How do I get help trouble-shooting articles sent via e-mail?

When I'm home or otherwise off-campus, clicking on an article link in an e-mail that I sent to myself sends me to a page where they ask for username and password information? What's going on?

  1. It is not recognizing your computer address.
  2. Since you are accessing the article from home, the database vendor does not recognize you as a USM student, faculty, or staff member. Therefore, you are not being granted access to the requested resource. Follow the below directions to fix the problem:

    Add the following URL in front of the URL you sent to yourself in the e-mail: Then either type or copy and paste the complete URL in the location bar at the very top of the browser (where you type in an internet address). What you place in the location bar will look similar to the following (it will all be on one line):

    Once you have the complete URL in the Location box, press Enter. It will now ask you for your USM CampusID/Empl number (w######) and password. Once you type in your ID and press Enter, your article should come up.

  3. There may be a problem with your CampusID in the University's system.
  4. For various reasons, your CampusID/Empl number may not work. If you have checked the above troubleshooting suggestions and are still unable to get in, please contact the iTech Help Desk or visit the CampusID password management site.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact University Libraries using Ask-a-Librarian and indicate that you are having a problem accessing an article, database, or e-journal.