How do I find a reserve item?

How do I search for reserves in the Library Catalog?

Information on Reserves - for Instructors

Placing Material on Reserve
  • Bring material to be placed on reserve to the Reserve Desk in the appropriate library and complete the reserve form, or submit an online Reserve Request Form at The University Libraries are not responsible for damage to, or loss of, personal copies placed on reserve.
Preparing Submissions for for Electronic Reserves
  • Include complete and accurate citation information for each item on the first page of a photocopy.
  • Include the original copyright statement. This information is usually found on the back of the title page. For journal articles, if the copyright statement is not found on the first page of the article itself, look on the inside front cover of the journal.
  • Photocopies must be one-sided, 8½ x 11 inch paper, be clear and legible with half-inch margins, and have no black margins or shadows.
  • Pages must be free of any tape or attached pieces of paper.
  • Include only one citation per document.
  • Individual readings must be from one source. If a course reading is comprised of materials from more than one source, divide it into separate readings before submitting it to reserves (entire course packs are not eligible).
  • Student papers must be accompanied by a permission letter authorizing the paper to be placed on reserve or the student names must be redacted.
Submission Date Guidelines

Processing time for reserve materials is generally within two working days, except during the first three weeks of the semester when processing may take three working days.

Loan Periods

For print or media reserves, instructors may assign a loan period of:

  • 3 hours
  • Overnight
  • 3 days
  • 7 days

Electronic reserves are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Links to Full-text Articles

E-reserves are generally made available in PDF format. However, reserves staff utilize links to full-text online versions available in the libraries' collections whenever possible. This eliminates any potential accessibility and copyright issues. Please indicate such online availability if it is known to exist.

Information on Reserves - FAQ for Students

Q. How do I search for reserves in the library catalog?
A. Use the library catalog to find the reserve call number of a print or media reserve and to find the link(s) to an electronic reserve. You may search for reserves using the instructor's name or the course name.

Begin on the reserves lookup screen in the catalog. To search by instructor click on instructor search under the course reserves heading and type all or part of the instructor's last name. Then click the Submit.

To search by course name, click on the course search under the course reserves heading, type all or part of the course name, such as Introduction to Computing, and then click Submit.

Q. How do I get a reserve item once I've looked it up in the catalog?
A. The reserve number you find using the catalog will help you to determine what type of reserve you are looking for and where to get it.
Patrons need a valid University of Southern Mississippi ID card to check out reserve materials.

If the reserve call number begins with RES, it is a print reserve. Ask for it at the Circulation or Reserves Desk.

If the reserve call number looks like a regular call number, ask for it at the Circulation or Reserves Desk.

If the reserve call number does not begin with RES or look like a regular call number, click on the reserve title to see if it has an electronic access link. If there is a link, then the item is an ereserve. On the search results screen in the catalog, click the Full Details link. Then, click the Electronic access link. If there are multiple electronic access links, you need to download all of them to get the entire reserve item.

If the reserve call number begins with MRES, it is a media reserve. Ask for it at the Circulation or Reserves Desk of Cook Library.

If the reserve location says GCC reserve desk, it is a Gulf Coast reserve.

Q. How long can I check out a Reserve?
A. Loan periods for Reserves are chosen by each instructor when the item is placed on reserve. Items may be 7-day, 3-day, overnight, or 3-hour reserves.

Q. Why can't it be a longer period?
A. Typically, several people need to access these selected items at the same time for specific classes.

Q. How many Reserves may I check out at one time?
A. Two Reserve items may be checked out at one time.

If you have any questions about reserves, please contact the Circulation Desk at Cook Library (601.266.4250) or Gulf Coast Library (228.865.4540).