Section 2. Formatting Your Paper

The Title Page
The rules of MLA do not require a paper to have a separate title page. Check with your teacher to determine his or her preference. Instead of a title page, all identifying information should appear on the first page of your paper.

First page of a sample paper

Formatting the First Page
Set up 1" margins all around. Set up a running header with your last name and a page number in the upper right-hand corner. Lines should be double spaced.

Beginning your Paper - Heading and Title
Once the page has been formatted correctly, type your name, professor's name, the course number and the date (on separate lines). Double space, center, and type the title of your paper. (It's okay to have a title which runs onto more than one line.) Double space again before typing the first paragraph of your paper. Remember to indent (tab) the first line of each paragraph.

True or false: When you set up a paper in MLA format, you must have a separate title page.