Ellison Machines and Die Cuts

Ellison Machines

The Curriculum Materials Center has the tools students need to design and create thought provoking activities as part of the daily lesson plans and fabulous educational bulletin boards. The Ellison machine consist of a press and wooden dies to cut out the chosen shape. Students supply their own paper or materials to use the Ellison machines.  The Ellison Machine


Paper, pop-up sponge, plastic, wallpaper and other thin material may be used in the Ellison machine to create letters and shapes.  The CMC has activity books that are full of ideas and examples for bulletin board themes.

Ellison Die Cuts

The library has two complete sets of upper/lower case alphabets and numbers in 2" and 4" sizes, and a 4" set of Sign Language dies.

There are also many object dies, including an 8” barn, bag, boy/girl, boxes, cornucopia, clock face, dolphin, door hanger, eagle, face, food pyramid, hat/pilgrim, manatee, mailbox, open book, Pyramid, Ribbon, treasure chest, wolf, and whale.

4" dies include: 

acorn, airplane, anchor, angel, ant, apple(large & small), arrow, beehive, bicycle, bookmark-elephant, baseball cap, butterfly, candlestick & candle, cat, caterpillar, Christmas tree & wreath, circles, clown, computer, corner butterfly, daisy, dog-scottie, dragonfly, dinosaurs(brontosaurus, pterodactyl, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus), duck, flash card wheels, fish, flower, football, footprint, fox, frog, goose, ghost, giraffe, Halloween cat, hand, hearts, hen, horn/Saxophone, horse, Indian/squaw/teepee, jack-o-lantern, key, lady bug, leaf maple/oak, liberty bell, lion, magnolia, monkey, moon & stars, mouse, music notes, Noah’s ark/animals, owl, palm tree, pig, pilgrim man/woman, puffy car, puppet frog/teddy bear, rabbit, raindrops, rainbow, rectangle, rhombus, rocket ship, rooster, sailboat, sailing ship, Santa (face), school bus/house, 5 senses set, shamrock, snake, snowflake, snowman, spinners (lg. & sm.), star, sun, teddy bear, toad-horned, tennis shoe, trains (locomotive, boxcar, tank car, caboose), triangle, turkey, turtle, wolf.