The question asked you to identify which parenthetical reference was better.

  1. In describing the problem of the "digital divide," Jerabek comments that "one of the central problems inherent with automated systems...is reduced access to information for those who are unable to use the technology" (278).
  2. Jerabek describes the "digital divide" as the barrier created by lack of access to technology and lack of understanding about how to use that technology. "One of the central problems with automated systems, however, is reduced access for those who are unable to use the technology" (Jerabek 278).

In the example, #1 represents the better choice. The writer in #2 has left the quote in a sentence by itself. The writer in #1 has "set up" the quote with a better transition ("Jerabek comments that . . .").

Note that, however, if the writer in #2 were to replace the period with a colon, indicating that a quote is to follow, the sentence might be more acceptable (as an example of a parenthetical reference). However, the length of the sentence might still be awkward.

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