Section 4. Review and a Quiz

Before you take an "open-book" 10-question quiz, we want to thank you for your participation in the tutorial. Hopefully, as a result of this tutorial, you can now:
  1. Identify some basic characteristics of MLA style format.
  2. Recognize citations in MLA style.
  3. Apply some of the concepts discussed in this tutorial to practical situations that arise when writing a research paper.
  4. Demonstrate your ability to look up information about Works Cited entries or parenthetical situations using the MLA Handbook, USM Libraries' MLA Style Guide, or another outside source.

If you'd like to review any aspect of the tutorial before attempting to take the quiz, please find the section you need using the left-hand navigation.

Otherwise, thanks and good luck! Results will be emailed to your instructor, who may choose to give you a participation or other grade for the completion of this tutorial.

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