Formatting Your Paper in MicroSoft Word 2003

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Set up 1" Margins
Step 1 - Select File > Page Setup...

Step 2 - Specify 1" Top, Bottom, Left, Right in Margins

Set up Double Spacing
Step 1 - Select Format > Paragraph

Step 2 - Find "Line Spacing" and select "Double" from the drop down menu.

Set up Running Head and Page Number
Your Running head will appear flush left while your page number will appear in the upper right hand corner of each page.
Step 1 - Select View > Header and Footer

Step 2 - Type your abbreviated title, tab over to flush right, then click on the page number icon to insert the page number.

Type Your Title, Name and School
Once the page has been formatted and your running header is in place, space down to the center of your page and type the title of your paper (10 to 12 words), your name, and your school (centered on the page and on separate lines).

Title page of a sample paper

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