University Archives Collection Development

Collection Development

The University Archives collects and documents the history of The University of Southern Mississippi. This includes, but is not limited to, printed and electronic materials relating to the development and character of The University of Southern Mississippi; records and publications of departments, schools, and agencies; and records of organizational activities. Please see our Special Collections Collection Development Statement for additional information.

Transferring Materials to the Archives

The Curator of Historical Manuscripts and Archives, Lorraine A. Stuart () and Records Management Specialist Jessica Clark () are happy to work with offices to arrange transfer of archival materials with permanent retention periods. Contact us to schedule pick-up or delivery of archival boxes. House materials in labeled folders within the archival boxes. Schedule a pick-up or delivery date with the Archives. Prior to that date, please provide the Records Management Specialist with an electronic inventory of the boxes via email. Boxes should not be written on except with pencil to indicate box numbers.

Retention Schedules

The USM Records Retention Schedules cover records common to many offices and departments. Types of records ordinarily sent to the Archives include administrative records, permanent academic department records, biographical information, architectural drawings, University publications, records of student organizations, photographic materials, student organizational records, audio/video/film, and artifacts.