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Libraries Mission, Values & Goals

Mission, Values, and Goals

The mission of the University Libraries is to provide a dynamic physical and virtual learning environment that supports the intellectual development and creativity of the University community; to offer services that meet the information needs of the University's faculty, staff, and students; to develop and enhance collections of resources that support the University's research, teaching, learning, and service; to collect unique materials of enduring research value to the University and to the larger scholarly community; and to organize, preserve, promote, and provide access to all our collections.


  • Our library users deserve courtesy, respect, and excellent service.
  • Information literacy is a critical characteristic of an educated individual, and we are committed to helping our users learn to find, evaluate, and use information.
  • We will remove barriers that impede access to information resources.
  • Library policies are necessary for orderly and efficient operation, but policies should be guidelines for service and not roadblocks.
  • We respect the library user's right to privacy and we hold confidential any records related to individual use of library resources.
  • The resources provided for the library are intended to provide services and collections that support the University's mission and we will use them efficiently.
  • Flexibility, innovation, and creativity are encouraged.
  • All library employees are accountable for the library's mission and goals.
  • Open and timely communication is critical.


  1. To create and enhance an environment where individual and collaborative learning can occur.
  2. To be the first choice of the University's faculty and students for information that supports teaching, learning, and service.
  3. To provide services to the University community that facilitate the use of information resources.
  4. To create, enhance, preserve, and provide access to unique collections of materials of enduring research value to the University and to the larger scholarly community.
  5. To promote the services and collections of the library and to cultivate resources to support them.


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Library Summit, 2005

University Libraries hosted a Library Summit on October 31, 2005. The framework for participant discussion was the LibQUAL+ survey. Notes from the summit are available as a Microsoft Word document.

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