole Miss, Oxford)
       Aug 22 The Mississippi River Pilots Had a Good Publicity Man 
              (Mark Twain) 
       Aug 24 Coast Country Spa (Ramsay Springs Hotel, Biloxi)
Box 4, Folder 4
       Aug 25 The Fascinating History Surrounding French Camp Academy 
              (French Camp, MS, on the Natchez Trace)
       Aug 28 Century Had Just Started When These Events Occurred (Biloxi)
       Aug 29 Exciting Early History of Grenada
       Aug 30 Mississippi Short Shorts 
              (Oldest town, Stephen Foster, Pushmataha, Gen. Grant, etc.)
       Sep 1 A Column on Cotton
       Sep 4 The Coast's Last Yellow Fever Scare (July 1905)
       Sep 5 Ridgeland, Entrance to Natchez Trace Parkway
       Sep 7 The Story of Mount Locust (Inn on the Natchez Trace)
       Sep 8 Sidelights on Slavery
       Sep 13 The Prison Without Walls (Parchman, Mississippi State Penitentiary)
       Sep 14 Touring Along the Coast in the Early Twenties
       Sep 15 Mississippi Gulf Coast Boasts Only Park in State with Saltwater Facilities 
              (This column is missing. See manuscript for proposed "Know Your Coast" 
              book, chapter 1)
       Sep 18 The Louisville and Nashville Gulf Coast Tree Farm 
              (Fountainebleau, MS)
       Sep 19 Yankee Who Helped Build "Ole Miss" 
              (Chancellor Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, third president of Ole Miss)
       Sep 20 Hurricane Defying Bordages Brothers of Bayou Caddy 
              (1947 hurricane)
       Sep 21 Mississippi Town of Many Names (Kosciusko)
       Sep 22 Biloxi in 1895 
       Sep 24 "Maryland, My Maryland" Had a Mississippi Assist
       Sep 26 The Early Adventures of Gov. James L. Alcorn
       Sep 29 100,000 Turtles For Sale 
              (Transworld Wildlife Farms, Bay St. Louis)
       Oct 1 Mississippi Sixty Years Ago
       Oct 2 The Last to Surrender (Nathan Bedford Forrest)
       Oct 3 Biloxi's Private Art Gallery (William S. Robinson's paintings)
       Oct 4 The Woman Who Willed Beauvoir to Jeff Davis 
              (Mrs. Sarah Ann Dorsey)
       Oct 6 Mississippi's First Governor was a Massachusetts Puritan 
              (Winthrop Sargent)
       Oct 9 Adams County Early Authors
       Oct 11 Gulf Coast's Famous Landmark and Trademark 
              (The Biloxi Lighthouse)
       Oct 12 Wilkinson County Brags
       Oct 13 Mississippi's Historic West Feliciana Railroad 
              (St. Francisville, LA to Woodville, MS)
       Oct 16 When the Union Jack Waved Over Mississippi 
              (British rule of Mississippi Territory)
       Oct 17 Mississippi Was the First State to Pass a Homestead Exemption Law 
       Oct 18 Another Mississippi First - A Nuclear Testing Facility 
       Oct 19 Mississippi Engaged in Five Wars Before the Civil War
       Oct 20 Moonshining in Mississippi (Illegal whiskey)
       Oct 23 Vixen of Vicksburg (Female Land Pirate Amanda Bamoris)
       Oct 24 Old Winchester of Wayne County
Box 4, Folder 5
Oct 25 Large Axminster Carpet Plant in Mississippi (Greenville)
       Oct 27 Celebrated Grandfather of William Faulkner (Col. W.C. Falkner)
       Oct 29 Horatio Alger Career of Herman deVries 
              (Pass Christian furniture designer)
       Oct 31 Another Mississippi First - Southern Hardwood Lab (Stoneville)
       Nov 1 125th Anniversary Year of Red Hill Methodist Church (Vancleave)
       Nov 2 When the Fleur De Lys Flew Over the Mississippi Valley 
              (French era)
       Nov 3 Pride of Picayune (High School Band)
       Nov 5 When Louis XV of France Gave Away Half Continent 
              (Louisiana ceded to Spain, 1762)
       Nov 6 Beautiful Carver Point State Park for Negroes (Jackson)
       Nov 7 McComb's Memorial to its Birth and Beginning 
              (Ill. Central Locomotive  #2542)
       Nov 9 How Mississippi Helps Its Deaf Citizens 
              (Rehabilitation Center for Adult Deaf, Jackson)
       Nov 10 Mississippi's First Baptist Church (Old Salem Church, Fayette)
       Nov 12 When General Forrest Stole Gen. Washburn's Pants (Civil War)
       Nov 15 To Trace Biloxi's History Start on Suter Street
       Nov 17 Crosby - The Mississippi Town of Many Names
       Nov 20 Houston Boasts the First Carnegie Library in Mississippi 
              (Chickasaw County)
       Nov 21 Homochitto Valley of Southwest Mississippi
       Nov 23 First Confederate Guns Were Made in Mississippi (Holly Springs)
       Nov 24 Union General the South Hated Most (Gen. Benjamin F. Butler)
       Nov 28 Cemetery of Gypsy Royalty at Meridian 
              (Kelly Mitchell, Queen of the gypsies)
       Nov 29 First House Sold Under the American Flag in Mississippi 
              (The "Old Priest House" in Natchez, 1798)
       Dec 1 Hero on a Black Horse - (Union Gen., Philip Sheridan)
       Dec 3 The Cedars -- Oldest Home in Columbus, Mississippi
       Dec 4 Mississippi Big Time Bear Hunts (Sardis, early 1900s)
       Dec 6 The Ole Miss New Bantam Atom Smasher 
              (Used in atomic research)
       Dec 7 Mississippi - An Open History Book of 349 pages 
              (Historical markers)
       Dec 8 The Fighting Flagship of Admiral Farragut (The "Hartford", 1862)
       Dec 10 Today is the State of Mississippi's Birthday (December 10, 1817)
       Dec 12 The "Widow Blakely" and "Whistling Dick" of Vicksburg 
              (Civil War cannons in Vicksburg National Military Park)
       Dec 15 Gulf Coast Honored Twice in Mississippi Hall of Fame 
       Dec 19 After Biloxi's Century and a Half of Obscurity
       Dec 22 Photo Historian of the Civil War 
              (Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady, and Civil War buff, Jim Stevens)
       Dec 29 Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Meridian
Box 4, Folder 6
       Jan 1 Gen. Wilkinson Throws a Party 
              (December 1803 - April 1804, to celebrate the Louisiana Purchase)
       Jan 5 Battle Smoke at Brandon 
              (Civil War Activity in and around Brandon)
       Jan 8 Most Misunderstood Victory in American History 
              (Battle of New Orleans)
       Jan 12 Three Decisive Decades (1789-1819)
       Jan 15 Mississippi Politician Who Was Never Defeated (Albert Gallatin 
       Jan 23 The Massacre at Fort Mims 
       Jan 26 Mississippi Is Up To Snuff (History and use of snuff)
       Jan 29 Yankee From Maine Who Was Twice Governor of Mississippi 
              (Adelbert Ames) 
       Jan 30 Why North Believed President Jeff Davis Ordered Lincoln Assassinated        
       Feb 1 Today's Counterpart of the Jackson Military Road (Interstate 59)
       Feb 2 Three Famous Mississippi Duels
       Feb 3 Untorn Page from the Past of East Mississippi 
              ("Millbrook", antebellum mansion at Enterprise)
       Feb 4 More, Much More About Jackson County 
       Feb 5 Mississippi Con Man (Shocco Jones, 1837)
       Feb 6 The Drama of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek 
              (Choctaws, 1830)
       Feb 7 Governor's Mansion one of the First of Mississippi Firsts 
              (Jackson, completed 1842)
       Feb 9 Night the Mississippi Flowed Backward 
              (New Madrid Earthquake, 1811)
       Feb 11 The Mississippi Bubble (John Law's ploy to sell shares in "Company
               of the West", 1700s)
       Feb 12 How Jackson Came to be State Capital
       Feb 14 Back in 1721 Many Preferred Biloxi to New Orleans 
              (As capital of  the French colony of Louisiana)
       Feb 18 Mississippi Dragoons and Their Commander (Military unit 
              commanded by Col. Thomas Hinds; aided in Battle of New Orleans)
       Feb 22 Natchez Under the Hill (Home of outlaws, gamblers, etc.)
       Feb 23 Four Flags of the Confederacy
       Feb 27 Was Canton Named After A Chinaman? 
       Mar 1 Story of a Pioneer Summer Resident of Pass Christian 
              (Col. Thomas Dabney)
       Mar 3 The Eldest Brother of the Davis Family (Joseph E. Davis)
       Mar 5 The Three Famous Claibornes of Mississippi 
              (Governor, General, and Historian)
       Mar 6 The Story of the Kings Daughters of Gulfport
       Mar 7 Mississippi History Short Shorts (Brief historical sketches)
       Mar 13 The Amazing Mississippi (River)
       Mar 14 Mississippi Rum Runner Writes his Lawbreaking Memoirs 
              (Dwight Eddy)
       Mar 18 When the Smiths Came to Mississippi First Smiths in state, 1773)
       Mar 19 Edward Cary Walthall Mississippi Soldier and Statesman
       Mar 20 K. Wagner - Mississippi's Most Notorious Gunman 
              (Elusive killer, Kinnie Wagner)
       Mar 22 The Red Cross in General, The Biloxi Chapter in Particular
       Mar 23 Can You Imagine Pensacola Publicizing the Mississippi Gulf Coast? 
       Mar 25 The Flight of Jefferson Davis (Harrison Account)
       Mar 26 Were the Welsh First to Discover the Gulf Coast? 
              (Prince Madoc Memorial Marker, Mobile Alabama) 
       Mar 27 Mississippi's First Public Library was at Port Gibson
       Mar 28 From Moss Point Came the First Miss Mississippi 
              (Dorothy Ely, 1933)
       Mar 29 Historic Endurance Flight of the "Flying Keys" of Meridian 
              (Record for sustained flight, 1935)
       Mar 30 When Bishop Elder of Natchez Defied the Union Army
Box 4, Folder 7
       Apr 1 Louise, the Unfortunate (Stone Marker in Natchez City Cemetery)
       Apr 2 The Burning of Newton Station (Railroad station burned during the 
              Civil War by Union Col. Benjamin H. Grierson)
       Apr 4 Destruction of Jackson (Capital city plundered and pillaged 
              by Union army in 1863)
       Apr 6 The ?Ole Miss? Archaeology Museum
       Apr 12 This Column Applauds the New Mississippi A&I Board Brochure
       Apr 13 Holly Springs Boasts Largest Collection of Paintings by a Single 
              Artist in the World (Kate Freeman Clark Art Museum)
       Apr 15 Queen For A Night (Winnie Davis 1892 Queen of Comus, 
              Mardi Gras, 1892)
       Apr 16 A Brief History of McHenry (Small community about 25 miles 
              from Gulfport)
       Apr 18 Parlaying $7.50 Second hand Stove into a Nationally Famous 
              Restaurant (Mary McKay Old Southern Tea Room, Vicksburg)
       Apr 19 Bottle Filled with History Just Found in Bay St. Louis 
              (1905 documents found in old Cowand Home)
       Apr 20 Famous First Mississippi Regiment 
              (155th Infantry, Mississippi National Guard, Laurel)
       Apr 22 In Memory of Old Gainesville (Giant Wisteria vine 
              marks old NASA site)
       Apr 30 Visitors Now View the City of a Hundred Hills From the Water 
              (Vicksburg, seen from the sight-seeing sternwheeler, "Kanawha")
       May 8 Mississippi Mills (flour mills, Noxubee County)
       May 9 Mississippi's Petrified Forest Largest East of Rockies (Flora, MS)
       May 11 How Mississippi Pioneers Used the Native Plants for Food and Drink
              ( Little Mountain Park on the Natchez Trace Parkway)
       May 14 The Confederate Constitution (Comparison to U.S. Constitution)
       May 17 Battle of Champions Hill (Vicksburg campaign, 1863) 
       May 18 Liquid History (The Pascagoula River, also known as the "Singing River")
       May 20 When Mississippi's Slave Grown Cotton Was Boycotted 
              (Quakers of Philadelphia, ca. 1846)
       May 21 Page from Biloxi's Boat Building Past (Pioneer boat builder, 
              Anson Holley)
       May 22 Civil War Firsts (Dog tags, troop trains, telegraph, etc.)
       May 23 Mississippi Honey (Mississippi Beekeepers Association)
       May 24 From as Far As the Cayman Islands They Came to School at 
              Lumberton (Seventh Day Adventists - Bass Memorial Academy)
       May 27 The Mississippi Rice Bowl (13 Mississippi counties grow rice)
       Jun 4 18-Hour Port Gibson Battle (Civil War, 1863)
       Jun 6 Lore of Lochinvar (Antebellum mansion, near Pontotoc, MS)
       Jun 11 Controversy of the Confederate Treasure 
              (After the fall of Richmond)
       Jun 15 The Siege of Vicksburg (Civil War, 1863)
       Jun 17 The Old Wire Road (First telegraph line in Mississippi, 1848)
       Jun 21 Mississippi Invites and Informs Air Tourists
       Jun 22 Tourist Primer of the Mississippi Gulf Coast 
       Jun 25 In Memory of the University Greys of Ole Miss (Civil War unit)
       Jun 26 When Biloxi Boasted the Only Woman Hotel Operator on the 
              Coast (Annette Gillespie Elmer, Tivoli Hotel)
       Jun 27 The Incredible Military Exploits of D'Iberville 
              (Founder of Mississippi Gulf Coast)
       Jul 6 The Women in the War Between the States
       Jul 8 World's Most Famous Book on Fishing 
              ("The Complete Anglear", by Isaak Walton, 17th century)
Jul 12 When We Almost Traded the Mississippi For a Mess of Fish 
              (Battle of New Orleans)
       Jul 13 Carthage - the Centermost Town in Mississippi
       Jul 26 Frustrations of Henry Stuart Foote 
              (U.S. senator, and governor of Mississippi)
       Jul 27 Encore (Palmer House, Biloxi hotel that was once a sanitorium)
       Jul 29 Two Historic Hotels of Mississippi City (Tegarden & Barnes)
       Jul 30 The Russian Bear, The British Lion and the American Eagle 
              (Civil War - Russian Fleet anchors in San Francisco Bay, 1863)
       Aug 3 Ghost Town of Gholson (Noxubee County)
       Aug 16 From Souls to Saddles (Wilson Leather Co., 
              Bellefontaine, Mississippi)
       Aug 19 Feathered Field Hands (Geese that "weed" fields)
       Aug 21 Mississippi's Popular Unpopular Statesman 
              (William Yerger, Jackson attorney & appellate judge)
       Aug 23 Reminiscing With A Former Mayor of Gulfport 
              (Charles Robert Haydon, 1919-1924)
       Sep 6 Round Island and Revolution 
              (Plan to liberate Cuba from Spain, ca. 1850s)
       Sep 9 For 72 Days Vicksburg Defied the Union Navy 
       Nov 28 Beauvoir Benefactors (3 generations of the Kimbrough Family)
       Nov 30 New Book on Bilbo ("The Man Bilbo" by A. Wigfall Green)
       Dec 13 The First Tarpon Caught in Mississippi Sound (1895)
       Dec 28 Evidence That the Army Tank was Born at the Siege of Vicksburg
Box 4, Folder 8
       Jan 13 Mississippi's Forgotten Explorer (Sir William Dunbar)
       Jan 18 The Oxford House Where Grant Slept (Civil War)
       Jan 20 The First Quarter Century (Biloxi's Early History)
       Jan 31 Unique Family Operated Mississippi Industry 
              (Davis Stone Mining and Polishing, Columbia, Mississippi)
       Feb 13 Biloxi Waterworks First Big Artesian Well (1923)
       Feb 14 Civil War Books Past and Present ("Uncle Tom's Cabin", etc.)
       Feb 15 Popular Quail and Pheasant Hunts (French Camp Academy, 
              on the Old Natchez Trace)
       Feb 21 Oxford - Reforestation Capital of the World
       Feb 29 The Fighting Career of John L. Sullivan
       Mar 4 Civil War Centennial Souvenir (Souvenir edition of "The Rise and 
              Fall of the Confederate Government" by Jefferson Davis)
       Mar 6 Claiborne's History of Mississippi Again Available
       Mar 7 Two Historic Bay St. Louis Houses (The Lucien Gex Home 
              & the Howard Kimbrough Home)
       Mar 12 New Civil War Booklet Available 
       Mar 28 The Choctaw Indian Game of Stickball
       Apr 1 LaSalle's Loyal Lieutenant (Henry de Tonti)
       Apr 11 Story Behind a Million Yellow Pine Poles 
              (Gulfport Creosoting Co.,  Wiggins, MS)
       Apr 20 Mississippi's Choctaw Indians
       Apr 24 Horn Island - A Blurred Page of Coast History
       Apr 27 Another Mississippi First: School Dental Certificate
       May 2 The Evolution of the Modern Motel
       May 11 Mississippi Coast Historical Firsts
       May 12 The Story of Stafford Springs (Popular health resort)
       May 20 An Historic Mississippi Duel 
              (George Poindexter and Abijah Hunt)
       May 23 Buried Treasure on Horn Island (French gold supposedly buried 
              by Gen. Juan Almonte in 1867)
       May 30 In Such a Kettle the Sugar Industry Began (Giant sugar kettle 
              at Old Spanish Fort, Pascagoula)
       Jun 4 The Mississippian Who Headed An Expedition (John A. Quitman, 
              expedition to free Cuba, 1853-55)
       Jun 15 The Poitevents of Pearl River (Prominent Pearl River County family)
       Jun 19 Mississippi's Six National Forests
       Jul 10 The Making of Macon (County seat, Noxubee County)
       Aug 1 Historic First Presbyterian Church of Canton
       Aug 8 Story of Fort Rosalie at Natchez
       Aug 18 When the Seminoles Were on Cat Island
       Aug 20 Face of Christ Which No Human Hand Created 
              (Image of Christ on wall of First Christian Church, Clarksdale)
       Sep 8 Mississippi's Only Monastery (Cisterian Monastery, Rose Hill)
       Sep 10 Early Relationship Between Minnesota and Mississippi 
              (Copper ore)
       Sep 18 Never Has Its Bass Voice Been Raised in Anger 
              (Rodman Cannon on Ship Island)
       Sep 30 The Evolution of the Gulf Coast Theatre of Arts
       Oct 1 A Heart Warming Story from Holly Springs 
              (Nat Brooks, Trainer of Holly Springs High School Football Team)
       Oct 7 Waynesboro (World's largest manufacturer of electric blankets)
       Oct 9 Century Old Mississippi Water Wheel Grist Mill (Heidelberg)
       Oct 24 Dueling in Antebellum Mississippi
       Oct 28 Crystal Springs, The Vegetable Capital of Mississippi
       Nov 5 Is It the Coast's Oldest Oak? (Courtyard of the Old French 
              House Restaurant & Lounge, Biloxi)
       Nov 17 S.G. Thigpen of Picayune (Author of "Pearl River-Highway 
              to Glory Land")
       Nov 26 Signs of the Times (Road Signs)
       Dec 7 Incident of the Restless Corpse (Civil War Story)
       Dec 8 The Historic McRaes of Gautier
       Dec 16 Ole Miss and Its Historic Lyceum Building
       Dec 26 Strike Up the Band (First all Negro Band at Rose Bowl, 
              Mississippi Valley State College)
       Dec 30 Tribute to a Gambler (John Lee, Natchez)
Box 4, Folder 9
       Jan 2 The Role Played By the Treaty of Ghent In The Battle of 
              New Orleans
       Jan 6 The Fighting Parson (Gen. Mark Perrin Lowrey, Baptist Minister 
              who founded Blue Mountain College)
       Jan 15 When Jackson's Army Marched Across Mississippi 
              (On his way to New Orleans, 1814)
       Jan 21 Little Known Mississippi First (Leake and Goodlett, first lumber 
              company to build houses on the installment plan)
       Jan 27 The First Four (First BAWI industries in MS)
       Feb 3 Picayune No Longer Small Change
       Feb 11 Long Ignored Strategic Value of Ship Island (Civil War)
       Feb 16 Mississippi Firsts (List of 16 "Firsts")
       Feb 18 The U.S. Cairo and Its Unlucky Commander 
              (Civil War vessel sunk near Vicksburg in 1862)
       Feb 22 That Was the Place That Was (Logtown Postoffice)
       Feb 24 When the Massachusetts Met Its Master (Civil War ships)
       Feb 27 Finally - A Memorial To Big Sam Dale (Frontiersman)
       Mar 5 Where Jefferson Davis Went to College 
              (Transylvania College, Kentucky)
       Mar 6 The Story of Center, Mississippi 
              (Small community near Picayune, early 1800s)
       Mar 16 Oxford Invites You to Its Annual Spring Pilgrimage
       Mar 17 Fate of the Town of Crosby
       Mar 22 Stately Stanton Hall of Natchez (Antebellum mansion)
       Apr 1 Bay St. Louis A Half Century Ago
       Apr 7 Historical Highlights of Holly Springs
       Apr 10 Wizard of General Electric (Dr. C.P. Steinmetz)
       Apr 19 Bountiful Bolivar County (Cotton farming)
       Apr 20 Dramatic Diversion (Civil War - Grant at Vicksburg)
       Apr 23 Footnotes to the First Fifty Years of Gulfport
       Apr 24 The Battle and The Town of Raymond (Civil War)
       Apr 26 Historic Gainesville - Now the Site of MTO (Early newspapers)
       Apr 27 The Rankin County Report 
       May 13 Man Behind the Men Who Settled The Coast (Louis XIV)
       May 17 The Famed Mississippi Rifle 
              (First U.S. military rifle with a percussion lock, ca. 1847)
       May 19 We Doff Our Derby to Delta State College 
              (Cleveland, Mississippi)
       May 21 Another Mississippi First - Nations Corn Champ 
              (Award winning corn planter, Jackie Courson, of Benton County)
       May 22 Gulf Coast Early Firsts (First Slave Cargo, etc)
       May 26 The Skyrocketing Career of State's First Miss America 
              (Mary Ann Mobley)
       Jun 10 The Little Known Pascagoula Chapter in Career of Earl Van Dorn 
              (Confederate cavalry commander)
       Jul 1 The Trick That Named the Town of Gunnison (Bolivar County)
       Jul 5 Mississippi City - Where Big Time Boxing Was Born 
              (Sullivan-Ryan fight)
       Jul 7 What's In A Name! (Mississippi State College For Women)
       Jul 13 The Long Planned Confederate Memorial on Ship Island
       Jul 14 The British Impact on Mississippi (The English in West Florida)
       Aug 11 Aaron Burr Affair in Mississippi (1807)
       Aug 12 The Outlaw of Honey Island (The legend of Pierre Rameau)
       Aug 26 Mississippi's First Locomotive Appropriately Named Mississippi 
              (Built in 1834)
       Aug 28 Ever Hear of Cotton Road? (Cotton carried overland to Mexico 
              during the Civil War)
       Aug 30 Natchez Notes (Historical data)
       Sept 24 The Duke of Wellington
       Oct 6 Coast Historical Pot Pourri (1893 Biloxi Herald stories)
       Oct 13 Dossier on Deer Island
       Oct 16 Green Acres and Factories (Mississippi Forests and farms)
       Oct 25 Rise and Fall of Carpetbag Rule, Part I (Civil War: Reconstruction)
       Oct 26 Rise and Fall of Carpetbag Rule, Part II (Civil War: Reconstruction)
       Oct 30 Thirteen Original Colonies and How They Grew
Box 4, Folder 10
       Nov 1 Mississippi City Railroad That Wasn't (Gulf and Ship Island Railroad)
       Nov 3 A Yazoo Yarn (Georgia land scam, 1700s)
       Nov 4 From China To Mississippi Forest (Tung trees)
       Nov 11 Irrelevant, Immaterial But Interesting (Civil War vessels: 
              "Monitor"  v. "Merrimack")
       Nov 25 Next Door To Heaven (Book about Hancock & Pearl River 
              Counties,  by S.G. Thigpen of Picayune)
       Nov 26 Two Captains and A Colonel Came Home (Capt. W.H. Hardy, 
              Capt. J.T. Jones, & Col. W.C. Falkner)
       Dec 15 License Plate Lore (History of license plates)
       Dec 20 Biography of Bentonite (Absorptive clay found in Northeast Mississippi)
       Dec 21 Origin of Pearl River County Names
       Dec 22 Stop, Look and Listen (Gulf, Mobile and Ohio RR)
       Jan 2 Andrew Jackson's Mismanaged Mississippi Plantation, 
              ("Halcyon", Coahoma County)
       Jan 7 The New York Times Top Editor From Mississippi (Turner Catledge)
       Jan 12 He's Done It Again ("A Boy In Rural Mississippi and Other 
              Old Time Stories" by S.G. Thigpen)
       Jan 24 The Grandfather Clock An Historic Still Surviving Status Symbol 
              (Herschede Clock Company, Starkville, MS)
       Feb 4 The Antebellum Six Sister Cities by the Sea (Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, 
              Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Mississippi City, and Pascagoula)
       Feb 5 Mississippi Never Celebrated Planned Centennial (1917 - 
              cancelled due to World War I)
       Feb 11 Biloxi Prepares Observance of USO 25th Anniversary
       Mar 3 Did You Know Mississippi River Flows Up Hill?
       Mar 4 Historic Connelly's Tavern of Natchez
       Mar 9 Natchez - The City That Originated The Pilgrimages
       Mar 12 Choctaw Justice (Choctaw murder case)
       Mar 16 Confederate Sharpshooters (Civil War)
       Mar 18 The Past and Present of Picayune (J.W. Simmons)
       Mar 23 The Failure of the French (Early History of the colony of Louisiana)
       Mar 25 Mississippian Youngest Lt. General of Confederacy (Stephen D. Lee)
       Mar 30 Oxford Presents the State's Youngest Spring Pilgrimage 
       Apr 12 Anniversary of the Civil War Curtain Raiser (Firing on Fort Sumter)
       Apr 19 Historic Highlights of Holly Springs
       Apr 20 Fabulous Home of the Last of the Choctaw Chiefs 
              (Greenwood Leflore's mansion, "Malmaison")
       Apr 21 Lee Declined Command of Three Other Armies (Gen. Robert E. Lee)
       May 2 The Hectic History of Star of the West (Civil War vessel)
       May 4 Tiny Battle that Saved the Mississippi Valley 
              (1779 - George Rogers Clark v. British)
       Jun 8 Montreal Salutes the Mississippi Gulf Coast 
              (French-Canadian explorers)
       Jun 15 Itta Bena - Surrounded by Mississippi History
       Jun 18 Greenwood - Named in Honor of the Man Who Tried to Ruin It 
              (Greenwood Leflore)
       Jul 15 The Jig Saw Puzzle That Was the War of 1812
       Jul 28 Fruitland Park (Near Wiggins, MS)
       Aug 16 Mississippi and Mexico (
              Mississippians who fled to Mexico after the Civil War)
       Oct 27 Famous Father-in-Law of Jefferson Davis (Zachary Taylor)
       Oct 28 Keep Your Eye On Natchez in November 
              (250th anniversary of the city)
       Nov 2 Indians of the Gulf Coast States
       Dec 1 Raymond Steps into the Future (Hinds County)
       Dec 6 That Man Bilbo, Again (Brief synopsis of Bilbo's political career)
       Dec 29 Organization of the Mississippi Bar Association (1821)
Box 4, Folder 11
       Jan 10 An Historic Resume of Judge Allan Kimbrough (1850-1930)
       Jan 11 The Henderson Point Story (Near Bay St. Louis)
       Feb 3 When Winnie Davis Was Queen of Comus (Mardi Gras, 1892)
       Feb 15 The Decade of the Dons (Spanish era in Natchez, 1789-1799)
       Feb 20 Mississippi Proudly Preserves its Historic Past 
              (Department of Archives and History)
       Feb 21 Falsely Accused, Captured, Imprisoned, Shackled But With One
              Unexpected Friend 
              (Jefferson Davis' imprisonment after Civil War)
       Feb 28 Mississippi Microcosm (Major Morgan, Morgan City, LeFlore 
              County, MS)
       Mar 1 Confederate Cotton
       Mar 14 Mississippi's First and Only Navy (1795, during the Spanish era)
       Mar 16 When Jennie Lind Sang at Natchez (Jefferson St. Methodist 
              Church, 1851)
       Mar 21 Jackson Was Planned That Way (As a capital city)
       Mar 24 Saga of Sunset Hill (Antebellum mansion, Oxford)
       Apr 1 The Fort The Confederates Called "TWIGGS" 
              (Fort Massachusetts on Ship Island)
       Apr 10 The First Hundred Years of Ku Klux Klan
       Apr 13 Famous Example of "The Show Must Go On" 
              (Actress, Sarah Bernhardt visits the Gulf Coast, 1880)
       Apr 28 Buena Vista, the Battle Of (Mexican War - Jefferson Davis and 
              Zachary Taylor, 1847)
       May 24 The Back Door to the Confederacy
       Jun 13 A Post Pilgrimage Presentation (Home of Col. and Mrs. Nunez 
              Pilet, Bay St. Louis)
       Aug 2 Bit of Mississippi Coast Iron Horse History 
              (West Feliciana Railroad  Co., Woodville, Mississippi)
       Sep 5 Mississippian Who Was Godfather to Alaska 
              (Sen. Robert J. Walker,  engineered the Alaska Purchase in 1857)
       Sep 9 Simultaneous History (1967 150th Anniversary of Mississippi's 
       Sep 20 The Special Mission of U.S.S. Cruiser "Mississippi" (1848)
       Sep 26 Mississippi Minstrel (Jimmie Rodgers) 
       Oct 24 Two American Traitors Mississippi Knew Both (Aaron Burr & 
              Gen. James Wilkinson)
       Nov 23 Mississippi's Great White Chief (James K. Vardaman)
       Dec 6 What is a Gazebo?
       Dec 26 Case of the Mississippi Bedbug 
              (Lawyers hold mock trial against bedbugs. Sargent S. Prentiss 
              represents bugs) 
       Jan 1 The Complete Story of the Pascagoula Indians 
              ("The Pascagoula Indians" by Jay Higginbotham)
       Jan 3 History of Itawamba County (Book by Forrest F. Reed)
       Jan 31 Cotton is Still King in Mississippi
       Feb 21 When Montreal Was American (1775-1776)
       Mar 1 How Mississippi Promotes Its History 
              (The Mississippi Historical Society)
       Mar 4 The Story of Pizza Pie (Traced to ancient Rome)
       Mar 13 Historic Farmington Baptist Church 
              (Established in 1803, near Corinth)
       Mar 25 Many Indian Names Across the Map of Mississippi
       Apr 18 Northeast Mississippi Launches Its Own Historical Publication 
       Sep 7 Historian Finds Town Rich in Book Material 
              ("Pascagoula, Singing River City" by Jay Higginbotham)
       Nov 11 Diplomats Without Benefit of Portfolio (Nurses at Biloxi VA Hospital. 
              (Thompson was a patient there when he wrote this column)
       Jan 2 The Incredible Claibornes (Family of J.F.H. Claiborne, author of 
              "Mississippi as a Province, Territory, and State")
       Jan 3 A Forgotten Famous Foreign Friend 
              (Baron Johann DeKalb, Revolutionary hero for whom DeKalb, MS was named)
       Mar 7 A Bloody Episode in Early Mississippi History 
              (Warfare between Choctaws and Chickasaws in the early 1700s)
       Aug 16 Book Published on History of Fort Maurepas 
              ("The Birth of Louisiana" by Jay Higginbotham)


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