Cook Library

About Cook Library

Cook Library, located on the Hattiesburg campus, contains the principal collections of books, periodicals, microforms, government documents, and other materials which directly support the research and instructional programs of The University of Southern Mississippi at all levels.

Cook Library has five floors. Library services are generally available on the first and second floors, while library collections are housed on all five floors of the building. Some non-library services are also located inside the Cook Library building.

Read the Welcome to Cook Library guide to quickly get started using Cook Library, or use the links below to find more detailed information.

First Floor, lobby area

First Floor, Learning Commons - Services

First Floor, Learning Commons - Collections

  • Current periodicals: includes recent issues of journals, magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • Curriculum Materials Center or CMC (Room 109J)
  • Reference materials: includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, and similar resources

Second Floor - Services

Second Floor - Collections

  • Atlases (Room 209)
  • Books and bound periodicals with call numbers A-DA99 (Room 201)
  • Current newspapers: includes recent issues of local, regional, national, and international newspapers (Room 209)
  • Media: includes audio and video recordings (Room 209)
  • Microforms: includes microfiche, microfilm, opaque microcard, and ultrafiche (Room 209)
  • U.S. government publications (Room 209)

Third Floor: books and bound periodicals with call numbers DA100-KF3999

Fourth Floor: books and bound periodicals with call numbers KF4000-QA43

Fifth Floor: books and bound periocials with call numbers QA47-Z