Maps, Pictures, and Transparencies


Maps are very useful in social studies and geography lessons, and the CMC has approximately 50 maps available for our patrons to use. Some are designed to be used in map and globe skills units. CMC also has maps of the United States, but with no state names printed. There are also historical maps, most dealing with United States history. Search by using a SUBJECT term "GEOGRAPHY" and WORDS ANYWHERE term "MAPS".


There are about 650 pictures in the CMC available for check out. Some include: animals, scenery, health/human body, dinosaurs, pets, family groups, and occupations, that could be used in lessons for all age and grade levels.

Displays of the CMC collectionsSearch by using a SUBJECT term (i.e. "Social Studies") and WORDS ANYWHERE term "PIC".


The CMC has a variety transparencies available for check out.  Teacher education students from USM may find these materials useful in lesson plan design and for use in student teaching assignments. Transparencies may be searched for by using the online catalog. Search by using a SUBJECT term "GEOGRAPHY" and WORDS ANYWHERE term "TRAN".

The CMC staff is available to assist you with your requests.