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The de Grummond Collection is well known for its Kate Greenaway books and original illustrations. Included are more than 100 volumes illustrated by this 19th century British artist. Some of the more notable titles and editions include Infant Amusements, Melcomb Manor, Fairy Gifts, Under the Window, Mother Goose, A Apple Pie, Puck and Blossom, Queen Victoria's Jubilee Garland , a proof copy and first edition of Marigold Garden, two first editions of Little Ann and Other Poems, Edmund Evans' copy of A Day in a Child's Life, and Mary Evans' copy of Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book for Children, signed by Horatia Gatty, Randolph Caldecott, Edmund Evans, and Kate Greenaway.

The Collection has approximately 300 illustrations by Greenaway, including over forty pencil sketches and drawings for A Apple Pie.
Also included are watercolors and/or pencil sketches for The Royal Progress of King Pepito, The April Baby's Book of Tunes, Mother Goose, Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book for Children, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, and Under the Window, as well as for various almanacs and calendars. An item of particular interest is an unpublished illustrated manuscript titled, "A Short Account of a Boy of Guile and the Pigsty."

Other Greenaway items include unpublished artwork and verse, correspondence, woodblocks used in the printing of Marigold Garden, and an extensive selection of greeting cards. A significant portion of our Kate Greenaway holdings were displayed at four exhibition sites (Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama, and Fukuyama) in Japan during 1993.


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