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University Libraries - All Service Points
Autry, DaleStacks Management Supervisor601.266.4760Cook Library
Cox, CharlesWeekend Research Services Specialist601.266.4249Cook Library
Johnson, Chase Acquisitions Specialist I601.266.6176Cook Library
McRaney, Amandade Grummond Collection Specialist601.266.4349McCain Library and Archives
Dillon, RodAssistant to the Dean for Budget Management601.266.6458Cook Library
Lee, MarilynResearch Services Specialist601.266.4249Cook Library
Easterday, JustinEducation and Human Sciences Librarian / Assistant Professor228.214.3461Gulf Coast Library
Black, HaliFirst Year Experience Librarian - Assistant Professor601.266.4255Cook Library
Clark, CarolineAssistant Research Librarian228.214.3451Gulf Coast Library
Shemwell, DanielCataloging Specialist III601.266.4616Cook Library
New, Kathryn Arts and Humanities Librarian / Assistant Professor601.266.6424Cook Library
Williams, MarjoriePT Library Technical Assistant228.872.4253Gunter Library
Saul, MollyPart-Time Library Assistant228.214.3450Gulf Coast Library
Stanfield, JamieScience, Nursing, & Health Librarian / Assistant Professor228.214.3467Gulf Coast Library
Wallace, MichaelPart-time Proctoring Assistant228.214.3459Gulf Coast Library
Thornton, MarilynPart-time Proctoring Assistant228.214.3459Gulf Coast Library
Kuttner, OliverPart-time Proctoring Assistant228.214.3459Gulf Coast Library
Faulk, CameronCirculation Specialist228.214.3414Gulf Coast Library
Brown, MarthaLibrary Assistant228.872.4213Gunter Library
Howze, MernaghGC Library Testing Services Coordinator228.214.3459Gulf Coast Library
Ullendorf, JanessaCirculation/Media Specialist228.214.3409Gulf Coast Library
Brown, JessicaMississippi Digital Library Coordinator601.266.6864McCain Library and Archives
Vance, JennieInstitutional Repository Specialist601.266.6390Cook Library
Stuart, LorraineHead of Special Collections and Curator of Historical Manuscripts & Archives / Associate Professor601.266.4117McCain Library and Archives
Robinson, DavidInterlibrary Loan Specialist601.266.4256Cook Library
Burke, MichaelPart-Time Librarian228.214.3451Gulf Coast Library
DeLozier, ShakePart-Time Librarian228.214.3451Gulf Coast Library
Frasier-Robinson, MicheleEducation and Human Sciences Librarian / Assistant Professor601.266.6168Cook Library
Thompson, ClairePart-Time de Grummond Assistant601.266.4349McCain Library and Archives
Vaughan, JoshuaDigitization Assistant601.266.5604McCain Library and Archives
Smith, DawnAssistant to the Dean for Publicity and Outreach601.266.4120Cook Library
Duan, XiaojieCatalog Librarian / Assistant Professor601.266.5289Cook Library
Rials, LeahDigitization Specialist601.266.6493McCain Library and Archives
Anthony, MaryanneLibrary Assistant228.872.4253Gunter Library
Waller, VirginiaSerials Specialist I601.266.4398Cook Library
Warren, SaraPreservation Coordinator601.266.6403Cook Library
Smith, DonnaAdministrative Assistant228.214.3465Gulf Coast Library
Shaw, BettyAccess Services Financial Coordinator228.214.3456Gulf Coast Library
Ruffin, EllenCurator of de Grummond Collection / Associate Professor601.266.6543McCain Library and Archives
Shaw, KarenSerials/Collection Management Coordinator228.214.3469Gulf Coast Library
Rhodes, AndrewSpecial Collections Specialist601.266.6765McCain Library and Archives
Eye, JohnDean of University Libraries / Professor601.266.4362Cook Library
Soniat, CarolynAdministrative Assistant601.266.4241Cook Library
McCormack, EdwardAssociate Dean for Gulf Coast Libraries / Professor228.214.3466Gulf Coast Library
Mangrum, SarahAccess Services Librarian / Associate Clinical Professor601.266.4251Cook Library
Lockett, ElayneResearch Services Supervisor601.266.4252Cook Library
La Beaud, ElizabethDigital Lab Manager601.266.5606McCain Library and Archives
Ingram, CrystalAssistant to the Dean for Internal Operations601.266.4242Cook Library
Jones, LisaHead of Library Technology 601.266.4244Cook Library
Griffith, BarbaraAccess Services Manager228.214.3460Gulf Coast Library
Hassan, SaidulTechnology Specialist228.214.3457Gulf Coast Library
Green, CarolSerials Librarian / Associate Professor601.266.4476Cook Library
Ginn, LindaCatalog Librarian / Associate Professor601.266.6398Cook Library
Fowler, RobertCataloging Specialist V601.266.4519Cook Library
Englert, TracyScience, Nursing, and Health Librarian / Associate Professor601.266.6396Cook Library
Downey, GwenMusic Cataloging Specialist II601.266.4586Cook Library
Culley, JenniferCollection Management & Acquisitions Librarian / Associate Professor601.266.6209Cook Library
Cromwell, JoshInstitutional Repository Coordinator601.266.6200Cook Library
Phillips, NadineInterlibrary Loan Librarian / Assistant Teaching Professor601.266.5111Cook Library
Coffman, GidgetManager of Libraries' Integrated Library System601.266.6645Cook Library
Clark, JessicaRecords Management Specialist601.266.5776McCain Library and Archives
Carlson, CarlaAssistant Curator, Historical Manuscripts601.266.4348McCain Library and Archives
Zelner, TishaHead of Public Services / Associate Professor601.266.6170Cook Library
Cameron, LucyAcquisitions Supervisor601.266.4247 Cook Library
Shaw, JoyceHead of Gunter Library / Professor228.872.4213Gunter Library
Brannock, JenniferCurator of Rare Books and Mississippiana / Professor601.266.4347McCain Library and Archives
Bishop Stoulig, DanielleAssistant Curator of de Grummond Collection601.266.6182McCain Library and Archives
Beck, AllisaArts & Humanities and Collection Management Librarian / Associate Professor228.214.3468Gulf Coast Library
Ball, BrandonProcessing Assistant601.266.5773McCain Library and Archives
Aplin, EmilieCirculation and Reserves Supervisor601.266.5308Cook Library
Blair, JohnWeb Services CoordinatorCook Library