Reserves FAQ for Instructors

Q: What can I put on Reserve?
A: Items on Reserve may include:

  • Books or purchased media materials from your personal library. Dust jackets should be removed from the book, and note that the library is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal items placed on Reserve.
  • Typed course notes.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Photocopies from books or periodicals - bibliographic information must be included.
  • Materials from the Cook Library collection, scores and recordings from the 2nd Floor South materials.
  • Q: When can I put something on Reserve?
    A: Items can be placed on Reserve at any time during the semester.

    Q: How long does it take for my material to be added to Reserve?
    A: During the first two weeks of the semester, three business days (Monday-Friday) are needed for processing all reserve items. After the first two weeks of the semester, materials should only take about two business days to process. ALL material is processed on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

    Q: How do I put something on Reserve?
    A: Forms:
    Reserve Form in PDF
    Reserve Form as Word Document
    Online Reserve form
    You may turn in your Cook Library Reserve Form and material at the Reserve Desk or you may place electronic items on Reserve using the online Place Item On Reserve form.

    Q: Can my Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant deliver items to Cook Library to be put on Reserve?
    A: Certainly! Be sure that your assistant is informed of information such as your course number, the name of the course, your contact information and Empl ID number.

    Q: Where do I get a Cook Library Reserve Form?
    A: You may pick up a form at the Reserve Desk of Cook Library, or print one from the library’s website at Reserve Form in PDF (.pdf) or Reserve Form as Word Document (.doc).

    Q: If a Cook Library book is to be placed on Reserve, do I have to pull the book from the stacks myself?
    A: No, as long as you fill out the online Reserve form, we will pull the item for you.

    Q: How will I know when my material is on Reserve?
    A: Reserve materials can be searched in the library catalog. To do this, access the Libraries’ website, then click on the Library Catalog link at the top left-hand side of the page. Next, click on the Course Reserves button. Enter the instructor’s last name, or course name and click the appropriate button.

    Q: How long will my students be able to check out Reserve items?
    A: Reserve loan periods are 3-hour, overnight, 3-day, and 7-day. Loan periods are chosen by the instructor, with the exception of Reference materials and periodicals (which must be a 3-hour loan period).

    Q: How will my students check out something on Reserve?
    A: Students may look up the call number of the item at the Reserve Desk in Cook Library by the instructor’s name, the course name, or course number. Our staff will pull the item and check it out to the patron. Students must have a valid University of Southern Mississippi ID to check out any library material, including those on Reserve.

    Q: How many can they check out at one time?
    A: Two Reserve items may be checked out at one time.

    Q: What is an E-Reserve?
    A: An E-Reserve is an electronic reserve document that is available online to any currently enrolled student with an internet accessible computer. The Reserve staff scans the document, places it on Reserve, and attaches a link to the item, making it remotely accessible.

    Q: How do I put something on E-Reserve?
    A: Just as you would place any other item on Reserve: bring the photocopied material to the Reserve Desk with a completed Cook Library Reserve Form, identifying your request that the item be an E-Reserve or fill out the online Reserve form.

    Q: What sort of material may I put on E-Reserve?
    A: Items intended for E-Reserve must be clear one-sided 8½” X 11” photocopies with 1/2 inch margins all around. Be sure to include the bibliographic information on the first page of the photocopy. Orientation of the document may be portrait or landscape, but not both within the same item. Photocopies should not have black margins and should have as little shadow from the spine as possible. Pages cannot include taped, cut, or pasted pieces of paper.

    Q: How will my students access E-Reserves?
    A: Students can access E-Reserves through the library catalog. Upon entering the search screen of the catalog, a link for "Course" can be found at the top of the screen. It is searchable by instructor or course name. If off-campus, students will be prompted for their CampusID number (w######) and password before they can access the item.

    Q: Can my students print the material they find on E-Reserves?
    A: Yes. But students should be reminded to use the Adobe toolbar "print;" otherwise, they will get a blank page.

    Q: Can I put books from other Libraries on Reserve?
    A: Only items from the USM campuses may be placed on Reserve at Cook or the Gulf Coast Library. Interlibrary Loan guidelines prohibit the ability to place any other library’s book on our Reserve.

    Q: What if the item I want to place on Reserve is checked out?
    A: Contact the staff at the appropriate Reserve desk about recalling the item. Inform staff that the item is needed for Reserve and a recall will be placed immediately.

    Q: How long will my items stay on Reserve?
    A: It's up to you. On the Reserve Form, you choose between two options: until “notified by instructor,” or “end of current semester.”

    Q: Is it possible for you to mail them to me after they’re taken off Reserve?
    A: Unless notified otherwise, all items will be removed from Reserve at the time designated by the instructor and will be available for pickup at the Reserve Desk for approximately one month. We will notify you when your items have been processed off Reserve and give you a deadline to pickup your personal items. Those items not picked up by the deadline will be discarded.