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Ezra Jack Keats Award Committee Members

Please contact Claire Thompson or Ellen Ruffin for a list of committee member addresses and mailing instructions. Please be aware that all of the following committee members will have to receive a copy of each entry:



KT Horning, Chair 4/17 (1st term)
Rita Auerbach, 4/17 (2nd term)
Jason Chin, 4/17 (1st term)
Angela Johnson, 4/18 (1st term)
Dr. Claudette McLinn, 4/18 (1st term)
Sean Qualls, 4/17 (1st term)
Caroline Ward 4/19 (2nd term)
Junko Yokota 4/19 (1st term)
Paul Zelinsky, 4/18 (2nd term) 

Ex Officio: Ellen Ruffin 

Terms of the present Jury will end as follows: 

April, 2017: Rita Auerbach (2nd term), KT Horning (1st term), Jason Chin (1st term), Sean Qualls (1st term) 

April, 2018: Paul Zelinsky (2nd term), Dr. Claudette McLinn (1st term), Angela Johnson (1st term) 

April, 2019: Caroline Ward (2nd term) 

April, 2019: Junko Yokota (1st term) 

2016-2017 Executive Committee:


USM, Curator, de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection: Ellen Ruffin
Committee Chair: KT Horning
EJK Foundation: Deborah Pope
Dean of USM Libraries: Dr. John Eye