Kits, Games, Realia, and Manipulatives

CMC has an extensive collection of kits and games.

The CMC has kits, games, realia, and manipulatives in many subject areas. 

  • Kits include manuals, media, and manipulatives. 
  • Learning games are usually in the form of board games or bingo-type games.
  • Realia include globes, toys, puppets and other objects.
  • Manipulatives consist of wooden blocks, counters to help a pre-schooler learn to count, plastic food items, floor puzzles, Lego sets, and Lincoln Logs.

Kits and games may be searched in the library catalog by using a key term, (i.e. "science") and "KIT", or a key term, (i.e. "mathematics") and "LEARNING GAMES".