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Collection Title:  Ladner (Dorie Ann) Collection

Accession Number:  AM 2000-63

Dates:  1998

Volume:  3 Items

Given By:  Donated by Ms. Dorie Ann Ladner

Copyright:  This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

The collection includes genealogical and personal information regarding Dorie Ann Ladner and Dr. Joyce Ladner.  The Ladner sisters were born in Palmer's Crossing, a historically black community on the southern outskirts of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Both women attended Tougaloo College and became actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement as Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Field Secretaries in towns in the Mississippi Delta.   

At the time of the donation, Dorie Ann Ladner enjoyed a career as a social worker at D.C. General Hospital and Joyce Ladner was a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, both in Washington D.C.

Three newspaper clippings regarding the professional activities of Ms. Dorie Ann Ladner and her sister Dr. Joyce A. Ladner.

1.      Title:  Ladner Appeal On D.C. Schools’ Change of Chiefs

Reporter:  Vanessa Williams, Washington Post Staff Writer

Photocopy of an article that appeared in the Washington Post on March 28, 1998.  D.C. control board member Joyce A. Ladner spoke positively about staff turnover.  Ladner’s photo is also included in the article.   

2.      Title:  Fixing the District, Phase II

Reporter:  Joyce A. Ladner

Photocopy of an article that appeared in the Washington Post on June 17, 1998. 

Dr. Ladner appeals to the new members of the D.C. financial Control Board to continue to improve through close attention to the progress of D.C. schools and providing for the rebuilding of the city’s infrastructure, and provision of adequate services to the city’s most vulnerable citizens (the mentally ill and children). 

3.      No Title, reporter not listed

Photocopy of an article that appeared in the Washington Post June 17, 1998.

The article discusses the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  Newcomers to politics such as Anthony A. Williams and Rev. George Augustus Stallings Jr. in addition to longtime politicians like Marion Barry were discussed.  Dorie Lander’s thoughts about the Prayer Breakfast being Barry’s last are quoted in the article.


Copies of books by Dr. Joyce A. Ladner are available in the Cook Library:

Tomorrow's Tomorrow: The Black Woman (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1971), call number E185.86 .L34 1971 .

The Death of White Sociology, edited by Joyce A. Ladner (New York: Random House, 1973), call number E185.86 .L33 1973.

Adolescence and Poverty: Challenge for the 1990s, edited by Peter B. Edelman and Joyce Ladner (Washington, D.C.: Center for National Policy Press, 1991), call number HQ796 .A3323 1991.

Accession Number: AM09-24

Inclusive Dates:  circa 1780 - 2009

Volume: 4 items

Given By: Dorie Ladner in 2009

Copyright:This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

 1. Woulard Family Reunion Booklet dated June 8, 1996. 

Family information begins with Simeon Woolard, who was born in 1780 in North Carolina (This man along with his wife, Elizabeth, fathered four children one being Benjamin Woolard, born in Rockingham, N.C. in the year 1805).  Included in this booklet are copies of census records a brief oral history recited by Jerry Prince Woulard (Hattiesburg, MS), photos of the family homestead (Battle, MS), and photos of family members (using surnames Woulard (Woolard), McGuire, Battle, Pittman, Masters, Waldrop, Ladner, Jorgensen, Page, Doolittle, Robinson, Perryman, and Loudermilk (among others). 

*Photocopies of U.S. Census sheets or Soundex Cards for years 1870, 1880, and 1900.

2. Program for “A Special Program in Commemoration of the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) A Conversation with the Ladner Sisters – A Dream Fulfilled” held January 15, 2009.

A seminar hosted by the U.S. Department of Justice (Justice Management Division) took place Thursday, January 15, 2009, Great Hall, Robert F. Kennedy Building.  The program includes brief biography of the speakers (Dorie and Dr. Joyce Ladner) as well as an itinerary.     

3. Program for “The United States Marshals Service Celebrates National African American History Month.  Title: “A Conversation with Dorie Ann Ladner, Civil Rights Activist and Remarks by Douglas LeDeaver, Immediate Past President National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives” held February 18, 2009.

Ms. Dorie Ann Ladner was the Keynote Speaker for this event.  The program includes brief biographies for Ms. Ladner and Mr. DeLeaver as well as an itinerary.    

Program for “4th Annual Conference of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. Title:  “The Movement that Produces Change NOW Empowers our Youth in the 21st Century” “The COFO Link” Veterans Luncheon held March 21, 2009 at Jackson State University Student Center in Jackson, MS. 

While Ms. Ladner is not noted as a speaker for this function, she is a veteran of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement; therefore, this meeting was a justifiably important event. 

Accession Number: AM09-36

Inclusive Dates: 1944; unknown

Volume: 2 items

Given By: Dorie Ladner in 2009

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

Copies of 6 photographs on two sheets of 8x10 copy paper. 

Sheet 1- There is a single photo of a woman seated in a chair and two girls, one seated next to the woman, the other sitting in the woman’s lap.  On the back of the photograph, in the bottom right corner the words “1944 – Annie Ruth Willard Ladner w/ Dorie & Joyce” are written. 

Sheet 2- A collage of five photographs, 3 color and 2 black and white.  Names of individuals in photographs are listed from left to right and top to bottom.  

Photo 1 – (Left / Color photo) Joyce Ladner

Photo 2 – (Top, middle / Color Photo) Duke Ladner, Eunice S. Ladner, and Yodit Mebroot Churnet

Photo 3 – (Bottom, middle / Color Photo) Woodrow Ladner, Delbra Ladner, Dorie Ladner, and Yodit Mebroot Churnet

Photo 4 – (Top, left / Black & White Photo) Fontaine Ladner, Eunice Ladner, Charles Ladner, and Christine Ladner (sitting)

Photo 5 – (Bottom, left / Black & White Photo) Della McLeod Ladner, and Eunice Stafford Ladner (Infant)

Accession Number:  AM10-115

Inclusive Dates:  circa 1805 - present

Volume:  3 items

Given By: Dorie Ladner in 2010

Copyright:  This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Form of Material:

1. The Woulard Family Booklet covers the history of the family from 1805 to current.

Booklet covers Woolard family history beginning in 1780 with Simeon Woolard, Father of Amelia Woolard, and Benjamin, Arnold, and John Woulard (spelling of last name changes).  Benjamin Woulard is named in “The Confessions of James Copeland,” published in the 1870’s.  He is believed to have migrated to the Mississippi Territory sometime in the 1820’s. 

Benjamin Woulard was the father of thirteen children by Unity (Eunice) Wileford, as well as a common law wife, Mary Woulard, a Creek Indian.  From these unions the surnames Buckaloo, Masters, Waldrop, Hirsch, Doolitle, Heid, Hepburn, Alverson, Pemberton, Page, Loudermilk, Pittman, Battle, Winborn, Twyner, and many more Joined the Woolard family legacy.  There are no known death records for Benjamin, Unity, or Mary Woulard.  They are assumed to have been buried in unmarked graves in Washington County, Alabama, or Stateline, Mississippi. 

The front and back cover of the booklet include the following photos:

Front Cover

Photo 1 – Luther, Annie Ruth, Ledrester, Prince, Jerry Prince, Lon, and Joe Woulard.  Labeled great-grandchildren of Benjamin F. Woulard

Photo 2 – Dorie Ladner (b. 1942), great-granddaughter of Benjamin F. Woulard

Photo 3 – Sandra Waldrop Doolittle (b. 1939), great-granddaughter of Benjamin F. Woolard

Photo 4 – Luther Woulard and Louise Waldrop-Jorgenson

Back Cover

Photo 5 – Benjamin F. Woulard (1805 - 1880)

Photo 6 – Tom Woulard (1858 – 1927), grandson of Benjamin F. Woulard

Photo 7 – Minnie Lee Masters-Waldrop (1874-1947), granddaughter

Photo 8 – Neannah and Della Battles, granddaughters of Benjamin F. Woulard

Photo 9 – Fred Woulard (1892-1962) great grandson of Benjamin F. Woulard

Photo 10 – Harry Waldrop (1906-1962), great grandson   


2. Program “In Loving Memory of Mrs. LeDrester Woulard Hayes” on November 16, 1999.

Service took place at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS.  The obituary notes family members / relationships. 


3. Program “Celebration of Life and Memorial Service Thomas Fontaine Ladner” on May 6, 2002.

Service took place at Emerald Avenue Church of God in Chicago, IL.  The obituary includes a narrative of the life and several photographs of Thomas F. Ladner. 

Also included is the following narrative of Ladner family genealogy.

Thomas Fontaine Ladner was born on January 9, 1918 in Hillsdale, Mississippi.  He was the third of five children born to the union of Della Rose McLeod and Thomas Ira Ladner.  Siblings include Eunice Stafford Ladner, Charles W. Ladner (Isabella) (deceased), Valois Ladner (Margaret – both deceased), and Christina Charlotte Dixon (Oliver – deceased). 

Fontaine, as he was affectionately called, received his early education in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  After migrating to Cincinnati, Ohio, he moved to Chicago.  His aunt introduced him to the love of his life, Alonza M. Sampson.  To this enduring and steadfast marriage, of sixty-three years, was born two children, Gerald Lawrence Ladner and Della Rose (Ladner) Wilson.  

His grandchildren include: Gerald Fontaine Ladner (Denise), Michael Leonard Ladner (deceased), Theodore T. Landry Jr., Tonia Mallard (Richard), Tracey Ladner (Jimmie Bebley), Terria Taylor (Wilbert), Teretha Ladner, and Thomas Fontaine Ladner II (Cherise).

Fontaine’s great grandchildren are: Gerald Fontaine Ladner Jr., Brittany Ladner, Katherine Ladner, Theodore T. Landry III, DeCarlos Avance, Mary Avance, Terry McElvene, Maurice Jones, Tanesha Jointer, Michael Jointer, and Sarah Gruendler-Ladner.

His nieces and nephews are: Jeanette Crowder (Russell), Georgia Roberts (Clarence), Sara J. Lathan, Alonza Dianne Walker, Barbara Ann Dixon, Woodrow Ladner (Sondra), Jefferson Walker III (Mahala), Dr. Joyce Ladner, Dorie Churnett, Joyce Melton (Richard), Sydney Polk, Margaret Ann Coffee, Christina Hall, and Valois Ladner Jr.

He also leaves to mourn his passing a multitude of cousins, including: beloved cousins Authorea Alford and children, Anthony Cole, Valerie Tyler and family; and three very special Godchildren: Marian Jeffers, Nancy Furr and children, and Jean Boler and Family.

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