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Frequently Asked Questions.....

Given the limited resources and staff at the de Grummond Collection, we are unable to answer all of the questions we receive. To assist you in your research, we have prepared answers to several of our Frequently Asked Questions.

If your question falls into one of the categories below, please click on the category to go to a FAQs page for more information. It will provide you with resources to continue researching on your own at your local school library, public library, or nearby academic research library.

Please note that much information can be obtained on the de Grummond web site. Our site index may lead you directly to the subject you need. Each page of our website is searchable by Keyword through the Finding Aid Search feature located on the left-side of each page. In this same location, another access point is also provided for searching the Online Catalog/Anna.

Online biographies, bibliographies and a Cinderella database are also available as starting points for more general queries.

Thank you for your interest in children's literature. We hope these pages are helpful.

The de Grummond staff

Other Fairy Tales
McLoughlin Brothers books and prints
I have an old book. Can you help me find out what it is worth?
I need information about ( or a picture of ) an author or an illustrator.
Can you help me find a book I loved as a child?
I need an image.






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