Speech Media Guide

Media Guide to Preparing Speeches and Dealing with Speaking Anxiety

Persuasive Speaking: Strategies
1 VHS (28 min.)
PN4121 .P32 1997
Strategies teach how to create speeches that influence the audience's perspective and behavior.

Enhancing Your Presentations with Media
1 VHS (50 min.)
P96.T42 E5 1997
Introduces the role of media in presentations. Provides hints and guidelines to improve presentation skills. Considers planning, practice, placement of equipment and materials, presenting (anxiety, delivery, voice, and gestures), reflection, and improvement.

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness
2 VHS (98 min.)
v. 1. Understanding Your Fear -- v. 2. Overcoming Your Fear.
PN4121 .S71 1995
Helen Sutton discusses why people fear public speaking, how to confront these fears, how to regain composure when it slips, how to build self-confidence in one's public speaking skills, and how individuals can psych themselves up before making oral presentations.

Keys to Effective Speaking
1 VHS (55 min.)
PN4121 .K46 1994
Gives the 3 p's of effective public speaking: preparation, practice, and performance.

Powerful Presentation Skills: Volume One
1 VHS (55 min.)
HF5718.22 .P69 1993 vol.1
Teaches the 6 principles of powerful presentations, how to capture your listeners' attention in the first 15 seconds, how to structure your presentation for maximum impact and how to use a powerful close to achieve audience commitment.

Powerful Presentation Skills: Volume Two
1 VHS (52 min.)
HF5718.22 .P69 1993 vol.2
Teaches you how to increase your visibility and clout, feel more confident and poised and how to get people on your side through powerful presentation skills.

Powerful Presentation Skills: Volume Three
1 VHS (40 min.)
HF5718.22 .P69 1993 vol.3
Learn effective ways to practice your presentation, get people to act on your ideas, control your nervousness and think on your feet, and project self-assurance.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
1 VHS (70 min.)
PN4086 .C66 1992
Gloria Goforth trains the viewer to recognize his or her unique strengths, to relate to either one person or a large audience, to be forceful yet sensitive, to develop a positive feeling about public speaking, and to handle questions from the audience.

The Study of Great Speeches
1 VHS (18 min.)
P91.25 .S78 1991
Explains what makes a good speech and gives examples. Further, claims that speeches teach us about the past, explain the present, and shape the future.

Be Prepared to Speak: the Step-by-Step Video Guide to Public Speaking
1 VHS (27 min.)
PN4121 .B4x 1985
Demonstrates techniques for preparing and practicing speeches. Follows one speaker's progress through the process of speech writing, speech presentation, and control of stage fright.


Presents famous speeches, each with an introduction detailing the time, place and events surrounding it. Some speeches are in the original language with English translation.

Great Speeches: Volume I
1 VHS (120 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 1
Inaugural address / John F. Kennedy -- I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Farewell address / Gen. Douglas MacArthur -- 1934 Nazi Party congress / Adolph Hitler -- 1942 State of the Union / Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Great Speeches: Volume II
1 VHS (98 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 2
Two wartime speeches / Winston Churchill -- U.N. Missile Crisis / Adlai Stevenson -- "Constitution" speech / Barbara Jordan -- "Checkers" speech / Richard Nixon -- U.N. General Assembly / Golda Meir.

Great speeches: Volume III
1 VHS (115 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 3
Rainbow Coalition / Jesse Jackson -- Resignation / Richard M. Nixon -- VP acceptance / Geraldine Ferraro -- Atoms for peace / Dwight D. Eisenhower -- KAL 007 disaster / Jeane Kirkpatrick.

Great speeches: Volume IV
1 VHS (154 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 4
1984 Democratic keynote / Mario Cuomo -- 1980 Presidential acceptance / Ronald Reagan -- 1976 Democratic keynote / Barbara Jordan -- VP acceptance / Hubert H. Humphrey -- Houston ministers / John F. Kennedy.

Great speeches: Volume V
1 VHS (89 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 5
First Inaugural & Declaration of War / Franklin D. Roosevelt -- 1965 Voting Rights Act / Lyndon B. Johnson -- Tribute to the Challenger astronauts / Ronald Reagan -- Eulogy of Martin Luther King, Jr. / Robert Kennedy.

Great speeches: Volume VI
1 VHS (120 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 6
Mountain top speech / Martin Luther King, Jr. -- United Nations address / Eleanor Roosevelt -- Defense of Saudi Arabia / George Bush -- Watergate speech / Richard Nixon -- Truth & tolerance in America / Edward Kennedy.

Great speeches: Volume VII
1 VHS (120min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 7
RFK Foundation Awards keynote / Lech Walesa -- 1991 State of the Union / George Bush -- Energy crisis / Jimmy Carter -- 1988 Democratic Convention / Jesse Jackson -- South Africa / Jerry Falwell.

Great speeches: Volume VIII
1 VHS (120 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 8
Role of communism, role of America / Fulton Sheen -- Whistle stop campaign / Harry Truman -- We ain't going / Stokeley Carmichael -- I am a Berliner / John Kennedy -- 1988 Democratic keynote / Ann Richards.

Great speeches: Volume IX
1 VHS (120 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 9
1992 Vice Presidential acceptance / Albert Gore -- 1992 Republican Convention / Barbara Bush -- Westminster College / Mikhail Gorbachev -- Farewell address / Dwight Eisenhower -- 1941 Radio address / Franklin Roosevelt.

Great speeches: Volume X
1 VHS (120 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 10
Inaugural address / Bill Clinton -- Assuming presidency / Gerald Ford -- Let us continue / Lyndon Johnson -- Address to the A.M.A. / Hillary Clinton -- Address to U.S. Congress / Boris Yeltsin.

Great speeches: Volume XI
1 VHS (80 min.)
PN6121 .G74 vol. 11
Howard University commencement address / Colin Powell -- 1991 Democratic Convention / Elizabeth Glaser -- Relinquishing leadership: 1995 Congress / Richard Gephardt -- Swearing in ceremonies as House Speaker / Newt Gingrich -- Rio de Janeiro Environmental Conference / Fidel Castro.


A series of speeches by women on national concerns and issues.

Great Speeches: Volume 1 Today's Women
1 VHS (135 min.)
PN6122 .G71 1995
Paula Stern, Barbara Jordan, Sarah Ragle Weddington, Joycelyn M. Elders, Marilyn Quayle.

Great Speeches: Volume 2 Today's Women
1 VHS (135 min.)
PN6122 .G72 1995
Elizabeth Dole, Mary Fisher, Tipper Gore, Heather Lamm, Margaret Thatcher.


Modern Presidential Campaigns
5 VHS (368 min.)
JK526 .M62 1993 Vol. 1-Vol.5
Vol. I. The Modern Era Begins, 1920-1944 (49 min.) -- Vol. II. From Train to Television, 1948-1960 (78 min.) -- Vol. III. Turbulence, Populism and Power Politics, 1964-1976 (81 min.) -- Vol. IV. Images & Sound Bites, 1980-1992 (80 min.) -- Vol V. 1996-2000 (80 min.). Documents the major candidates, crucial issues, and events (conventions, inaugurals, commercials, speeches, debates) of every presidential campaign in the United States from 1920 through 2000.

Campaign '92
2 VHS (240 min.)
JK526 1992 .C35 1992
V. 1 the Democrats -- V. 2 the Republicans. Presents speeches by Zell Miller, Barbara Jordan, Mario Cuomo, Albert Gore, Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, Patrick Buchanan, Jack Kemp, Dan Quayle and George Bush from the Democratic and Republican convention.

Great speeches: the Presidents
1VHS (130 min.)
PS663.P75 G74 1989
Presents speeches by the presidents of the United States from Calvin Coolidge to Ronald Reagan. Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929 -- Herbert Clark Hoover, 1929-1933 -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-1945 -- Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953 -- Dwight David Eisenhower, 1953-1961 -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1961-1963 -- Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1963-1969 -- Richard Milhous Nixon, 1969-1974 -- Gerald Rudolph Ford, 1974-1977 -- Jimmy Earl Carter, 1977-1981 -- Ronald Reagan, 1981-1989.