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Name of Collection:  Bowers (Sam) Papers 

Accession Number:  AM11-67                               

Given By:  Purchased from Jason Nix

Date of Receipt:  September 19, 2011   

Extent:  1 cu.ft.

Inclusive Dates:  circa 1991 - 2006       

Conditions of Deposit (Includes donor's instructions for duplicates, etc.):

This collection was purchased.

Form of Material (Letters, Minutes, etc.):

The papers include:

  • From Dred Scott to Delay by Way of Medgar: A Comprehensive Public Power Analysis of the Inherently Strategic Factors Involved. 81-page typescript with corrections. Also, handwritten, 107 pages.
  • Post-Ordination Suggestions and Information. Typescript w/corrections and handwritten original.
  • A Public Power Thesis: The Intent, Purpose, Design and Strategy of the Bancroft Amendment. Corrected typescript (58 pages) and handwritten pages 85-140.
  • A Public Power Thesis: The Intent, Purpose, Design and Strategy of the Bancroft Amendment. 11 page typescript. Appears to be complete.
  • Handwritten drafts of letters re: Bancroft Council.
  • Several typescripts related to the Bancroft Amendment Council.
  • Handwritten draft and typescript of public announcement made before Judge Dickey McKenzie re: several criminal cases.
  • Copy of handwritten letter (1994) re: ballistics and cadaver-wound analysis (Medgar Evers case). 4 pages.
  • Handwritten: The Prayer of the American Lancer.
  • Handwritten: The Code of the American Lancer.
  • Secrecy, Invisibility and Selective Policing. Typescript, 2 pages, as well as 10 pages handwritten.
  • Priestcraft: Orthodoxy-Heresy in Public Power Operations. Handwritten, approximately 30 pages.
  • “Complete Bancroft package”, with letter from Deavours Nix to producer.
  • Handwritten draft memo to The New Yorker re: prospective literary work on Kennedy assassination.
  • The Rifle (in the Honeysuckle Hedge). Handwritten. Several pages of what appear to be plot summary for a play, along with a page listing characters, real persons they represent, and suggested actors, as well as a page listing setting and scenes and reference works.
  • Corpus Lex Secundum. Synopsis and Introduction. Handwritten, approximately 20 pages.
  • Thieves, Whores, Fools, and Lunatics: An Analysis and Language Correlation of the Aspects of Individual, Social, Political, and Economic Manifestations in the “Civilized” Human Community. Handwritten, approximately 20-30 pages.
  • Handwritten: Corpus Lex Secundum: An Analytical and Expository Essay into the Theory and Practice of Individual-Community Public Power Systems in America. About 30 pages.
  • America the Beautiful…and Bush, the Nerd. 1991. Copy of handwritten document approximately 30-40 pages.
  • Christians and Jews. Handwritten, approximately 20 pages, with about 15 pages of additional handwritten documents and copies of other handwritten documents.
  • American Orthodoxy. Handwritten, approximately 20-30 pages.
  • The Legalistic Public Man and the Lex of the Invisible Imperium. Typescript and several handwritten pages.
  • Violence: Political Aspects and Definitions. Handwritten, 20 pages.
  • The Invisible Imperium Table of Order and Process. Handwritten, approximately 30-40 pages.

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